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It's your call, but some of the refurb prices save you more than $100. Check out this link.
There are things that can be done to upgrade the Airport Extreme. Another Ethernet port, another USB port, web based access, the ability to run only one frequency band at a time, the list goes on. Maybe you aren't aware of the features that the competition is offering.
Go look at the refurbs. more bang for your buck.
I'm looking at a refurbed Airport Extreme from the Apple Store because it saves me a cool $50 over the new model. Both have a one year warranty, unless you buy it with a new Mac and AppleCare, then you get 3 years of warranty which includes the router. Thanks for the reply, it pretty much agrees with my own deductions, but it never hurts to ask.
For some stuff I need wireless (iPod, iPhone, etc.), for some stuff I use can wireless, or wired, (my iMac), and for some stuff, I need a wired connection (my wife's G4 Quicksilver). My laptop has assumed room temperature, so routers are not an issue there, in fact let's not even talk about that. I print wirelessly from my iMac (wired from the G4) to a wireless capable printer. My issue is my current router, a bargain from draft n model from Newegg, that went for $29.99...
Mr. Confused, I'm more interested in whether or not there might be any scuttlebutt concerning updated model. I know what a router is. I also now that I'd try to hold off on replacing what I'm now using, if it looked like it might worth doing, at this time. That is why I asked in the manner that I did.
Is the Airport Extreme router a recommended router to buy at this time?
The issue is now resolved, I had to go into the 3Gs Settings and reset that email account. Evidently, I was having trouble connecting to my ISPs server.
In a 2k post, it took my iPhone 3Gs in excess of 10 minutes to send that stinking email post! This has become a habit, and one that I don't like. Since I didn't buy AppleCare with the 3Gs, I'm not hot on involving Apple in working toward a resolution. Perhaps this issue can be easily resolved, but that resolution has thus far eluded me. Any ideas out there?
It doesn't grate on you to use terms like "cheese grader"? Of course it might help if you knew what a cheese grater actual is. Sort of puts all of your comments in perspective, now doesn't it!
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