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I have it on excellent authority that they'll be here as soon as they arrive!
June, but, here in the US, Summer vacation time is June-July-August for folks with families because that's when the schools are closed, and kids aren't tied down to attendance. OTOH, many folks (mostly those without kids) avoid vacationing during that time to simply avoid the crowds that must be dealt with at many vacation locations. Not, that I think it makes a whit of difference as to when Apple will release products. This is also the same time frame for Apple...
And the fact the every model of iPhone has been released in this same "holiday" time frame means what?
What August holidays? BTW, the only July holiday, the 4th, is long gone. Maybe you forgot, there IS a holiday in September, although I cannot fathom what holidays have to do with any of this.
Then go by a PC and have a nice life, it won't upset anybody here. Adios!
[QUOTE=Santafed;1673479] Horsefeathers!
YOU have hit on the reason that I started this thread. Normally, several folks would be climbing the walls by now in anticipation of new iMac models. After all, it's been 9 months since the current models hit the market. The fact that we don't see the same level of anticipation might well be attributed to the higher level of satisfaction that the current model enjoys. Not that new models wouldn't be welcomed, but more along the lines of this one is so good that there's no...
So, those of us who are satisfied with our iPhone, and AT&T's service should do what, commit suicide? I signed a two year contract, and so far everyone has lived up to their end of the bargain. Yes, I realize that the whiners won't like my comments. Poor babies!
Please refrain from throwing logic into an emotional argument!
Okay, let the games begin! When will the new models be released? How many cores? Who really GAFRA about BluRay capabilities? Can I use the display as a mirror to aid in adjusting my tie? Why not have ports on the front, for those of us with no fashion sense? Why won't it have an eSATA port? Only serious replies, please.
New Posts  All Forums: