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Please post that portion of your contract that binds AT&T into unlocking your iPhone, at ANY point in time.
It was open earlier, so who knows? We know that new iMacs are coming, maybe this is it.
I'd like to see the pros and cons of various cases for my 3Gs. It's my first iPhone, and I don't know squat about which case I should get. I did see the Otterbox Defender online, is that all that it's cracked up to be?
Getting my 3Gs today was a yawner. I showed up at the Chandler, Az Apple Store at 0830, and i was outa there before 0900. The reason it took so long is because this was my first iPhone, and I asked some question about the phone, plus looked at cases, which I did not buy there. Yep it was pre-ordered, and yep they had all of my info ready to go. I was surprised at no lines, but then there re more places to get the iPhone now, plus Apple had plenty of staff on hand. I'll...
So what about 3.0 on a 1G Touch? Huh?
Okay, VISA said since I have cell phone coverage on my CC, that I'm covered for loss by damage or theft, for the length of the AT&T contract. So, who needs Apple Care, or BB coverage?
If you buy an app for the iPhone, will it also work on an iPod Touch, or must you buy an additional copy of the app in order to use it on more than one device?
I'm going to the Apple Store so that I can pickup my pre-ordered 3Gs, and flaunt it over the people standing in the line of folks that didn't pre-order, and that are hoping the supply lasts until it's their turn.
No cell phone carrier is going to provide reception for everyone, every place, all of the time. Not even Verizon. If you want that, get a land line.
Well, as you might suspect, there's more to it than that. Many new apps will be written for the 3Gs model, and might not work at all on the 3G model. This is no different than buying a Mac where older machines will not run newer software because they don't meet the system requirements of the later software. So, if a to die for app comes along later, it might not work on a 3G model. I'm particularly interested in the medical apps, and I sure don't want a model that won't...
New Posts  All Forums: