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So, when CS 4 was released your copies of CS 3 quit working?
Vendors don't have to hope that some percentage of their customers won't file for a rebate, because they have the facts on it. Overall, 40% do not file for their rebate, netting 2 billion annually for the vendors. http://www.cashunclaimed.com/unclaim...-to-their-word
The issue with Time Machine is that no drive will ever be big enough to contain everything sent to it, because eventually it will fill up. It's fine if you need to have every version of everything, and one must be mindful to maintain enough space on the drive used by Time Machine, but that comes at a cost. The cost is eventually having multiple drives to hold all of the info. The alternative is a cloned drive, that will never have more info on it than the drive it's copied...
If you read the link, then you know what was there, there as no need for me to quote the link as well as post it.
Yeahbut, the new MacBook Pros are also 4 GB machines, yet they will take 6 GB. I'm not claiming that the iMac will take 6 MB, only that Apple's site is not always correct. As always, check out the details.http://www.barefeats.com/mbpp11.html
First, reflection on the glossy displays is not governed by whether or not the display is LED backlit. Any reflections come from the outside of the display. Having said that, I use a 24" iMac w/glossy display, and I have absolutely no issues with it. Mine is used for photo editing with various editors, Aperture, Photoshop, etc, and it's calibrated regularly. My prints match the display, perfectly. One can setup a glossy screen to directly reflect light sources, but why...
To avoid the question, obfuscate with your "do you still beat your wife?" tangent. Nobody called you a whiner, but you're complaining about it anyway. Isn't that the definition of whining?
Have I called you a whiner? Have I complained about anyone else posting in this thread? Your problem is that you don't like anyone pointing out the flaw in your logic, so far in this thread. In fact you're getting testy about it. Arm waving? Is that defined as any opinion other than yours? The truth is quite the opposite, some here only want their own opinions echoed, like you for instance. Now, you're putting words in my mouth, I've not defended Apple, I don't need to,...
No, but any accessories are sold at the educational price, if there is an edu discount for the item. For example, adding a display, AppleCare, some, but not all, software, etc. There are also refurbed displays, but like the refurbed Macs, they're priced below the educational price to begin with, so no further discount is given. You can access the edu store from the main online Apple Store, and from there go to the refurb page, but the prices on refurbs are the same....
Not really, just a comment about unlocking, that can have issues beyond whether or not it's legal. The rest was an admitted aside from your post, but fits in with the original topic about iPhone questions. I just put it all in one post, as I came in to the thread late.
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