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You are in need of more education. \
You don't say which model Mac you are using, and that dictates some of the capabilities you need for an external HD, like the interface. I'd go with eSATA, if I had that capability, my next choice would be Firewire 800, followed by FW 400, and the last choice would be USB 2. I use Icy Dock enclosures, and they are very nice! You can hot swap drives in seconds, they run cool, and dead silent. The particular models, by interface, are chosen by the menu on the lower left of...
I can't say if that's typical of MacMall, or not, as I haven't dealt with them in several years. But, you can bet that there are a lot of folks that waited longer, or that didn't get the rebates at all. My last rebates came from Apple, and I had them in hand 3-4 days after the purchase! Too bad all rebates aren't that fast.
That's an opinion, not fact. Some pro photo people are loving PS CS 4.
Don't forget that newspapers are also hurting and/or dying. The internet is taking a huge toll on publications. One can go to Adobe's website and get excellent video tutorials for their products, and they 're free. That cuts costs for vendors as well as trade show attendees. The hand writing is on the wall. Not that I don't love trade shows, but then I also loved train travel which is also nothing but a shadow of what used to be.
So, when CS 4 was released your copies of CS 3 quit working?
Vendors don't have to hope that some percentage of their customers won't file for a rebate, because they have the facts on it. Overall, 40% do not file for their rebate, netting 2 billion annually for the vendors. http://www.cashunclaimed.com/unclaim...-to-their-word
The issue with Time Machine is that no drive will ever be big enough to contain everything sent to it, because eventually it will fill up. It's fine if you need to have every version of everything, and one must be mindful to maintain enough space on the drive used by Time Machine, but that comes at a cost. The cost is eventually having multiple drives to hold all of the info. The alternative is a cloned drive, that will never have more info on it than the drive it's copied...
If you read the link, then you know what was there, there as no need for me to quote the link as well as post it.
Yeahbut, the new MacBook Pros are also 4 GB machines, yet they will take 6 GB. I'm not claiming that the iMac will take 6 MB, only that Apple's site is not always correct. As always, check out the details.http://www.barefeats.com/mbpp11.html
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