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I didn't see anything to indicate that the display has been upgraded, and if not, we still get the uneven lighting and color across the screen. \ Quick, somebody go buy a 24" model, and tell me that the problem is gone!
Please don't take my word for it, Apple's own website offers plenty of support for my comments, if you are into precise graphics or photography. Other people don't notice, so they think that there's no problem. Go and read, be informed.
Well, for graphic intensive work, including photography, I like the glossy screen, if you have no back light reflections. The main issue is the inconsistent lighting across the entire screen with non-LED displays, which raises old Ned with accurate and consistent colors across the screen. 15 units is significant to someone like me, but, I doubt that it excites Apple when they look at sales numbers in 7 figures. I know that's not PC for an Apple afficianado to say, but they...
Blind trust, I don't think so. Show me some empirical evidence. It's easy to say that FW causes drive failure, convince me.
How do we know that Firewire was the issue, and not the drives themselves? I've never seen any evidence that FW caused drive failure. Good luck making an external cloned backup drive not using FW on PPCs. Or don't those count? The absolute fastest CF card reader (SanDisk Extreme IV, with SanDisk Extreme IV, or Extreme Ducati CF card) is, guess what, FW! And it's not a little faster, it's obscenely faster, than ANY USB offering I wish Apple would get off the stick, and...
I have never had any issues using a Firewire connected external HD. OTOH, I never connect, or disconnect, any FW devices while the computer is up and running. That's a good way to fry a FW port. If some have the patience to use USB 2, they are indeed "special" people.
I have no idea what new iMac models will have inside. I'd like to see an LED display, an eSATA port, more RAM capacity, a faster processor, and the choice of matte or glossy screen. I think those are realistic choices, we'll have to see what Apple thinks the choices should be. I'd like to see all of the displays go for LED lighting, for all Mac models. The current non LED displays are not ready for prime time.
IOW, it's a WAG.
Well I wonder if Wu will sue?
You need to decide if the goal is to have a machine that meets your needs, or if it's to have the latest model available. Then, you need to explain how a new model will degrade the performance on existing models. ;o) One good reason to wait is that new iMac models might have LED displays. That is important if you are into heavy graphics or photography because the current models have unevenly lit displays, causing uneven color across the screen. If you aren't into that,...
New Posts  All Forums: