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But they do ge health care. What's interesting about this is that this kind of executive leaving of Apple for a CEO job doesn't happen that often. At GE in the Jack Welch days, they considered the top managers leaving for CEO jobs of their own not a bad thing...it validated GE's model of developing leaders. Apple on the other hand keeps most of their top talent exactly where they want them...working for Steve. How many jobs has Tim Cook turned down? Or Schiller?
iTunes 10.3.x is not beta. iCloud IS beta. Apple's iTunes web page didn't make this entirely clear. They wouldn't have pushed a new iTunes over Software Update to everyone if it were beta. Apple isn't Google in this respect.
Ironically the same amount of money that Microsoft fronted Apple in early '97. At that point, it was (and still is) chump change to Microsoft but for a company in a death spiral with less than $4 billion socked away, that kind of money was significant working capital for Apple. My how times have changed.
The major music publishers are ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Here in Nashville, they are a regular fixture in the music/songwriting community. They aren't the easiest to deal with but because the labels are falling into line, perhaps they will see the opportunity and agree to a contract.
One thing to remember in this thread is that it's not like Apple didn't have it's own growing pains when it came to the iOS ecosystem. Some developers complained openly about Apple's curation policies and for good reason. Policies were being enforced selectively in many cases. Some apps were denied for political or marketing reasons (Google Voice as an example) and many were hung out to dry for weeks and months will little to no communication as to why. Apple finally...
Patents for spread spectrum communication date all the way back to World War II when actress Hedy Lamarr (a mathematician) and her husband George Antheil (a musician) came up the basic concept to keep communications secret based upon using 88 frequencies keyed by data written to a piano roll (the punched paper used to play player pianos of the era). Ironically technology of the day couldn't make the concept work until computers and transistor technology made it possible...
I'm still trying to figure this deal out. eBay unloads Skype for a mere $2.75b after paying $2.5b for it and not two years later, Microsoft pays $8.5b for it? Seriously? I mean, the AI article speaks of their improved business model but is it enough to more than triple their valuation? We all know that Microsoft is good for the cash, but I can't help think that they ended up in a bidding war with Facebook and Google and wound up overpaying. It's also an interesting...
That's a lot of "walking around money".
As we all know, product placement is a big deal in Hollywood. And yes, there have been Macs seen in TV shows ever since the Seinfeld days. I have an old friend of mine who's an programming executive at ABC/Disney and we talked about this once. In most cases, Apple hasn't gotten into the product placement business regarding shows. What is happening in most cases is that the art directors and set designers for these shows are frequently looking for trendy attractive ways...
And yes, there are some extremely hot exceptions.
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