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The other thing is that Apple's page is directing the general public to watch the announcement live tomorrow. I can't think of the last time that's happened. Usually the live events get enough buzz without it, and Apple certainly posts the replays on the main site. Apple is making sure that a wide audience is going to hear about this one.
 I agree, it's not cashing in.  Whenever an artist dies, there is an increased interest in their work.  Apple is just making it easier to find. And there is another important reason....Robin Williams' voice was still being used in Apple's "Your Verse" ad campaign until yesterday and the commercial featuring him was still in rotation.  It only makes sense that Apple acknowledges it...as Tim Cook did yesterday.
I met Bill Campbell at an Apple-sponsored party in December 1985 while I was still in college. I still have his business card from those days. Probably the most successful career change from being an unsuccessful college football coach in history (Columbia lost 4 years in a row). Mac users might be mad about Quicken over the years, but I doubt Steve Jobs would have been the leader he was in his second act with Bill Campbell as a sounding board.
First, none of this should be a surprise to anyone.  The bigger surprise is that Apple waiting until weeks after WWDC to give details on this, especially since Craig Federigui spoke briefly about it during the Photos demo.  Even though he didn't address it then, it was evident that Aperture's days as a separate app were numbered.   Why?  First, the renaming of "iPhoto" which is the old OS X name to "Photos" which is the iOS name is no accident.  Aperture was a great idea...
Updated my wife's 2013 MBA with no install issues.
I'm not sure why the article thinks the idea of a Google Fridge is that weird. Samsung has made a fridge with a screen and apps for a few years now. The screen is pretty lame quality and the apps are few (Pandora on your fridge!) but it has WiFi and has potential as Google has surmised. Not that everyone will want such a product, but the potential certainly exists.
Apple bought 24 companies in the last 18 months and we barely know about half of them. Apple almost never buys a company with fully fleshed out end user products...it's all about picking up pieces of technology that can help them reach a much bigger goal. PA Semi didn't make products for end users and Apple wanted them for their tech and engineers. We've seen the fruits of that in Apple's CPU designs. Who would have thought back then that Apple would be alone in the...
 I agree.  I've never understood this.  Sharing on the Video app from local iTunes databases hasn't really ever improved.
 Apple dictates a lot of standards to others.  That being said, you're right that a lot of content comes in different forms.  I suspect that some content is only available in 16 bit/44.1 khz CD "Redbook".  I would like to have access to the Redbook files if higher definition is unavailable.  And then you are at the mercy or whatever standard the producer mastered the content in the first place.  These days most is 24 bits wide but can come in at 44.1, 48, 96, 172 or 192...
Here's what I'm looking for from Apple: 1.  HD music sold from iTunes Store at least 24/96 khz.2.  An option for HD downloads of existing music through iTunes Match3.  A larger number of songs allowed to match in iTunes Match (at least 100K, Amazon allows 250K).  HD music owners often have larger libraries anyway.4.  Compatibility for HD music for Airplay, at least in newer devices like the Airport Express 802.11n third gen and third party receivers (my 2013 Denon receiver...
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