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There have been many studies done on iOS and Android customers. This is just another one that verifies the opinion that Android buyers, by in large, are very poor customers. They are cheap, basically. They prefer free apps to purchased ones and don't respond to in-app purchases nearly as well. And they pirate apps like nobody's business. And now we find that even with targeted ads, they are poor customers there too. There was an article on CNet today blasting Nike...
 Actually, Nest as an indepedant is pretty cool.  Although the founders are former Apple, many of their senior management are former Google and other companies, which gives it a nice cross platform vibe.  Even the Google Security team did work at Nest to strengthen the overall platform as a side project.
Not pointless at all. Gas furnaces are the leading cause of CO leaks in a house. And the point of the device is to get you out of the house first. Shutting off the furnace is a bonus.
 The Protect does has a light which is designed to light the way in the dark as you bump around your own house at night.  I'm sure it probably lights up in a nighttime emergency, especially since people will be scurrying past it anyway trying to get out.
 Maybe, but the Protect will still alert you to get the hell out, regardless of where the CO leak is coming from.
Boy, some of the comments in this thread act are pretty devoid of reading...like the manuals..and interviews with Nest executives.   First, read the Wired article interviewing Tony Fadell.  One of the things he mentioned is that he had to assign two of his people full time to working with Underwriters Laboratories just to wrap their brains around the regulations surrounding smoke alarms.  It's a highly regulated industry, much like health care and building codes...don't...
 I'm not sure I buy the argument that they can't spend money wisely.  In fact I'd say that they have probably done it the best of their competitors.  It's true that Apple has never gone for the big acquisition since those kinds of deals are fraught with peril.  What they have done is go after small to medium sized companies whose tech always ends up in an Apple product at some point.  The biggest deal Apple has ever done was buying NeXT for $400 million back in...
 Well, if it were to do it today, sure.  But the plan was to return $100 million to investors over a two year period.  Apple generates a lot of cash over 24 months.  But in order to do it, Apple would actually borrow cheap money since not all of it's money is in the US.  Icahn wants Apple to increase that plan by an additional $50 billion. The problem here is that Apple is already stepping out of its proverbial comfort zone by having any debt on the books.  The idea is...
Don't forget the Mac Mini. A Haswell based Mac Mini would be a killer little machine consuming even less power than it does now.
Confirmed...it's been yanked.
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