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Strange given that Oslo was a demo city for the mapping company that Apple bought to make Flyover ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gSmunh6NIQI ) It has already been airplane-mapped once, at least.
f/28? uhhhhh
Everyone needs to consider the world vs US when talking about marketshare. Many blogs throw up graphs without considering whether it's NPD research channels or quarterlies or whatever. For instance in this past Christmas season (recognized within Q1 for Apple) the number of iPhones activated in the US actually dropped by ~100,000 over Christmas 2008 sales. BUT even though US sales dropped off a bit, worldwide iPhone sales exploded 101% year over year for Q1. And even...
The cube is entirely unrelated to fabricating a new way to compute. It didn't offer anything new: just a really fun design and a high price tag. Also I didn't see anyone mention that lesser-known detail regarding how the iPhone keyboard dynamically resizes the letters invisibly. That Fingerworks-derived detail of the interface is what every other mobile's software keyboard lacks -- is why the rest of the no-hardware-button devices don't feel right. It's why iPhone users...
These are probably weak moves at mending iPhone attrition when exclusivity dies. Making the product 'feel' more integrated, I suppose.
Why would this reflect an internal argument -- It's a placeholder because we don't need to know the name yet.
Everyone up on AAPL tickers knew Jan 2007 was the real deal for a phone announcement. But there wasn't a single person outside of the executive VPs and the board of directors who had even laid eyes on it in final form. No one predicted a damned thing about how-it-would-actually-work. Knowing that this has a 10" screen tells us nothing but general size. No one even has a solid notion of how it will be held in the hand. These are the types of releases I relish - where the...
it's also silly that the stack arcs. that has no purpose on a touchscreen.
Then is the EDGE --> 3GS policy the same as EDGE --> 3G? I get the good low price?
It's an epic fail for anyone who needed to swap the battery: very few people relatively speaking.While the ExpressCard slot had obvious uses for pro hardware - the motivation may have been looking at the market and seeing that most 3G antennae are USB sticks anyway -- which was another minor customer base consideration.
New Posts  All Forums: