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There is only one audio port on the 13" now. FYI.
Anyone notice the 13" Pro doesn't have a dedicated line-in? (To make room for FireWire I suppose)
Here's the new layout.
I don't understand why anyone is buying this claim. Do you guys really think Apple is slipping Palm Pre device icons into the iTunes.app resource folder? What the hell is going to show up on iTunes when it's plugged in? The ONLY way this happens is if Apple is cooperating actively. The Bold was supposed to have iTunes syncing but it just turned out to be a media-manager program that read the xml file.
I would make more accurate analyst calls than this for free. The smaller details display ignorance with regards to Apple's goals. Whether this is the year the iPhone becomes a family of products is a tough call but there's no god damn reason only one of the models would have magnetometers. This is a software platform. Making completely different hardware sensors and features available to different phones is what screwed over every other 'smartphone' producer. The name of...
I don't think $299 is good enough to stay in the game. Sprint didn't bet enough on this.
Where is he currently believed to reside?
Point of interest about "Pink": The Apple phone project was called Purple. The EDGE iPhone was known as Purple 2. From the intense amount of journalism I've pored over it seems Purple 1 was *kind of* related to that joke slide from the iPhone keynote: one of the earliest concepts was to be an iPod video of sorts that was also a cell phone. Of course, making the whole thing into a real software platform was a far, far better plan.
Yeah Apple strangely started using "scrub" in product language starting with iMovie/iPhoto.It is 'Seek' to everyone else accustomed to a CD player/mp3 player.Are you sure that's what it does here? It looks like it just pauses and seeks around the media like the iPhone does now.If you touch the nub and then drag your finger downward, THEN move it left to right on the current iPhone firmware it still moves with your finger. This looks like it adds (very naturally) the...
As much as I would rather have him surprise and come unveil it -- my prediction is that he isn't present but still comes back at the end of June, documeted by a quiet PR statement about that fact. Their effort to detach Steve from the perceived viability of the company has been effective so far, but maybe they need to do it again to break the notion that he's supposed to do the WWDC keynote - or at least, the keynote for his latest baby-superstar product.
New Posts  All Forums: