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I know this. You're discussing this on AppleInsider. It's just inferring a product release based on inevitability of technology, timing and past behavior is quite different than a leaked memo as far as Wall Street is concerned. Not that this particular AT&T blurb means anything to investors or AAPL - this is just the type of attention Apple avoids. It's the reason Apple fed fake iPhone fabrications to AT&T up until they let just the CEO look at one less than a week before...
Right - but we would not have even this indirect confirmation of a product release if Apple didn't have to work with AT&T. Or any other colossal company whose interests don't line up.It only doesn't make sense if you're under the impression that Apple is just inserting 3G radios and nothing else to add value.
In this case (lol get it) it's because there aren't any internals inside the shell.
Welp, that can only really mean one thing. Revised Mac minis, definitely.
They don't tell anyone anything, dude. If anyone remembers how Apple blacked out the windows of their stores for several hours on iPhone release day - what happened inside? They rearranged the product locations, laid out the phone accessories and squeezed in about thirty minutes to train the entire staff and let them actually see the product that had been on the premises for at least 24 hours. New product information is seriously need-to-know and retail and support...
God, that would be a rough day for its managers. That would necessitate a 3G iPhone announcement within the next seven days - a move which conventional wisdom and Wall Street have rated as a edit: this is the SKU that's supposed to dominate the world. a website announcement would be real weak.
Oh do tell us about it. You've already decided to register for a forum whose premise disgusts you. Might as well try to help us if you're actually wizened.
Now that is a safe looking URL if I've ever seen one.
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