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There's something wrong with iTunes authentication at this moment. I can browse the store on phone and mac fine, but can't do anthing specific to my account. Also, browsing the store IS significantly faster. It's like they upgraded the WebKit build it uses or something.
That last tablet patent filing that was attributed to Jonathan Ive depicted an example that was supposed to be 10". It was a much more square aspect ratio like 4:3 or 5:4. It also presented hypothetical drawing of it using desktop OS X but with some weird proximity sensor that ballooned interface elements (close/minimize) when your fingers got close to the screen (am I remembering that part correctly)? If someone can queue that up for discussion's sake. My biggest...
Because Sennheiser doesn't make a pair of 10 dollar earbuds that have those buttons and extra contact on the cable.
As long as they keep updating it with meaningful feature additions, they'll stymy jailbreaking's impact on sales. I know when 2.0 came out, I was enticed enough by the free iTunes Remote app to lock my phone back up. Since then I've jailbroken to check in and little of the process is seamless. Having to jailbreak in the first place to get to this store is not viable! Why does anyone think this is serious a threat to any aspect of the business? Enthusiasts will go for it...
What does the inside of the current iPhone back look like? Is it normal for plastic to be milled out on that scale? Though metal doesn't make sense - is there again that off-chance of the ceramic body?
It's amazing that people (myself included) seem to forget to take Steve's words as quite possibly meaningless, even if it's a thoughtful statement. The-iPod-will-never-do-video seemed totally believable at the time as one of those 'oh-that's-SO-apple-stubbornness' bits.
Wouldn't it have been less damaging if Jobs did the very last Macworld? Do they have to spur the already-dead/deathly-ill/simply-leaving-the-company speculation?
That is an interesting note.
Probably because it's not real. If it *is* a phone, Macworld is a preannouncement ahead of FCC filings isn't it? I don't think the case makers needed to know about iPhone until Macworld 2007. They had months to put something together before it was actually available in a store.
I really don't agree with the stripped iPhon notion. It's just going to get it's own widespread jailbreaking base and illegitimate games. And ever since iPod, they don't seem to do anything without a plan to monetize. Apple's presence in phones is supposed to imply smartphones and real software. I'm not sure why they would go into dumb phones (they would probably sell a ton of them anyway). Apple has an art for tactfully eating their message, though. And if it is...
New Posts  All Forums: