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And how do you go about keeping the keyboard from becoming more frustrating to use?
I've so far read the screen's mechanical action is heavenly (Wired proffered that it is far more satisfying than iPhone - and with a shorter learning curve), but that the Verizon software negates all gains.
the OP's list is retarded: What IS actually a possibility for next June/July besides some sort of leapfrogging advancement in battery sipping?
A repetitive and redundant SMS authentication system. Thank you, AT&T.
If Apple forums were so rabid and rampant when the iMac was introduced, we would have been arguing the same points. What? Why in the world would they not let me use my existing peripherals? I'm not buying that if it doesn't have serial ports.
The best strategy is taking action sometimes and randomly. That's what you do to get animals addicted to the rewards.
Street View on a desktop web browser requires Flash.The Android and BlackBerry don't use Flash to display Street View.
...right. The PowerBook.
Point of interest: Time's coverage of the G4 flat-panel iMac's genesis includes an interview with Ive where he describes showing Jobs his renderings/models of the successor to translucent iMac and Jobs told him that there was "nothing wrong with it," which Ive explains means "total fail." It was basically a much much thinner version (i.e. LCD instead of cathode tubes), he described.I'm actually blocked from visiting the link itself right now, but reading about how they...
My first Mac. For the record, it's the most complicated computer to service I've ever seen. The suction cups needed for the aluminum iMac are more convenient than that.
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