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Yeah I definitely enjoy MacTracker more than any Apple specs website could fulfill me. It lets you hear the boot chimes (and the non-Jobs death chimes) for all Macs.
There is no evidence of a mistake yet. This is not the same thing.
I like that they effortlessly go back and forth between having multiple color-SKUs, two-choice or single-choice.
So there is no unprecedented significance in this blurb? Did this just preclude the possibility of an October event?
Also the iPhone's Tech Specs should be monitored before and after 2.1 launch for battery life changes.
Okay. Generation 1: 4.2 ounces, 22hrs battery life for audio Generation 2: 4.0 ounces, 36hrs battery life for audio Thinner at the edges; the new one is .5mm bigger at the thickest. Same steel back. Same glass front. Hi, rapid advances in power usage.
They're positioning themselves to bring ease to sales questions, but they will definitely be asked questions initially...until they put up a large disclaimer that reads, "We do not help you with your existing problems." That won't be appealing. A perceived clone of the Genius Bar thing, except they don't help you (because they're actually fulfilling the role of an Apple Store's 'Mac Specialist'). How can they apply themselves as a company that is so efficient at...
my workaround for retaining a patch of important information is capturing a screenshot to the Photos app but yes I'd like Safari to retain more
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