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You're probably the most annoying user here. Sorry, NATIVE user.
Is this article implying that they've named it but haven't done any of the planning?
I found that while using them that if they screwed up while processing someone's MacBook Pro payment, that being frustrated and laughing, "Oh these things run Windows" only affirmed the customer's choice of computer. Even though they now have to wait several more minutes for the thing to reboot. It's a self-healing 'problem,' though at their customer foot traffic/volume lately maybe there isn't room for that.
I was just looking that up. The Windows Mobile components are free once you've got a Studio license as far as I can tell. How are apps installed on your smartphone from a desktop?
Okay, well: This is not easier than the actual site (yet). I don't understand how to read the OP in a longer thread:Can I even look at anything but the last page of a thread?Usernames are close to unreadable in their digg-counter style right nowProcedural summary of the posts, especially the current implementation of cutting off the beginning to show the last n-words that fit, is pretty bad. It essentially provides NO information when you don't know how the post...
Someone put off their psychology project until the last minute, I'm guessing. edit: or the Chinese are honing their market research skills.
I thought the most recent understanding was that Steve Jobs doesn't currently own any backdated shares himself; that he gave up his millions of options upon being warned in 2004(?) in exchange for some less potent fixed shares. And that it would've been worth an additional 6bil in personal wealth if he maintained them and exercised them now. The problem is that he for some reason let everyone else around him continue to do it and is fully complicit.
Was she the one that purportedly said she wasn't going to take the fall for Apple? Apple is pretty much the NASDAQ mob these days.
The Mac OS X desktop already revises itself every 18 months at this rate.I also put forth the idea of TREMENDOUS waste in resources perpetuated by Microsoft's allowance of minor tweaking with what should be unchangeable things.Someone walking a customer through a Control Panel function or menu over the phone has to deal with the fact that there are two 'ways' to view the options, with a completely different number of icons and that if you want, you can make the Control...
The overlap of people who play timed/speed chess and people who own an iPhone (and see $2.99 as trivial) doesn't seem so large to me.
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