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Making a damn good (RED) model for Christmas would be an appropriate distraction from their newly-acquired ability to place the real versions of those red Maps.app pins on a world map in their imperial boardroom in Cupertino. And I would buy it  is so funny
Most posters here are not naive enough to ignore that something like UltraBay exists. There aren't, however, slotloading drives like that. They are a bit more sensitive to handle and a modular one would add significant thickness.
Why doesn't anyone discuss the notion that a Mac Tablet would need its own SDK and/or rebranding of iPhone OS to OS X Touch or something else? Leopard-but-with-your-fingers sounds terrible to use.
So then they would not be able to make full use of the App Store (cannot download 10MB+ apps over cellular)?I don't see how a pared-down iPhone propels the platform. They would ONLY get a hilariously useless Location Services feature without WiFi or GPS; enterprise connectivity could be restored with an Pwnage-like tool instantly.edit: yes they could purchase apps through iTunes, but removing vertical integration is really stupid.
Normal people don't have beef with Office products, and Exchange is pretty powerful. They have plenty of good business oriented stuff; it's really just consumer computing that they are burning themselves away with. About the above: That *will* potentially suck in the future of more immense Apple platform marketshares: it won't keep evolving at the same 'wow'-rate because no one within will respect/fear/worship the next guy quite as much as Jobs.
yeah like none of us haven't heard that before, "Buying the black iPhone for its resistance to cracking means you didn't RTFA." I'm so tired of that one.
Was it ever substantiated that the 2-month gap wasn't intended to be so unnervingly long? From what I've read about the way they've employed deferred revenue, it seems like its sole purpose is to mask (not necessarily in a deceitful way) any drop in iPhone revenue during this transition. I have a feeling that they see their out-of-nowhere releases that worked well for keeping iPod demand strong leading up to new releases as especially frustrating when you sign a binding...
It was full blown WinCE software as of last summer. They flash them with new builds/features and increasing reliability, too - with inordinate frequency. (What a thankless job at Cupertino that must be: WinCE interface designer) It is also a powerful [subversive] tidbit to relate to the customer as their credit card is swiped for a MacBook Pro and it locks up and needs to be rebooted that, "oh harhar this thing runs Windows, actually " omgdon'tsueme edit: that was not...
As if their close observation of anyone stepping upon their tenuous legal boundaries was a new, expensive undertaking. They do that shit all the time and stepped on Psystar for touching the code alteration button, something any software company has to be ready for. Their counsel does not cost them the same magnitude of millions of dollars in infrastructure alterations or risk them the future because of destructive collateral damage.Their shares plummeted on the Intel...
Why do they need to do any of this, again?Their hardware design and the benefits of buying their machines are fucking competitors up already. Some sort of crazy gains from their supposed customized chipsets cancel out the necessity of even tighter OS/rig ties.[Perceived] quality and features attracts more revenue growth than an activation system, than serious hardware lock-in, than spending ANY man-hours at all for contrived rights management for their own...
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