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That doesn't answer anything. None of those things - if touched in any given installer - are visible. The OP describes it as if it asks twice always now, whether it's a pointless installer moving a *.app to /Applications for you or something more extensive.
And why are you buying multiple units?
What's the justifiable rationale for two password prompts?
Manhattanites: Does the 5th Avenue line even get significantly shorter at midnight and later?
That's not a priority or care really. As long as a certified technician can do the same task consistently without breaking pieces, it's fine. It's always been that way and proves to be no bane for the company. (The original Macintosh required, what, foot-long Torx screws? And Jobs STILL forced his electrical team to reprint the circuitry to look more pleasing.)
So there is value in keeping my old iPhone as backup?
It doesn't see it at all or won't let you install it? Is the drive mountable from another computer via FireWire?
I don't see why you would call something like that. You're already posting in a thread whose topic is an operating system with mainly core revamping that no one predicted three months prior to unveiling.Apple's internal roadmap for their overarching business horizons is what fanatics and Wall Street alike never have any clue about. This is why tracking AAPL is essentially the best soap opera I've ever seen.If the result of 10.6 development is serious performance bumps,...
He suggested that people buy CDs, which are considerably higher fidelity than anything purchasable as a download, and rip them.
You get access to more labels doing no-DRM content at the same price. And also MP3 instead of AAC.
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