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I agree that the downtown location is MUCH better than putting the store on 23rd.  However, being near the light rail line will prove to be advantageous.  Study after study in Portland has proven that retail businesses on mass transit lines do better overall than retail businesses that aren't along mass transit lines.  I would also say that the Max (light rail) does very well in terms of ridership.  Max serves about 126,000 people a day. Just take a look at it during...
Two questions:   1.  Why does Woz keep talking about technology as if he is relevant and influencing innovation?   2.  Why do people keep quoting Woz as if he is relevant and influencing innovation?
In the process they will be canibalizing sales of their hardware partners.  It is everyone for themselves at this point.  If you don't own an OS, you are screwed.  Google has really done a 180 since their "do no evil" days.
My 2 1/2 year old plays with our iPad at home all the time.  We have it loaded with educational apps for her.  When we go into the Apple store on occassion, she is drawn to the kids table but there sit these clunky computers.  Kids love the touch interface.  The keyboard and mouse are just impediments for them.
We have seen a ton of leaked photos of the iPad 3. Why hasn't Apple requested they be taken down, like in the old days? Remember the iPhone 4 leak? Looks like things are leaking all over now. Maybe it is on purpose but everything was working great before so I'm not sure why they would change strategy. I seriously doubt if it is on purpose though. People would put off buying iPads if they knew a new one was just around the corner. I just find these leaks and lack of...
This is rediculous. This is one ruling in one city for one retailer. The retailer will appeal, as will Apple not to mention Apple's countersuit(s). True this ruling could be used as precedent in other cities but the appeal should take care of that. This is getting way more press than it should.
I prepared this response to the Google TV news. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkxYA1rgxCM
I don't know if this prediction will be true or not. What I do know is that there will be WAY more Android phones (all flavors) out there than IOS devices at some point if things keep going as they have been. If I were Apple I would be going for Google's jugular......search. Cut this mess off at the source. Siri is a great start, it bypasses Google and heads straight to Wolfram, Yelp or some other mature service. I'm sure they will be signing up more industry specific...
It still pronounces my wife's name wrong.
Ok, the problem with Microsoft's perspective is that the Windows PC was always more than what your average person needed at home. People at home use a PC to browse the web, read and write emails, view pictures, listen to music, etc. The iPad does all of these exceptionally well therefore could easily replace a PC for a lot of poeple. Not to mention the benefits of increased portability, instant on access and the touch interface. Microsoft is overlooking these issues...
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