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yeah, but if u add all the PCs together, it skyrockets past the iMac
Yeah, i guess it is easy to double what you have if all you start out with is almost nothing
lol u retard ur attempt to phase me only make me rotf&l. I'm gonna use u 4 my mirth.
Just because you have been using computers for 30 years does not mean you are an expert, anywho, I never said that the customers were being forced, I was implying "mislead," anyone could figure that out
What you just said about iMacs looking terrible tells me that you are just trying to save face in this conversation. Anyways, I bought an HP computer that is better than an iMac, and it was only 500$. Take a look at the iMac, it's being sold for 1,500$, total ripoff. Anyways, Zunes are better than iPods, iPods are just another way to get rid of money quickly.
I know that Sun is getting out of the Hardware game and yes I know that AlienWear is owned by Dell. Those charts are just a matter of Ratio. iMac is being sold at a higher price, and Apple company is not in "Expansion Mode" such as Dell, Microsoft, and HP. Those charts are misleading, If you put all the companies together that make PC's, then you will get mammoth results. Also, PCs don't only have the "basic parts" of a Mac. The AlienWear PCs have more sophisticated...
The people who sell iMacs, such as the people at those Apple stores, can convince an extremely stubborn man to buy one of their products, and that's not because "iMacs are the best" (like they ever will be), but it's because of their Conman like tactics.
iMacs are not the only compies those people have. btw, most of those people that u had listed are artists, and iMacs are good for art and those sort of things like music, movie making, digital drawing, etc. The ones that you listed that are not artists are rich people. There is a phsychology with rich people that gives them the desire to buy expensive things (studies have proven this). Anyways, you don't even know the motives of why Bill Gates would buy an iMac. One more...
those last two questions are irrelevant, (not that I'm scared to answer them or anything) but i know of companies that have never lied, but they have exaggerated from time to time. I like Alienwear, HP, Dell, IBM, Microsoft (Microsoft has a computer selling btw, you can see it on IronMan), Sun is okay, and there other companies too.
lol, conspiracy theorist
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