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Forgotten more about computers... than you'll ever know... sounds like you are kinda smart big man
Well then he's an idiot.
Wow, that just really hurts me. It's like a bullet through my heart. Ow!
like or not lying? add some words in there to make some sense
So you call only selling 1 million computers "selling like hotcakes," that's only 1/300 of America's population.
face it, Apple is trying to cheat you guys. They even charge you for customer service after 3 months, and I know that Apple customer service is good.
lol, you are also funny
The iMac isn't the only cumputer that looks "cooler." Take a look at the Gateway One. Or AlienWear PCs, or Voodoo PCs.
Typical iMac user attitude. lol, you are funny.
All the reviews that I have read on iMacs mainly focus on one thing—the looks. All the time I talk to people about the new iMacs or iPods, they say “they look so cool!” Whenever I ask someone to tell me one thing about “Apple’s wonderful creation,” they can’t really think of anything to say, instead they come up with these unviable arguments in hopes of changing my opinion. Even if iMacs were all that great, I wouldn’t want to buy a computer from a dishonest company (they...
New Posts  All Forums: