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Actually all they need is 50.0000001% of the voting shares then the holdouts would not matter. They just put the sale to a share holder vote and the hold outs would have no choice.
Again, Samsung shows how completely lacking they are in creativity! I have yet to conceive of a situation where the "edge" is relevant! It's a solution in search of a problem.
Samsung made the first 64bit A-series processor (iPhone 5S) and they still only have a half baked 64bit processor in their own phones (a reference design) two years later. I doubt anything they learned from making the 64 bit A-series processors would be able to help them without a complete redesign of the Arm reference designs as Apple id. The A-series designs are so far ahead of the Arm reference designs that by the time Samsung could reverse engineered it and put...
Wip-de-diddley-shit!! Who shops at BB anyway. Over priced and rife with annoying sales people. Not worth the pucker factor!
A point like you still need to sign in to a paid account, reduces the utility of this to zero! Should have been mentioned in the article!!! Time to "hide" the useless icon.
Just don't listen to the music(?) in the video...
Never mind...
Fox News... Need we say more?
Another moment in time that I'm a proud AAPL owner!
Most visionary geniuses that change the world are part asshole. A genius that is not an asshole, at least to some extent will not get things done that can only be done by being an asshole. A genius that is too much of an asshole will alienate too many people and will not get done what needs to be done. It is a delicate balance that Jobs was able to get right at several key points in his career. At others...not so much.
New Posts  All Forums: