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Rogen is an idiot! No range just stupid, aloof and clueless. I've seen nothing to give me any confidence that he can handle Woz! Woz as a character will need to be subtle and well crafted... Rogen? I think not! It's like Jim Carey playing Tim Cook!
Freedom is expensive! We pay a large price for our freedom... Including the possibility that a criminal may walk free because you cannot get to the information on a phone!   >40000 people die each year on US roads and we accept that because we value our freedom to move about freely. We could easily cut this number to <5000 by severely restricting our movement, but we don't.  My freedom of privacy is worth more then what my the freedom of movement is worth.
How often have we heard an official say "We don't spy on our citizens!" only to find out that they have been... Sorry but you guys lost my sympathies a long time ago. If I decide to memorize my data, do you have the right to dig around in my head to get at it even with a warrant? My phone is just an extension of my brain/memory... You don't have a right to it!
I see an opportunity for a new app... One that specifically lists which merchants do and do not support Apple Pay. Integrated with Siri to only list (find) establishments that accept Apple Pay. The others will fall in line pretty quick...
$2B on a basketball team?!!? Nuf said!
What did Samesung say about the first iPhone?? Something to the effect that "nobody want a phone that big!" So Samesung first started by jumping on the Apple bandwagon about "large" screen sizes... :?
Never in a million years!!! I avoid all Intuit products like the plague!
Me neither. Not a one.
While I hope SpaceX goes public at some point, I don't think it would be good at this point. Too many cooks... What SpaceX really needs is a strong lobbying group to counter the growing anti-SapceX lobbying in government by ULA and it's cronies! SpaceX is going up against some very powerful people that control many hundreds of billions of dollars. They are already trying to sick the government oversight police on them for launch delays.
...and the road to $167 continues!
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