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I agree that artists need to make money off their hard work! I just don't want to pay the studios for adding nothing in the way of value. Yet they take the highest share!
... OMG AAPL is doomed to crash!!! only 94%!! Sell!! Sell!!! Sell!!! before it goes into free fall !!!!! Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)
This is an incredible expansion in people and infrastructure considering their current lineup! Very little has really changed over the past year, The Watch was an investment mostly in the previous 5ish years, same with apple TV, all pretty minor stuff in the big picture. Apple still has a small number of highly profitable products. The build up over the past year and what looks like into the near term future means that Apple has more then just a car release planned for us...
Herein lies one of Google's problems... They are trying to compete with the current Ax processor. By the time they put out a chip that can complete with an Ax, Apple will be on the Ax 2 chip. You need to lead the target or you are always playing catch up.
Used or not you can get a communication device that will put you in touch with entire world, video, audio, text... included, with end to end encryption for less then $100US including the latest version of iOS. Apple makes very good quality phones that last. My wife was using a 4s until recently and it was a great phone. Battery started to run short after 4 years of medium/hard use. I'll never buy an Android phone period! Encryption would stifle their data...
As long as they purchase the phone and data plans for their developers... If the developers foot the bill out of their own pockets it's none of their damn business what phone they use!
... specifically because of it's limitations.
Shooting ones self in the foot is no way to clear up "customer confusion"!
Great news.... so the stock will tank...
Frankie?? Is that you?
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