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Hmmm... Single post.  Possible astroturfer? No offence but I'm skeptical about reviews (positive or negative) when the person has just joined a site for the specific purpose of posting that review... 
Prince?!?!?! who GIS? It's not like this is 1999.
... so now Apple takes 100% of the risk in this new adventure instead of the artists sharing (very little) in the risk... Even though both would profit in the long run if AM takes off. This looks like the music industry is betting on AM failing.    Again, Apple takes _all_ the risk, the artists/labels take none of the risk.. and Hypocrite Swift comes out squeaky clean.
... Neanderthals!... oops sorry to the Neanderthals out there, no offence meant! Perhaps I should have said Australopithecus CatScreemus.
Regardless... Putin is at the very least the face of the new Capital-Stalin-ish Russia. 
I wonder how much control the Kremlin maintains over Kaspersky Labs? Most likely -total- control. Remember... "Putin is the new Stalin"!   Personally I'm glad they are keeping an eye on them... you know they (the Kremlin) are keeping an eye on you!
These artists are nuts! They are worried about loosing 3 months of royalties? That three months will insure that Apple Music has large audience and will in the long run make them (or who ever holds them by the balls... errrr contract) more money... Nobody ever said pop musicians needed to have any brains! Dumb asses!
What a joke... A bully would have forced Monster to drop the suite or loose the MFi! Apple simply evaluated it's partnership with Monster (including the legal action) and said it's not worth it! buh-bye! Good for Apple, don't be associated with the likes of Monster.
This is what happens when you don't grease the pockets of politicians!
Talk about having the proverbial "bull by the balls!"
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