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Looks like they got exactly what they expected. I've used iFixit videos in the past... They were wrong to accept the ATV and then violate the NDA. I think I'll look elsewhere for my videos in the future. Man up and do what you agree to do!... Doing what is right is often the harder choice and some people/organizations just can't resist.
...and that was my point!
How about letting the users define thresholds for "active" ads, the type of tracking and the number of ads per page. Say only the first 5 ads on a page that have no active components... Then let the advertisers pay the sites to sit higher up in the slots and with less active components will get the most "views". I'd go for that. In this way the user defines how much pain they are willing to endour for a particular site.
You can still enable WiFi while in airplane mode...
Why do people still have 4-6 digit codes if they have important data on their phones? that's just dumb! I have a 10 alphanumeric code that I only have to use after a reboot... otherwise it's touch ID! This is much faster! and more secure then a 4-6 digit code... ... Still needs fixing!
What I would like is a blocker that would allow the first 5 (configurable) ads through that are static and non-tracking. Nothing that sucks up CPU cycles and not a big hit to bandwidth and protect my privacy. Anyone know of an ad blocker like this? if enough people used a tracker like this maybe the advertisers would behave more web friendly.
"Apple is however believed to be working on an electric, possibly self-driving car." I would hope that any car being developed from scratch at this point is 100% autonomous (self-driving). I can't see Apple building a car that a panicked human can wrest control of and kill someone. Having written control SW for aircraft, I am very willing to put my life in the hands of an autopilot. In fact if you look at the last dozen large airliner accidents, I believe 11 are directly...
Well, maybe this is Apples attempt to force Tesla's hand in buy-out talks. "We'll just keep hiring away all your talent until you are willing to sell!"... I can't see Tim doing something like this though...
I don't mind the ad based system. What I mind the in-your-face ads that "shout" in my ear constantly or the sites that have 225 ads on their main page... I would even support Apple charging
I wonder if these constraints are the reason the ATV does not use the A9X? I would have expected the ATV to have the fastest A? processor for games, but they could not make enough to support the iPhone, iPad Pro and the ATV at the same time.
New Posts  All Forums: