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Here we go again. Samsung unable to innovate ...so just copies what Apple does ... Get a grip!
Interesting... Everything he said seems to me to align with progressive thought. I did not see anything that went against this.
The more I hear Tim talk the more I like this guy! What a great CEO!!   Tim Cook Flies in the face off all the CEO's that claim their only responsibility is to their share holders! Here is a guy that does very well for his share holders but also takes the stance that a company should act in a moral way!
It's getting quiet! ... Looks like the east coast astroturfers finally went to bed...
What? We have a capitalist economic system. The best economic engine there is! However, It needs to be constrained or we have a situation like we have now since Citizen United. The little people don't matter and corporations are people too. How long until the corporations have a vote and we don't?
Because unconstrained capitalism is just as bad as unconstrained Marxism, Socialism, Communism...
Considering legal porn is protected by the first amendment, That is the way it should be.Or are you against the first amendment? That does seem to be what you are saying!
Ummmm then move to China. That seems to be your logic! Go ahead I'll wave good bye!!
You can find just as many laywers on either side of an argument. Their opinions (and your credentials) are useless here. You are an anonymous puke on the internet. Your view is not worth anymore then anyone else. Saying you are a lawyer only diminishes your credibility as you try to enhance it. I am a believer in scientific skepticism and open discussion... Lawyers take either/both sides and and bastardize the argument so that it no longer has meaning. Look at (your...
Oh, the idiocy.
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