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I still think Apples next killer app could be to use the iPhone like a portable dock able computer. Plug your iPhone into the dock and the monitor/keyboard/mounse switches from your Mac desktop to the desktop of the iPhone with full mouse and keyboard functionality. When you're done simply unplug it and nothing is left behind. The iPhone has limited access to the Mac ecosystem if at all and vise verse. The iPhone would be like a ultra-portable Mac Mini. And now with M$...
Personally, I think Bale would suck! I doubt he has the subtlety necessary. Jobs was a very deep, sensitive and complex individual. Bale is great for high action and raw emotion... the complete opposite of what Jobs was.
$150 BUCKS!?!?!? I think NOT!
I use my old 4S as a bike computer. GPS app pre downloads the maps via wifi. Front facing camera and mic don't work (washing machine... Do'h!) Works great though! Also, I can use to call if I have an emergency... even without a plan Perfect! KRR
These "analysts" are so full of crap it's unbelievable! None of them know jack sh1t but they think for investors to have confidence in them they have to publish something otherwise the investors would realize they totally suck! They have to spew this completely uninformed solid gold crapola only to be proved wrong! However the investors don't look at their history, only that the crapola looks plausible! Fact is nobody knows what Apple is going to do except Apple. That is...
What we should do is imagine a ludicrous device... an iToilet perhaps? and then spread the rumor that we heard from a "reliable source" that Apple plans on releasing it in early 2015. And then see how long Samesung takes to announce their Galaxy Toilet (paper) Pro KRR
The laws in this country are currently geared to favor the those in power or those that can purchase power. The current implementation is very unequal in providing opportunity to those that can't "afford" it. The current legal system is heavily favored to those that have money. KRR
Corporations have more influence on government and the policies they make then the populace does at this time. If you really believe what you say, then you are incredibly naive. KRR
"forward" In this context is helping to expand the rights of individuals to pursue their version of happiness.
...And I will voice my approval. I find Apples policies and principles to be refreshing and support them wholeheartedly. I've seen too many companies sell their (and their share holders) souls to the bottom line. While the BL is important it is not an excuse for making or supporting immoral decisions. While companies have to obay the law, I hope and expect Apple to use their influence push the human race forward! ... to borrow one of their own phrases!As an AAPL share...
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