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Talk about having the proverbial "bull by the balls!"
Need to add new personalization of the AI. I would suggest voice(male/female, harsh/syrupy/sexy), personality traits(sweet/edgy/funny/serious), name(Siri/Mother/HAL/Barbie...) Everyone has a different idea of what an AI should be and how they should interact. It needs to be as flexible as possible. I don't want to feel I'm interacting with the same AI as the lady next to me on the plane...
Why not? People are curious and this seems harmless enough to send to _yourself_. As long as there is an "out" who cares.
I hope people are not nieve enough to believe that this is anything but a misdirection! Every time we hear that they are not doing something, we find out later that they have been doing it. This just means that a secrete court, that we have no idea even exists, has authorized it. Do you really think the billions the government has spent on huge data centers to capture this data are going to be mothballed? I think not!
"Apple was on the list of attendees at a secretive three-day conference last week, where" ... They were issued a secrete warrant signed by a secrete court to install back doors into there encryption products without any notifications to customers...   Every time the government says "we are not doing something" we find out that they have been it and that we have been lied to!
My opinion does matter just as yours does... If enough people don't care about local programming then it becomes a non-issue and Apple can drop it with out bothering or forcing us to pay to watch the local advertising just to get local programming. In reality I would rather miss football then pay for local broadcasting... just not that important.   PBS news is fine and a day after is fine by me as well... If I need anything faster there are many outlets that I can get...
I could care less about local content except for Football (American style) and PBS but I can get that HD over the air or on ATV already... Local TV really sucks so local should be a non-issue.
I suspect that this phone would also have a NFC chip so that all of apples phones would support Apple Pay.
I have one of the first gen units... It's nice but an under achiever. It needs more functionality for the price... and more then a $20 discount to upgrade a gen one to a gen two. Should be $40 discount. Much needed GPS and should use the accelerometer to better affect. It also needs more configuration parameters... Sometimes it dings me for just stopping for a red light. Not even very hard... I'd hate to go through the intersection just to avoid the ding
Actually all they need is 50.0000001% of the voting shares then the holdouts would not matter. They just put the sale to a share holder vote and the hold outs would have no choice.
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