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"Either way, it probably won't be a minivan." I disagree! at least in part... If you make the assumption that it will be self-driving which is a no-brainer in my book. The the "sport" aspect will not impact it's design or at best only on a specific sport model but not on most. Apples entry will be in > 5 years, most likely closer to 10 years off, so their self-driving vehicles will not be the at the head of the pack. Apple has a way of obsoleting items it perceives as...
That's one of the reasons there are so many leaks from "reliable and trusted sources" that turn out to be bogus... Apple has baited its employees by giving them false information that they can trace back to the internal leaker or at least the group.
They need to dock the iPhone... Now that the iPhone has a multi-core 64bit processor they should make a dock connected to a Mac where you put your phone on an inductive charging base that senses it and then brings up an OS X style desktop of your phone so you can use the Pages/Numbers... apps (which have both interfaces built in) on the "desktop" with a mouse and full keyboard. When you are done simply pick it up and move on... get to work put it another inductive...
I think it must bust the balls of the far right that the most successful company in the world is now a left leaning company that acts with a moral fortitude not seen in the likes of a Walmart, Exxon, Verizon...   Apple has the money to do things with their products while knowing that there will not be a monetary ROI (ResearchKit). But there will be an social ROI unseen by other short sighted companies.   Makes a gazillion on the bottom line and uses his power/influence...
Well, I just added ask.com to my block list!
This is the trickle that leads to the avalanche... First ESPN on Sling (I can finally watch MNF again in the fall) and now HBO! And Amazon and Netflix producing their own content... This is the beginning of the end for cable companies... In the future they will be known only as ISP's with their hands tied behind their backs... They will go kicking and screaming, but they _will_ go.
Screw the carriers! I like Apple but despise the carriers! The less I have to deal with them the better!
Here we go again. Samsung unable to innovate ...so just copies what Apple does ... Get a grip!
Interesting... Everything he said seems to me to align with progressive thought. I did not see anything that went against this.
The more I hear Tim talk the more I like this guy! What a great CEO!!   Tim Cook Flies in the face off all the CEO's that claim their only responsibility is to their share holders! Here is a guy that does very well for his share holders but also takes the stance that a company should act in a moral way!
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