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I can't wait.... I have a Ford with MS Sync. It sucks rocks! It's not intuitive, It's clumsy and down right dangerous!
So... you spend most of the day here commenting... Yet Amazon only released it today and yet you have all this apparent experience (based on your words, "great attention to detail", "commitment to quality".) with it... Makes one wonder if you are an Amazon paid poster! Or at maybe paid by a company that works for Amazon... Just say'nAfter all, someone that dislikes Apple fanboys as much as you seem to spends a awful lot of time in the "den of the enemy".
Another "also ran" android phone... They spent an awful lot of time and money on their "dynamic Perspective" thingy that is little more then a battery eating gimmick... just like the same on Apples phones. At least Apple didn't spend anywhere near the SW and HW $'s on something people are going to turn off after 30sec of use.
Without the baggage of C ... How true it is!!!! A lot of C folks in the crowd. Oooooooooooooooo!!! The fact that we are still using C and C derived languages shows how the state of programming has stagnated for 30 years or more!
I still think Apples next killer app could be to use the iPhone like a portable dock able computer. Plug your iPhone into the dock and the monitor/keyboard/mounse switches from your Mac desktop to the desktop of the iPhone with full mouse and keyboard functionality. When you're done simply unplug it and nothing is left behind. The iPhone has limited access to the Mac ecosystem if at all and vise verse. The iPhone would be like a ultra-portable Mac Mini. And now with M$...
Personally, I think Bale would suck! I doubt he has the subtlety necessary. Jobs was a very deep, sensitive and complex individual. Bale is great for high action and raw emotion... the complete opposite of what Jobs was.
$150 BUCKS!?!?!? I think NOT!
I use my old 4S as a bike computer. GPS app pre downloads the maps via wifi. Front facing camera and mic don't work (washing machine... Do'h!) Works great though! Also, I can use to call if I have an emergency... even without a plan Perfect! KRR
These "analysts" are so full of crap it's unbelievable! None of them know jack sh1t but they think for investors to have confidence in them they have to publish something otherwise the investors would realize they totally suck! They have to spew this completely uninformed solid gold crapola only to be proved wrong! However the investors don't look at their history, only that the crapola looks plausible! Fact is nobody knows what Apple is going to do except Apple. That is...
What we should do is imagine a ludicrous device... an iToilet perhaps? and then spread the rumor that we heard from a "reliable source" that Apple plans on releasing it in early 2015. And then see how long Samesung takes to announce their Galaxy Toilet (paper) Pro KRR
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