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Funny how the people who are yelling loudly about how they "don't care" and this is a "waste of time" and seem so irate... I am purely guessing most if not all of you are Caucasian. Meanwhile, I am African-American, and it does bother me. When I send text messages to friends I often include a pre-existing Euro man or woman cuz: 1) I think it's funny since they don't have any people of any shades of brown; 2) to point out the fact they don't have any people with any shade...
It's a well known fact that Cook personally touched all new iPhone's & iPad's, so if you buy one you might "catch gay." /s   Few years ago a female coworker had her breast cut off to look like a man, if I can adjust to and have no problem with that - Cook's sexual preference is meaningless to me. Just keep Apple moving forward is all  I care about, and if his announcement helps some young person out there feel more accepted so be it.   He as all of us has the right to...
Really tired that during all NFL games and a lot of TV programming every fifth or sixth commercial is either MS or Samsung shots at Apple. If their products are sooo great then let them stand on their own merit and the people will buy it if they choose. Obviously MS & SMG have inferiority complexes and are deathly afraid of Apple. Now I just turn the channel for 30 seconds.
     Wish people would STOP comparing Cook to Jobs, they are two different people with different lives, ideologies, morals, and more. As long as he keeps Apple moving forward, successful, making great improvements on existing technology, and innovate a new product every 2-4 years I'm happy. Guess it's as the saying goes, "You don't want to follow the man, you want to follow the man that follows the man," or something like that . Let the man run Apple how he wants, live how...
 They already compete with Apple TV with Amazon Fire TV: http://www.amazon.com/Fire-TV-streaming-media-player/dp/B00CX5P8FC In most instances research takes only 1-2 minutes.
People talking about and complaining about NFC here... but the Air 2 has Apple Pay... I thought Apple Pay was Apple's answer to NFC? If it is, why are people here talking about the IPad Air 2 not having NFC?
This is nothing new, back in the 80's the NBA banned Michael Jordan from wearing his Air Jordan sneakers when they first came out. I remember him putting black tape over the logo during games and Nike making this big marketing campaign for it and paying his game fines for wearing them. To teenagers at the time it just made them more cool to buy and wear, the rebel - fighting the man factor. Jimmy is right, Beats will benefit more from this than Bose at least with the youth...
Agree, but with most things -- all it takes is one big player to do something that the other big players are not. Once others realize this is a success don't be surprised if others including ESPN, Showtime, etc decide to follow. If that happens Comcast and UVerse (etc.) will get angry and try to fight it, but too late. This is great news to me and most.
Near impossible to tell multi-millionaire athlete's what phone, tablet, headphones they can use. Especially since no one has ever tried to control that aspect of their life, ever... not a good way to bring in free agents. Not many want to play for some dictator controlling owner, when they can make big money elsewhere.   Next thing he's going to hand out brown Zune's from his garage and not allow any other mp3 player.
Anyone having iTunes library syncing problems? Since I installed iOS8 my iPhone 5 doesn't sync my music, or at most it will sync a handful of syncs. It just quits out every time I try - very frustrating. You'd think Apple would run thorough QA and testing for everything before pushing out to public.
New Posts  All Forums: