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How are these analyst and news outlets proclaiming the watch a failure or modest success or tepid success? You can't compare all Apple product sales to the iPhone... most everyone wants/needs a smartphone... not everyone needs or wants a smartwatch. Especially a first gen watch that cost more than some are willing to spend and are still trying to find a reason to justify spending almost $400 on one. I think many (including myself) still do not understand why they "need" a...
If it offers ESPN then it's a good deal to me. NFL Network would be great, but I know that's likely asking too much - ESPN would be enough to get me in along with other major channels. Doubt they'll do it, but would also be great if they gave a list of channels and allowed the customer to pick any 12+ they want from that list. Give us the option to pick channels, that's what most everyone really wants!!
 Have to enjoy how people pick what they want, ignore what they want, and twist what they want. 1) I said, "Eminem never used the n-word, at least not in public and not since becoming famous, so neither should any of you." And he has not that I know of in a public forum or since becoming famous publicly. Never said he never used the word in private pre or post fame, only said in public since becoming famous. 2) Never said he was the measuring stick for using the word or...
              As a black man, African-American man, Negro man and whatever other term(s) you want to use... I do not speak for all black people, I speak for ME. And I do not accept the n-word, so do not try to put an entire race of people into your little containers. We are a dynamic and widely different and individually thinking group of people as every other race and ethnic group. I do not use that word in my daily life and prefer to listen to clean versions of Hip-Hop...
 I'm one... grand-fathered in on AT&T Unlimited data plan!! Woohoo for me! I stream Sirius on my phone all day at work and sometimes while driving when I need to listen to navigation from my phone. A friend of mine just got her first iPhone and has Unlimited data on T-Mobile, so people are out there who can do it.
 Who cares where something is made? Most Apple products including the ones you own (if you own any) were made in China most likely. Most things in your home were made in Taiwan, China, Japan, India, somewhere in Latin America, etc. Would it be better if the watch and others were made in Germany or Switzerland? Stop being a euro-centric nationalistic bigot.
 Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage > it will show everything in storage from your apps and you can delete
     Don't think anyone is saying or thinks it was poorly or cheaply made, or said it does not or would not work as designed and intended. I think what most people (including me, but not everyone) is saying why would anyone want to buy this for two reasons: It cost too much for the average person, most people are not willing to spend almost $200 for something they can use their smartphone or tablet to do many of the same things. You can use Siri or the Android/Windows...
Connect... hope Apple has some way of blocking or controlling the ubiquitous trolls from making rude, crude, disrespectful and possibly racist, bigoted, and sexist comments to the artist.   I am looking forward to trying Apple Music, if it is good to me then I will gladly pay (and still keep my Sirius/XM membership).
 You want high-bit rate on Apple Music... then you don't need high-bit rate on Pandora or Spotify... but if you did want high-bit rate you'll buy the CD. So, it's okay for others to not offer high-bit rate cuz it's good enough as is, but if Apple doesn't offer it then you want it and half-complain they don't have it?!
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