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 I'm one... grand-fathered in on AT&T Unlimited data plan!! Woohoo for me! I stream Sirius on my phone all day at work and sometimes while driving when I need to listen to navigation from my phone. A friend of mine just got her first iPhone and has Unlimited data on T-Mobile, so people are out there who can do it.
 Who cares where something is made? Most Apple products including the ones you own (if you own any) were made in China most likely. Most things in your home were made in Taiwan, China, Japan, India, somewhere in Latin America, etc. Would it be better if the watch and others were made in Germany or Switzerland? Stop being a euro-centric nationalistic bigot.
 Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage > it will show everything in storage from your apps and you can delete
     Don't think anyone is saying or thinks it was poorly or cheaply made, or said it does not or would not work as designed and intended. I think what most people (including me, but not everyone) is saying why would anyone want to buy this for two reasons: It cost too much for the average person, most people are not willing to spend almost $200 for something they can use their smartphone or tablet to do many of the same things. You can use Siri or the Android/Windows...
Connect... hope Apple has some way of blocking or controlling the ubiquitous trolls from making rude, crude, disrespectful and possibly racist, bigoted, and sexist comments to the artist.   I am looking forward to trying Apple Music, if it is good to me then I will gladly pay (and still keep my Sirius/XM membership).
 You want high-bit rate on Apple Music... then you don't need high-bit rate on Pandora or Spotify... but if you did want high-bit rate you'll buy the CD. So, it's okay for others to not offer high-bit rate cuz it's good enough as is, but if Apple doesn't offer it then you want it and half-complain they don't have it?!
Was going to post a detailed response to the elitist self-important "they took my job" folks here, but instead I'll just shake my head and say this.. "Some of you people are so incredibly hypocritical, you cry about government this and that, but when that same government helps you or someone you love with Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, funding for your school, etc, then you have nothing to say. My family was on welfare as child and it helped us, now my sister and I...
 You have no idea what you're talking about... how is it "obvious," you know this how? You spoke to this man, you know him personally, you do not know it is obvious. It is a big problem in China, many of the ultra-rich do nothing to help the less fortunate, they keep it all for themselves and their family. They have very few Bill Gates' and Warren Buffett's who give a lot of their fortune to charity and various causes. I do know this for fact, not just spewing random...
If they do something like RapGenius does, where rappers can have their own accounts in my opinion that would be good. On RG, rappers can explain the lyrics to their songs and inspiration for the song, etc. Which is a cool feature, because sometimes artist like Nas and Kendrick Lamar have complex lyrics and hidden meanings, being able to read what those lyrics really mean is welcome. So, I am sure many would enjoy reading why Katy Perry, U2, Kanye, Maroon 5, etc wrote that...
  "Colored people"? Unless you are transparent, we are all people of color.  I agree, Mobius. I am one of those people who find it extremely offensive.  
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