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A lot of people (I was one) pay $100+ per month for cable & DVR, etc. many pay $130+. So, $40-60 for this or similar seems good to me. And they do not offer DVR, but it does say you have up to 3 days to watch a program that's already aired - not equal to DVR but a fair exchange for the low price. You will never get everything for $20-30.It is not basic cable, basic cable from most providers does not include ESPN and all the TNT/TBS channels like HGTV etc.It's early give...
You could possibly get two separate accounts, then you can both watch what you want. Just pay $40-50 instead of $20-25/mth.
Comment deleted for lack of accuracy.
   "Now?" -- That has always been the case and always will be. Alexander Graham Bell got to the patent office before Elisha Gray for the telephone link here. So, @waterrockets until you show and prove you are just talking loud and saying nothing as James Brown sang.
A great app, I use it daily, hope they don't ruin or start charging money for it.   My guess is they currently make money by linking to recipes, blogs, and allowing other apps to connect to their info/database and user input (like MapMyFitness, Fitbit, and others link to MFP).
 Guess the cracks in the Cube never happened, or was the fault of someone else. So was "antenna-gate" Cooks fault also even though Jobs was at the helm or are we blaming the media for sensationalism? Jobs was the greatest and we all miss him, but he wasn't perfect -- as no man is.
Now will all the people who in the previous article called Sony out and cowards and talked about bandwidth issues now retract, ignore, or somehow justify and excuse Apple for not taking part? ...
   He does not. The Los Angeles Lakers play in the same arena, Ballmer has no control over the arena. If that was the case he'd have to own the Lakers and all the other events there (circus, X-Games, whatever). So, if the Staple Center decides on Apple Pay, Ballmer will just have to accept and grumble in his office.
A million times better than the incredibly stupid and annoying new iPhone ads!!!
  Yet, if it was Beyoncé most would say she's talentless, or some lie or negative comment when essentially they are very similar = beautiful, singers, left the group/band they started with (although occasionally appear with them), both has worked with Dr. Dre, Neptunes (Pharrell Williams). Also, Beyoncé does co-write and co-produce most of her music. I'm indifferent towards Gwen, she's talented I'm sure, but I always find it interesting how people react or would react to...
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