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Was going to post a detailed response to the elitist self-important "they took my job" folks here, but instead I'll just shake my head and say this.. "Some of you people are so incredibly hypocritical, you cry about government this and that, but when that same government helps you or someone you love with Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, funding for your school, etc, then you have nothing to say. My family was on welfare as child and it helped us, now my sister and I...
 You have no idea what you're talking about... how is it "obvious," you know this how? You spoke to this man, you know him personally, you do not know it is obvious. It is a big problem in China, many of the ultra-rich do nothing to help the less fortunate, they keep it all for themselves and their family. They have very few Bill Gates' and Warren Buffett's who give a lot of their fortune to charity and various causes. I do know this for fact, not just spewing random...
If they do something like RapGenius does, where rappers can have their own accounts in my opinion that would be good. On RG, rappers can explain the lyrics to their songs and inspiration for the song, etc. Which is a cool feature, because sometimes artist like Nas and Kendrick Lamar have complex lyrics and hidden meanings, being able to read what those lyrics really mean is welcome. So, I am sure many would enjoy reading why Katy Perry, U2, Kanye, Maroon 5, etc wrote that...
  "Colored people"? Unless you are transparent, we are all people of color.  I agree, Mobius. I am one of those people who find it extremely offensive.  
  "Sir, are you aware that you're leaking coolant at an alarming rate?" (Fear of A Bot Planet, 1999)   -proof Androids (Robots) do not urinate or supposed to leak coolant.
Think of some new descriptive words... "Killer deal" can't always be your default. Expand your command of the language, be a creative writer.
For all we know (and we do not), Jesus was a homosexual. A man hanging around 12 other men all the time, no wife or girlfriend that we know of... always eating out together. If some think Abraham Lincoln was gay for hanging out with one guy, then what about hanging out with twelve? You self-righteous people get off your high horse, a lot of people who yell and protest the loudest are the ones struggling with their own temptations and demons.
 Makes sense. I retract my statement, but reserve the right to say I was right if it turns out I am - hahaa.
 Or maybe I am... but for Sport they only list 10 options and those 10 options none show leather or other bands. While the 20 options for the regular watch they show the leather and Milanese. I don't know, guess we have to wait till they are released and in stores to ask.
 According to the model options on the site -- No.
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