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   From Apple site (it comes with a band and charger, but like the iPhone/iPod -- if you want an additional charger or accessories they cost separately). @joshuarayer try to not be an uninformed jerk: What’s in the boxApple Watch Magnetic charging cable USB power adapter Band Quick start guide
 You are begging them, speak for yourself not the phantom "we."
Things people said Apple can't do and will fail at: - mass computer sales - smartphone - music & movie sales - music (mp3) player - TV/video/media player (AppleTV) - tablets - maps - watches* - possible car*   *success remains to be seen -- so far Apple is batting close to a 1000
 You are correct, I was using internet + cable cost. My mistake. I still think if someone has one TV in their home, then this is a good service. The bigger issue to me is this will open it up for other carriers to do the same and improvements will come. Right now it's new, give it time - it will get better with better options by Dish or others.
 Ok, "dude." I will. In the meantime, keep ignoring the facts of why they did something that is a huge success and bringing in record profits and sales. Your opinion is invalid, you are scratching your head on why they did something that is a success. Keep on, "dude."
 Because not everyone is like you, sorry to inform you of this... I know you probably think everyone should think as you do. Many people obviously like the bigger phones with their record sales (shareholders enjoying the high stock price, raised off the record phone sales of the iP6/iP6+). Oh well, maybe they'll consult you personally for the iP7.
A lot of people (I was one) pay $100+ per month for cable & DVR, etc. many pay $130+. So, $40-60 for this or similar seems good to me. And they do not offer DVR, but it does say you have up to 3 days to watch a program that's already aired - not equal to DVR but a fair exchange for the low price. You will never get everything for $20-30.It is not basic cable, basic cable from most providers does not include ESPN and all the TNT/TBS channels like HGTV etc.It's early give...
You could possibly get two separate accounts, then you can both watch what you want. Just pay $40-50 instead of $20-25/mth.
Comment deleted for lack of accuracy.
   "Now?" -- That has always been the case and always will be. Alexander Graham Bell got to the patent office before Elisha Gray for the telephone link here. So, @waterrockets until you show and prove you are just talking loud and saying nothing as James Brown sang.
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