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  Have to enjoy when people post comments and complaints without taking five minutes to do minimal research.
On 'Apple.com/watch' it says: ... does anyone know can you plug in your headphones to listen to music on the watch? Otherwise are they saying when you jog (or do anything away from the phone) you can only listen using the phones external speaker(s)? Hope not, that would be annoying to others around me or if I'm around someone else listening to theirs. Edit:Now I see they do say...... so guess you can buy Bluetooth headphones for music, but still curious if it comes with a...
Where are all the complaints and people telling everyone how they know better than Apple and how because they don't like something or it doesn't work for them then Apple should not do it?
Amazon, their commercials are horrible, all they tell the everyday user is "buy our phone and you can get one free year of Amazon Prime." Not exactly the best sales strategy. They don't tell what else the phone can do or give a real reason to buy it beyond giving Amazon more money in online sales. Neither is dressing some little kid up in adult clothes and have him talk like he's 35 and thinking it's cute.
 So, shouldn't this story be deleted, since the title and initial story are false? At the very least change the title, so people don't click on it expecting to read about people camping out to buy iPhone 6's?
Being left-handed, this is of no use to me. Will stick to shopping at Flanders "Leftorium." 
Don't get it - what's the point & benefit? What practical use that that 3mm of curved screen add?
Regardless if only iCloud or also includes other Cloud services, this will make Apple's announcement next week of payments with American Express, MC and Visa a harder sale initially to some.
 Technically, Apple doesn't need to blow you away... their successful is not reliant on you or me, it's reliant on the masses and hopefully bringing in new customers. I'm all in for the iPhone 6!! And curious what the 'iWatch' will offer, if they announce it.
So... Samsung using a debilitating disease that ultimately kills the victim ... to use a negative marketing campaign against Apple and to try to boost their sales? Classy move indeed.
New Posts  All Forums: