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Why do stock people and news outlets like AI and CNN and others pay attention to this guy? He changes his forecast and projections as the wind changes, literally every other day he says something new. He sounds more and more like a moe-ron!!
I think it also keeps the critics off Apple's back from complaining about fair competition and monopolies. Similar to when ppl an governments complained about MS only highlighting IE in their OS years ago. Also, gives people one more reason to buy the iPad, "don't read your Kindle/B&N books on that gray-scale piece of junk, read the same books at the same price on our nice LED full color iPad and get more out of it."
Yes, I approve that signature and now Prince can't sue you for not giving credit (which he's been known to do)! (hahahaa)
If you're going to quote Prince in your signature at least give the man credit with a "- Prince" or similar.Why would you say "if it is true" when they are already in the iTunes iPad app store? You can buy 'em now. Hope this shuts up those who were quick to complain and question why there was/is no Netflix app for the iPhone. Geezz - folks sure are quick to complain about something at launch without waiting to see how it pans out and is even released. Also, shuts up those...
All pub is good pub. People who watch Letterman know he's a jokester, no one takes that seriously. People got a brief look at it and a little of what it does mixed in with humor- gets the product out there and that's what Jobs wanted.
"Oh look - the screen does both black and gray..." ~ Colbert That is pure comedy folks - pure comedy... too funny! The most nervous tech companies in America today: Adobe - as iPad proves you don't need Flash; Amazon - Kindle sales will drop like a rock ("Do I want a full color screen with internet, video, ebooks, email, apps etc for $499 or a gray-scale screen for $490 and all it does is show ebooks?").
Waiting to see the people complaining about the lack of having Adobe Flash!? HTML5 - thank you!!! Still plan to wait for iPad2, but this is looking better and better - enjoying this a lot. Thinking of buying for my mom this summer, she knows and cares nothing about versions. Hopefully v2 is out before end of 2010, but will wait as long as needed. Netflix, ABC, CBS, and Hulu is expected very soon and that should quiet those who don't want multi-network apps...
What needs to play out? Apple makes most their money from selling iPads, iPhones, iPods, etc. They make minimal off the content - the content drives the declvice sales. That's why they always allowed people to load any mp3 on the iPod or the Kindle and B&N app on the iPhone and will I'm sure on the iPad. The more reasons to give someone to buy the device the better. $0.99-4.99 vs $300-800 for an Apple device and still make money off some of your own driven content?
Haven't read all the comments and I am sure others have already said these points, but here I go: 1_ The price points are ridiculous you can find a good 40" tv for well under $1000. I just bought a 47" 240hz for $999, so whoever wrote this is incredibly wrong. 2_ Also, to say t will not launch for 2-4 years then give those price points is idiotic. Prices drop quickly, so in 2-4 years a basic 40" LCD will be under $500 if not less, because with LED tvs emerging and...
Here is my "I see the big picture and am smarter than everyone else" point of view (s/c): 1_ Some here are getting types of media confused -- you cannot compare this to WSJ, NYT, Washington Post, or even People Magazine -- this would not be that type of reading material. To me if a publication was to do something like this it would fit perfectly with Neo noir or Graphic Novels. It is a niche market, but a successful niche market where I think buyers will be willing to pay...
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