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Apple does it as an annual event, not a one-time deal and they do it to get rid of old inventory to make room for new products. Also, they do it as a marketing reason, not to compete with or stop people from buying a competitors device, they already have market share. Amazon is doing as last ditch effort to grow their numbers and keep people using the Kindle. You really can't compare the two initiatives.
Actually they are scared, why else would they buy a company that can compete with the iPad tech and do this free Kindle giveaway? Yes, you can download e-books from Amazon on many platforms, but that is part of their fear. If a lot of people start buying iPads and buying from Apples iBooks store then a lot fewer are buying Kindles AND a lot fewer are buying from Amazon - hence Amazon is not making any money off those former iPod touch, iPhone, PC etc buyers. Lastly, even...
This is hilarious, Amazon is so shook (scared) it is amazing. First they buy a company that does similar tech as the ipad and now this. Apple really made them blink. This is like Verizon and Blackberry offering free phoned with the purchase of a phone, then some in the media say how th iPhone is being outsold. Ys, easy to outsell apple when you give away free phones. "Hey Amazon... BOO!!!!" Apple is coming and you better run. Funny stuff.
Actually Gates didn't "invent" DOS, he bought (stole) it for pennies on the dollar from a developer in either Oregon or Washington state - changed it a bit then licensed it to IBM and that started the Microsoft eventual dominance. The guy he bought it from basically got screwed and went out of business I think. Saw a documentary on tv about the start of MS and Gates.
You may bee 100% correct, but obviously Amazon doesn't agree, because they 'blinked.' Sounds like they are either completely or at the very least partially planning to abandon their current Kindle tech and upgrade to compete with the iPad. Now Google is talking of putting out a tablet to compete with Apple. Fascinating how Apple forces others to follow their lead and bend to their technology in part out of fear of losing market share or not looking 'cool', not vice versa.
If there is a camera in it by launch in 60+ days, I am guessing it wasn't ready to show last week and better wait until it's perfected and functional with software loaded.
Yet almost every other smart phone and tablet has Flash and it works. You're telling me Apple with all their genius can't come up with a way to make it work for them? Listen, I really like Apple a lot, but I'm not bias and blinded by my "like" of them. You may not like Flash and that's your right, but it seems to work every where else if developed intelligently. I work in Flash all the time and never had any problems on any sites I post it, and I work for a major company...
Only as a beta in a very limited trial basis. It is a step in the right direction, but if you're going to say something to try and one-up someone, give all the details and facts.
I like Apple and respect Jobs a lot, but not having Adobe Flash on the iPhone, touch, and iPad are plain silly. HTML-5 will be great, but it's not ready for prime time and won't be for probably 3-5 years as browsers and developers get up to speed. If you have the technology at your finger-tips that works and will give users a full experience, it's pure ego and stubbornness not to use it. As for the photos on Apple's site, that's is misleading and wrong, isn't that false...
So, is the name going to stop you from buying one? If yes, then that's your loss. Who cares about the name, the hardware and software and tech specs are all that matter!Jobs said, "We're going to open the flood gates for the rest of the publishers in the world starting this afternoon." Do people read the entire article before commenting? They will add more publishers as soon as deals are made and contracts signed.
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