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Palm is run and developed by a bunch of ex-Apple employee's also... how's that working out for them!? \ Unless they are still carrying an active Apple employee ID card I don't think it matters much.
Firefox could've been first, but they defeated themselves before even asking Apple. Let that be life lesson for everyone, better to try and fail then to never try at all. As a fan of FF I hope they now put out a mobile browser for iPhone/touch with SSL. Without SSL Opera may be great for basic use, but greatly limited and not very safe for personal and financial data input.
As long as it NEVER says Bing or MSN, I don't care what they call it!!
Typed on my Flash-less iPhone: This guy is a moe-ron!! I work for a large company and our mobile team got an iPad for development and testing. My manager who is not a big fan of Apple weeks ago said HTML5 is "years away" from adoption and we should keep using Flash, his boss didn't agree. Now my manager is changing hs tune about H5, but unwillingly. Like it or hate it, but Flash's uses are going down. Flash will be around for many years, but not as the primary tool. Did...
Someone please help me... are they saying the iPhone 4.0 OS will be ready to download on Thursday or that it will only be previewed on Thursday, but we must wait until mid-summer to download it when they release the new iPhone? To me it sounds like Thursday is only a preview but the OS won't officially be released until June/July. How do some of you read it? Thank you in advance. Either way I am looking forward to the multi-tasking and other features, and also...
Why do stock people and news outlets like AI and CNN and others pay attention to this guy? He changes his forecast and projections as the wind changes, literally every other day he says something new. He sounds more and more like a moe-ron!!
I think it also keeps the critics off Apple's back from complaining about fair competition and monopolies. Similar to when ppl an governments complained about MS only highlighting IE in their OS years ago. Also, gives people one more reason to buy the iPad, "don't read your Kindle/B&N books on that gray-scale piece of junk, read the same books at the same price on our nice LED full color iPad and get more out of it."
Yes, I approve that signature and now Prince can't sue you for not giving credit (which he's been known to do)! (hahahaa)
If you're going to quote Prince in your signature at least give the man credit with a "- Prince" or similar.Why would you say "if it is true" when they are already in the iTunes iPad app store? You can buy 'em now. Hope this shuts up those who were quick to complain and question why there was/is no Netflix app for the iPhone. Geezz - folks sure are quick to complain about something at launch without waiting to see how it pans out and is even released. Also, shuts up those...
All pub is good pub. People who watch Letterman know he's a jokester, no one takes that seriously. People got a brief look at it and a little of what it does mixed in with humor- gets the product out there and that's what Jobs wanted.
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