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My reply to that is... if my comments do not apply to you or others then simply ignore it. I don't pre-judge the masses, but it is clear some people do believe WM is not good for Apple, because of their views on the people who shop there and their presumed (by some) poor quality of products and it being a 'third tier' store.I don't shop at WM because of they are too big and do their best to crush everyone and have too many cheap products and to a lesser extent their work...
Here come the fake and wanna-be Apple elitist complaining about Apple items being sold in Wal-Mart and saying Wal-Mart is for poor or "lower" people. I don't shop at Wal-Mart - I'm a Target/Costco man, but WM is the #1 retail store in the country and that means dollars. Even if you some of you foie gras folks do think they are "poor or lower" or Wal-Mart is cheap, the people who shop there do buy flat screen's and big ticket items, so why not an iPad? Don't worry, it...
Doesn't the title say it all... Android Phones (plural) outsell the Apple iPhone (singular)... No point in even reading the article - as I did not. Why doesn't Car and Driver say, "All GM cars outsell the Honda Accord."
Plan to buy my mom an iPad this summer, get her off her old Windows/IE computer... so that will be one less person using IE. I prefer Firefox and sometimes Safari (on Windows), good news for all the non-IE browsers.
Where are the Jobs / Apple haters who yesterday called him a liar and control freak? The ones who said H.264 is not open and junk and who blame Apple for everything wrong in our society? Are H.264 and HTML5 okay now to the Apple haters since MSFT now blesses and backs them? Can we all finally agree that Flash is on its way out and two of the biggest tech companies say Flash has issues and HTML5 is the future?
Funny to me how these companies keep making these "cool and hip" ads with generic pop Hip-Hop thinking that's all "the youth" care about and they'll rush to buy their product. They make these ads that don't show the benefits of the phone. ALL good smart-phones play music, have Facebook, email, contacts, video -- so what, no one cares. The iPhone ads succeed, because they show actually what a person can do with it and how they can use it in every day life beyond music, Fb,...
Ahhh... Adobe, how soon ye forgets it's past. Back in 1999/2000 Adobe tried to compete with Flash when it was owned by Macromedia. They even sued Macromedia over Flash's layout and tools. Adobe competed tooth and nail with Macromedia and lost on every front, with Flash and Dreamweaver vs. Adobe GoLive (remember that junk?) and Adobe Photoshop started losing ground to Macromedia Fireworks - especially with the web designer crowd. Now that Adobe has a MONOPOLY they want to...
Palm is run and developed by a bunch of ex-Apple employee's also... how's that working out for them!? \ Unless they are still carrying an active Apple employee ID card I don't think it matters much.
Firefox could've been first, but they defeated themselves before even asking Apple. Let that be life lesson for everyone, better to try and fail then to never try at all. As a fan of FF I hope they now put out a mobile browser for iPhone/touch with SSL. Without SSL Opera may be great for basic use, but greatly limited and not very safe for personal and financial data input.
As long as it NEVER says Bing or MSN, I don't care what they call it!!
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