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One question - where are all the Palm fans? Last year a lot of people were on here telling how Apple's days were numbered and the Pre was going to revolutionize the smart phone market, saying the PalmOS was superior to the iPhone... ::chirp chirp:: think I hear crickets. The Palm UI may be GREAT, but what good does it do if the common user doesn't buy the phone? I'm no mobile tech know it all, but Palm messed up in these ways: 1) horrible marketing - those commercials...
Read quote below...Canada is not "overseas," but it is a foreign country. I read that to mean Canada will get the iPad in a timely manner in various brick-and-mortar stores that are already working with Apple.
Love the trolls who hate Apple, but take time out of their day to read and comment on Apple related news. Apple owns you cuz they're in your head. Sorry to break your cheapness level, but Hulu is going to charge on their website too. Most if not all their services are going to be pay subscription only - that's been rumored for months and it's finally coming to fruition. Free Hulu is coming to an end for all.
That and also that's the problem with some of these tech companies, instead of innovating and leading they are sitting on their butts and waiting to follow Apples lead and consumer demand. Easy to sit and wait then make adjustments after the fact and claim your "new" item is better. This is lazy development.Jobs has made it very clear he will never put Flash on the iPad (barring a huge shift in philosophy) he wants HTML5 to crush Flash. This iPad will have a camera, but...
Before you proclaim yourself a "genius" and sound so pompous, you might want to learn and use correct punctuation. For someone who sounds anti-Apple you sound more arrogant than Apple fans are stereotyped to sound.
Just like all the MS lovers and Apple haters who bashed and are bashing the iPad without trying it? It's a common and stupid reaction from most. Look in the mirror before commenting.
Apple does it as an annual event, not a one-time deal and they do it to get rid of old inventory to make room for new products. Also, they do it as a marketing reason, not to compete with or stop people from buying a competitors device, they already have market share. Amazon is doing as last ditch effort to grow their numbers and keep people using the Kindle. You really can't compare the two initiatives.
Actually they are scared, why else would they buy a company that can compete with the iPad tech and do this free Kindle giveaway? Yes, you can download e-books from Amazon on many platforms, but that is part of their fear. If a lot of people start buying iPads and buying from Apples iBooks store then a lot fewer are buying Kindles AND a lot fewer are buying from Amazon - hence Amazon is not making any money off those former iPod touch, iPhone, PC etc buyers. Lastly, even...
This is hilarious, Amazon is so shook (scared) it is amazing. First they buy a company that does similar tech as the ipad and now this. Apple really made them blink. This is like Verizon and Blackberry offering free phoned with the purchase of a phone, then some in the media say how th iPhone is being outsold. Ys, easy to outsell apple when you give away free phones. "Hey Amazon... BOO!!!!" Apple is coming and you better run. Funny stuff.
Actually Gates didn't "invent" DOS, he bought (stole) it for pennies on the dollar from a developer in either Oregon or Washington state - changed it a bit then licensed it to IBM and that started the Microsoft eventual dominance. The guy he bought it from basically got screwed and went out of business I think. Saw a documentary on tv about the start of MS and Gates.
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