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I like Apple, but to me this is good news - competition is good for everyone. This will hopefully push Apple to put more money and development into Apple TV and stop them from being lazy with it and move it out of "hobby" status. Welcome, Google.
To be accurate, most mp3 players do have 1.3-2 mp cams, but there are some that do have higher mp's (5mp or more). Isn't that what makes Apple great, they don't do what other do or bow to the standards of others, they are known to raise the bar and offer more - forcing companies to rise to their level. Again, I don't think anyone would complain about carrying a device 0.20" thicker than the current model if that new model offers more.WOW!!!!! Thanks for completely bashing...
I disagree, to me - I don't think making it a a tenth of an inch thicker or whatever is needed would be a negative to consumers. Maybe Jobs would balk at it, but wouldn't people gladly accept a very slightly thicker iPod touch if it gives them a 5mp higher quality camera and hopefully with video recording? Personally I think if they release a 2mp camera that would turn off most consumers (geeks and avg guy/gal) because most people know about megapixels having purchased...
Sad thing is to me even if it is a 2009 prototype - 2mp would have been still sad and horrible last year, too. 2mp has not been acceptable for 2-3 years now (to me). There is no rationalization for offering such a low quality device in 09 or 2010. I hope this is wrong. Heck, my piece of junk Samsung clam-shell phone in 2004 had a 2mp cam, so this will be inexcusable if true.
If true this will be a huge FAIL -- 2 megapixel, wtf is that!!!?? In these days of 5mp at bare minimum and many phones and devices now offering 8 or higher mp, to offer 2mp is horribly bad and very 2007-8 (yes, tech changes fast). For Apple's sake I hope this is wrong and maybe fake... they will be laughed out of the keynote if Steve Jobs says with a straight face, "and now it has a great 2 megapixel camera." How is that going to compete with the Flip?! \
You're joking right? I mean, really? They have a link in big bold letters, malware, that links to an Gizmodo story about such an Android attack. And there's a website called Google where you can search such things and find similar accounts.Good grief!
Thank you for asking the question, I was going to ask the same question after looking at the specs for both and wanted a clear answer.Thank you for answering the question. Seems worth the extra $199 for the MBP.Thanks people.
1_ Jobs must be absolutely fuming at all these leaks and lost devices, even I find it disturbing. Stop - enough is enough. 2_ I try to avoid these articles and the photos, because it ruins the fun and surprise of watching the keynotes (or keynote blogs) as they happen live.
Once he realized exactly who the phone belonged to and refused to return it and only was concerned with cashing in... it went from officially lost to officially stolen and trying to profit from stolen items. Simple as that. He deserves any penalties that follow. What an idiot. His female roommate was smart to call in and let them know she had nothing to do with it, smart enough to know this could turn into a big issue and didn't want to risk any arrest, major fine,...
Well, that's it... no point in buying an iPad now... no Hulu? Why would anyone want this now... this thing is a guaranteed bust!!!!! (s/c)
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