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Either way, I'll wait for 2.0, I can't do 1.0 items, they are always test models. 2.0 is when they make big improvements and have the bugs worked out and improved from user feedback. Definitely want one, however.
 Thank you, kindly. Appreciated. On Apple.com it says (with the $199 version): AT&T Next 12 AT&T Next 18 2-year contract Initial iPhone cost $0 (Sales tax due at sale) $0 (Sales tax due at sale) $199 (Sales tax due at sale) Activation fee $0 $0 $40 Monthly installments 20 payments of $32.45 24 payments of $27.05 $0 Monthly Mobile ShareValue Savings Save $15-$25 per month Save $15-$25 per month $0 Eligible for upgrade** After 12...
Hello, can someone tell me what is the advantage - if there is one - to buying it for $0 down and paying the per month ($27.05 for instance) rate vs. just paying the 2-year contract rate? Or is it only for people who don't want to put up the $199+ to buy at once?
 You sound like some elitist snob. Wal-mart sells the iPhone and other Apple products, so clearly not everyone who shops there are poor, on welfare, or beneath you as you suggest. This is why some do not like Apple supporters, some come across as pompous. Is Best Buy for the poor also, or just conveniently left them out to make a misguided comment?
 You know Samsung, they will release their new phones 24-36 hours before the iP6 comes out in stores. That is how they roll, anything to try and one-up Apple.
 1) No one is asking you to buy it. 2) You are entitled to your opinion. (I don't agree with your opinion). 3) Since you have all the design and manufacturing answers you need to apply for a job at Apple and/or email Tim Cook and Jon Ivey. 4) I'm REALLY tired of people saying how Steve Jobs would have done better, would never approve, Cook is no Jobs, Apple can't succeed without Jobs, etc., etc... Jobs is dead, let him rest in peace... Cook is CEO - no one at Apple is...
  Have to enjoy when people post comments and complaints without taking five minutes to do minimal research.
On 'Apple.com/watch' it says: ... does anyone know can you plug in your headphones to listen to music on the watch? Otherwise are they saying when you jog (or do anything away from the phone) you can only listen using the phones external speaker(s)? Hope not, that would be annoying to others around me or if I'm around someone else listening to theirs. Edit:Now I see they do say...... so guess you can buy Bluetooth headphones for music, but still curious if it comes with a...
Where are all the complaints and people telling everyone how they know better than Apple and how because they don't like something or it doesn't work for them then Apple should not do it?
Amazon, their commercials are horrible, all they tell the everyday user is "buy our phone and you can get one free year of Amazon Prime." Not exactly the best sales strategy. They don't tell what else the phone can do or give a real reason to buy it beyond giving Amazon more money in online sales. Neither is dressing some little kid up in adult clothes and have him talk like he's 35 and thinking it's cute.
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