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If true, glad I didn't buy an ATV two months ago as I almost did. Will gladly welcome a new and updated "hobby." Looking forward to it, thanks Apple.
Don't understand some of the comments and complaints. This is the iPhone5S (5.5) a mid-cycle phone same as other "S" models. The S models have always been mid-life upgrades with a new this and slightly improved that, but the same design in general. They don't update the design & feel of the iPhone until a new number update. The 4 was a lot different than the 3, the 5 was very different from the 4, and I'm sure the 6 will be a new design from the 5. If you want a new...
 Only one person, but a friend of mine in South China has the Samsung Note (or whichever is the big phablet one with the pen). In my travels to China, it seems to me most people with a descent or good job are buying iPhone and good Android phones, not cheap low-cost brands.
I certainly hope (and do have faith) that Apple is paying attention to the mostly negative consumer comments I'm reading on sites like this, CNN, Engadget, etc. If Apple puts out something with similar functionality it will flop regardless of how smooth it might look. In any event, odds are smart watches will be a niche market no matter who makes 'em.
There is no way any woman would be caught wearing that thing. To exercise/jog maybe they would, but that's about it. And we don't know pricing yet, but why would any pay a possible $150-250 for a watch they're only going to wear to for a jog or in the gym for 30-60 minutes? Especially when any smart phone or iPod that you already have can give you good exercise features and apps. Most fashionable men wouldn't want to wear that either, you got on your nice clothes then...
Or if you don't want to deal with eBay - sell it on Gazelle.com and get up to $125-130 for an iP4.
Hey.... I use their SF Bart app... and yes I do want a Twinkie or cookie for announcing that info. Can't speak for other cities but the Bart app is okay but nothing special. Good for when I need to take the train on an airport or weekend trip on occasion, not for everyday use.
Only two people but myself and a friends son have no interest in seeing this movie soley because of Kutcher. He's not a good fit for that role to us, can't take him seriously as a serious actor. They went for the 'young and hip' fan base and blew it, pick a respectable young-ish actor or a unknown who can pull it off, not the guy who married a lady almost twice his age, does corny Nikon commercials, has never made a big budget hit movie, and did Punk'd. That all equals...
If true, I look forward to buying a 128GB iPhone 6 next year. Great for large audio/video library folks and movie storage and streaming. Nice.
  I agree with everything you said (mostly), but I still think they are (as of right now - today) not being as innovative. By no means do I think they should or even can release a new hardware product every year or even every two years, that's unrealistic. However, I do think 2014 will be a very telling year. TO ME if they don't introduce a new product by end of 2014 a lot of shareholders (of which I'm not), some fans, and the media in general will start to seriously...
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