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I have VLC 1.0 or whatever, but never used it. Can someone knowledge me and tell me why would someone use it, how would you use it, and why use in place of the default video player in iOS?   Thanks in advance.
1) Amazing to see how this "hobby" has grown and evolved from its first 'over-sized' iteration.   2) Don't have an Apple TV, but they are making it more and more desirable for me to buy one and think I need to make the leap.   3) Don't have Time Warner, hopefully AT&T U-verse will do the same soon.   4) Congrats, Mr. Jobs, for another successful and revolutionary and intriguing product.   5) Samsung sucks!!! To compete they'll probably make their newly...
Apple isn't always first and arguably seldom first, but the funny thing to me is I know Samsung, Google (etc.) all read sites like AppleInsider in hopes of finding new info into upcoming products. Then they can race to pt that/those new features in their products and claim they were first.
Don't get the hatred towards iOS Chrome and all things Google. Chrome in iOS is great to me, I use it a lot more than Safari mobile. Will probably use Safari a lot more in iOS7, but till then Chrome is my preferred mobile browser. The current Safari being limited to eight tabs is extremely sad and weak and Chrome is easier to move between tabs. Only thing in Safari I still use is the 'Reader' but that's seldom. Hopefully iOS7 Safari is much improved and makes me want to...
And therefore making the Russian mafia and criminals extremely happy to charge a high cost premium for black-market iPhone's and increasing iPhone thefts from those who have 'em.
If this was Apple it would be the #1 story on CNN's Tech website and all over... but oh, Samsung - ehhh... the mass-media doesn't care.
Hello. Can someone tell me what is the benefit of this? You need an HBO subscription to watch HBO Go and you must already be a cable/satellite subscriber for ESPN. So, why would anyone watch either channel via their Apple TV (or Roku, etc.) when they can watch them on from their regular cable/satellite box that they're already paying to have?   -Thanks.
Funny because in China on CCTV they run infomercials promoting their own iPhone-like device where they blatantly copied iPhone's build and design and they promote how it has Siri-like features and FaceTime, but looks like cheap plastic. All for I think ¥299 RMB ($48) or something. 
This is b.s., I play this game - Simpsons Tapped Out - and you can only make purchases by entering your password. Either these parents set up their iPad to remember the password or they told this 8 year old the password and he was typing it in for every purchase. Don't blame Apple because you're lazy parents. Btw - it's a great game and I enjoy it a lot, and you don't have to pay $1 or £1 to play. All payments are optional and I do spend a few dollars here and there and...
The maps still says I live directly next to Parkway golf course in Fremont, a golf course which is actually about 2 miles up the street from me.I live fairly close to both and neither are major cities. They're both small towns compared to the rest of the Bay Area. So it is odd they would pick those towns instead of higher populated areas like San Jose or Palo Alto (which is also small but is a busy lil town) or even Oakland.
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