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 Technically, Apple doesn't need to blow you away... their successful is not reliant on you or me, it's reliant on the masses and hopefully bringing in new customers. I'm all in for the iPhone 6!! And curious what the 'iWatch' will offer, if they announce it.
So... Samsung using a debilitating disease that ultimately kills the victim ... to use a negative marketing campaign against Apple and to try to boost their sales? Classy move indeed.
  Hmm... I'm over 40 and have a good job, and this helps me. Still have my original battery, still on my original 2012 two-year contract, my phone died completely today - can't charge, and already made my Genius bar appointment for tonight to hopefully get a new battery. Oh well, so much for that theory.
This is one of the reasons I still look at AppleInsider daily, to get important news. My iPhone 5 has been having battery problems for months, and coincidentally today it finally died completely! Just checked and it qualifies for the free battery. Thank you AI for the news and helping hopefully getting my phone fixed tonight.
 Looks like one of the beaches at Half Moon Bay, about 50-60 minutes from Cupertino.
To me this is partly a regional issue. Here in Silicon Valley most (far from all) tech/www workers are Caucasian or East Indian and many of those are male. Of course there are a lot of Chinese/Korean etc and African American, etc. Most women who are in tech are East Indian with many other races working in project management, PR, marketing, design, etc. However, when I lived in Maryland, many or my coworkers were African-American and East Indian and that was at four...
Well, they did exist for some and that does not make them ludicrous - it means some had problems and they are real. Seems you need to "get over yourself" in your 'Apple can do no wrong and anyone who points out a simple problem or flaw are the ones with the problem.' You contradict yourself, I said you're blaming users and you say "we're not wrong," then say "we didn't didn't say the problems don't exist." Funny. I'm ghost on this.
As usual the sycophants kiss the Apple and blame users. Good way to call people's problems as ludicrous and wanting attention. Last night I installed the update, let my phone sit all night for about six hours, woke and it was frozen. Had to do a hard restart to make it work. Had some podcast crashing problems at first, but after 6-8 tries it finally started working. Good to know I'm a ludicrous attention wanting person and Apple is clean in this, they could never make a...
Guilty as charge and learned my lesson.
New Posts  All Forums: