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Apple's response, "Ha-Ha...Whatever, just pay us our $1 BILLION, bitches!!!"
That's a humble brag -- don't worry we won't get you wrong, we all know you're financially set. Guess you never buy a new car or TV or anything, what's the point they'll just have a new model or upgrade out in 6-10 months. And it'll be obsolete - not allowing anyone to use it - it'll just lock and never work again.
Sooooo... are they still going to release an iPad "5" in April or so, or does this news eliminate that possibility and the iPad "5" will in October-ish? Now, I'm confused if I should wait for April or just buy now cuz the "5" isn't for 8-9 months! Any thoughts or insight from anyone? Thanks.   Secondly, I hope the iPad "5" they do some innovation on the OS this year, spruce up multi-tasking, add some new features -- not just make it thinner with changed corners and...
I am an Apple fan and like my new iPhone 5 a lot!!! But... I do hope Apple at some point updates iOS (I know iOS 6 just came out) to be more dynamic and multi-functional as Samsung is doing with Android and Windows is doing with WinMo8. I dislike both those companies, but I do like what they are doing with their mobile OS' - better multi-tasking, always updating and revising the UI... iOS is nice and good, but it's getting a little stale UI wise.
Kasper - this is nitpicking, but I want to say, from a writing and editing point the writer should be consistent in how you spell the states. You should either spell them all out fully (Idaho) or spell them truncated (Ken.) or use the proper postal abbreviation (KY). You should not use "Ky." then use "Ken." then spell out Idaho but use N.J. for New Jersey. Be professional and use consistency and proper spelling or abbreviations, no one use "Ken." for Kentucky.  That's my...
  I agree. I bet most news outlets will ignore that story, because Google news doesn't bring page clicks or interest -- Apple bashing news does.   To me, Samsung is EXTREMELY insecure and jealous -- the constant Apple mocking and bashing to me show's even though they have through the roof sales, they prefer to take the low road over and over. In the beginning I understand it, like Pepsi going after Coke for years, but now they mostly do not. Samsung, worry about yourself...
Both Ford and Honda sell more cars than Mercedes and BMW, but which duo is better engineered and higher quality?   Android is on up to 100 phones (http://www.android.com/devices/), Apple iOS is on 1 phone per year (right now 3 in total for sale) - it's utterly ridiculous to compare the two OS' how Schmidt is.
iCaramba, Apple is doomed.
Then the song has to be playing, I want to see artwork without having it play. Plus that center image is one more step/click I don't want to and feel I shouldn't have to do, also it creates another window to manage/move. In previous iTunes it was a lot simpler and easier. I'm happy with my rolled back v10, v11 has a few nice additions/features but it's not a must have to me. Thanks for the comment, appreciated.
Are you being sincere or another sarcastic AI jerk who thinks he knows more than everyone else or just 'cuz someone uses/wants something he doesn't it's then invalid? I'm intrigued. I and others (there is a growing string of comments about this one issue on Apple Support Communities) use the artwork window as a nice visual aid to our music collection. As I said "might be a non-issue to some, but to ME" it is!! I and others spend a lot of time putting artwork for each song...
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