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So, all these people complaining about and taking shots at Munster... would you be happy and glowing if he came out and said, "ATV is still #1 and all competition stinks, all hail Apple"? Would that allow you to live in your harmonious Apple can do no wrong world? Apple TV is great, but it is in desperate need of a refresh, outside of adding a few channels and minor updates it's been essentially the same since 2010. Time to move out of "hobby" phase into full support with...
you clicked, so AI won... either don't click or be quiet, no one made you read.
 Should "The only thing more insecure than Windows/Android are their users." Windows and Android are two different entities, is = singular, are = plural.
 For people like me who use a downloaded app (MyFitnessPal) it would be nice to have a fully fleshed out Apple app that has more options and can easily be tied into and used across Apple hardware.  You must either urinate or cut your finger and bleed onto the screen. /jk obviously But really, I have a glucose app on my phone where I test my blood the conventional way and enter the results and details into the app to keep track of it and show my doctor. Guessing this is...
Apple Maps is not nearly as bad as some say it is, to me. I use it exclusively when driving and walking around San Fran or traveling to another city/state. Lack of public transportation support is the only reason I still have Google Maps on my phone. Once Apple adds this feature I can delete Google maps from my phone. Apple maps is pretty good to me (even though it still says I live directly next to a golf course that is actually several blocks away - I reported it and...
 Just started using iTR today and I already found this to be false. If you hit the (i) info icon on the top-center there is an option to 'Tune This Station' where you can select to play the 'Hits' or 'Discovery' of new songs or a 'Variety', etc. Maybe people should explore before complaining or posting false info.
Never used iTunes Radio much, but because of this article I decided to give it a try and been listening for about two hours at work now. Only 3-4 ads, about every 30-40 minutes I guess - not bad to me and only one. Made several custom 'stations' and they play a nice mix of songs. No complaints from me, also thanks to being grandfathered into AT&T unlimited data.
  Thank you, both. Appreciated.
Hello. Can someone tell me - if a person gets a Macbook Pro with 8GB RAM is it possible to upgrade later to 16GB or are you stuck with what you first get? Asking because I read something about not all Apple computers are upgradable.   -Thanks.
This is why I'm happy I waited an extra year with my iP3S to buy the iP5, didn't want anymore "S" (.5) models. Realized the full number updates (4,5,6) are the true innovative ones to buy. Glad to see the next will (allegedly) be bigger and hope they also keep the current size. Of course the 5s will still be available in 2014, but curious to see if the '6' will get offered in 4" and 5+" sizes - hopefully it will. Either way I'm all in on a bigger screen and I think it...
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