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If someone can tell me, if I buy an unlocked phone what do I need to do to get cellular? Do I just go to a carrier store and pay for a SIM card, are they month to month deals or can I just buy a SIM - use it then buy another whenever I'm ready? Thank you.
I reaallllyyyyy hope this is not true! I was planning on switching to either VZ or Sprint for the iP5. I hate AT&T -- spotty at best on BART train here in the SF area... with that said, voice and data together although I seldom use it, when I do it's very useful. Just yesterday I used it to email a link to a friend I was talking to. Guess I could email after we hangup, but in this day & age (I think people in every day & age has used that term) no one should have to wait...
Still got mine, at least for another two weeks or so. Then I'm all in on iP5, yeah!!! My 3GS has been getting slower and slower the past year and crashes more often. Giving it to a friend in another country who's in desperate need of a short-term phone. For me iP5 will be MUCH appreciated and loongg overdue upgrade!!! To quote Bart Scott (for any NFL fans on here), "Can't Wait!!!!"
After his death it was widely written he worked on the iP5 closely before he died (Google it). Just as he worked closely on the this years iPad. He was on stage during Apple's WWDC keynote June 2011, he died October 2011. He obviously was strong enough to do the keynote 3.5 - 4 months before he died, why couldn't he be strong enough to work on the iPhone and other products and concepts?    Since he is so highly respected in Apple for obvious reasons, it is highly doubtful...
  FYI: Steve Jobs was heavily involved in the iP5 before he died. This is his final iPhone creation.
A lot of complaints here (what else is new?)! For me who's still using a 3GS this is very good and what I been waiting for: LTE, bigger screen (albeit slightly bigger), faster, better cam, etc. This will be a huge upgrade from my 3GS. If you have a 4 or 4S it might not be so special, but for me and a coworker - we're excited. We didn't see the point of going 4S last year and still be on 3G only. Would be nice to make the screen 4.25+, but 4" is cool - need to go to a...
This is an age-old battle that's been going on looonnggg before iOS - developers/engineers vs. designers/artist. Most developers don't care about aesthetics they only care it works and is functional  - less is more, while designers want everything to be beautiful and elegant as wells as functional. We have these same battles at my job, my manager a dev doesn't care about design - he just cares it works as needed, while the designers are always trying to push the design...
Boy oh boy... you Apple Fanbois are a joke - always thinking Apple invented everything!! The Spectre is nothing like the iMac, the stand and base are clearly about 12 inches wide unlike the iMac 6" wide stand/base and the Spectre keyboard is 2" bigger in diameter... get a life.    /sc
  To all the me-first media outlets looking for a story, and all the folks who typed angry comments at Apple and had legal comment debates.... never mind!!! Hahahaaa!!! This would've been a great April Fools story/joke.
Seems like, "Everything is coming up Milhouse!," for Apple. :-)  
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