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All these comment prove is you can never satisfy everyone. Keep it as is some hate it, make changes some hate it. I personally don't care for the felt and others, but I do like the paper cutter effect in passbook I think it's cute, clever and a small but nice touch. Jobs was a minimalist for the most part and I like Ive and have faith in him, look forward to see what he does.
Hope they don't turn the stores into another Starbucks or Gap and overbuild and over-expose to the point they lose their relevance and special feeling. Keep it reasonable Apple.
Interesting they updated the regular iPad now... two questions I wonder about: 1) Does this mean going forward all iPad announcements will be October/November? (As the iPhone announcement has changed recently)   2) Is there no iPad "5" launch in April as most expected or will there be updates every six months?   Will have to wait to see. The mini is very good for people like me who didn't want to pay $500+ for an iPad but $330 is a lot easier to swallow and get...
Isn't this normal for the human eye and any camera lens? Maybe not the purple coloring, but if you look into the sun or take a photo into the sun especially for longer than needed you get sun flare - the color of the flare is inconsequential it still happens. This is natural, don't most people put their hand over the cam when there is too much sun anyway? Seems like a silly thing being blown wayyyy out of proportion.
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.. haha. 
Got mine last Friday (thank you for telling of the order online & pickup in the store - saved me 3-4 weeks of waiting on pre-order) and mine was flawless in perfect condition. Waiting for my case to arrive to keep it protected.      Been to China many times and have friends there, the people I know never talk of expecting time off for Christmas. Most don't celebrate it or if they do it's more just for fun and something to do, not for serious. China takes off 1-2 weeks for...
Didn't they just release commercials saying their phone is bigger than iPhone, hence it is better... now they will make one smaller? Confusing customers is not good.
Guess I didn't see the 10PM notice and missed it, every store near me says "Unavailable for Pickup" so just have to keep trying until I find a store with new inventory, thankfully I live close to 8-10 stores. Still better than waiting 3-4 weeks if you're lucky enough to find a store at the right time for pickup.
Got tired of calling AT&T and Apple stores, so pre-ordered today. Just cancelled my pre-order in case this is accurate and I can order online tomorrow and pick it up at an Apple store on Wednesday or Thursday, that's a much better deal. Hope this is true, if not I can pre-order again and only get pushed back 1-2 more days. 
  Should have been a lot more, they turned away many from lack of inventory. This was not their first go around, they know there will be big demand. Either start production sooner or wait an extra 1-3 weeks to release until inventory is enough to satisfy first weekend needs.... my opinion that no one agrees with.
New Posts  All Forums: