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 Just started using iTR today and I already found this to be false. If you hit the (i) info icon on the top-center there is an option to 'Tune This Station' where you can select to play the 'Hits' or 'Discovery' of new songs or a 'Variety', etc. Maybe people should explore before complaining or posting false info.
Never used iTunes Radio much, but because of this article I decided to give it a try and been listening for about two hours at work now. Only 3-4 ads, about every 30-40 minutes I guess - not bad to me and only one. Made several custom 'stations' and they play a nice mix of songs. No complaints from me, also thanks to being grandfathered into AT&T unlimited data.
  Thank you, both. Appreciated.
Hello. Can someone tell me - if a person gets a Macbook Pro with 8GB RAM is it possible to upgrade later to 16GB or are you stuck with what you first get? Asking because I read something about not all Apple computers are upgradable.   -Thanks.
This is why I'm happy I waited an extra year with my iP3S to buy the iP5, didn't want anymore "S" (.5) models. Realized the full number updates (4,5,6) are the true innovative ones to buy. Glad to see the next will (allegedly) be bigger and hope they also keep the current size. Of course the 5s will still be available in 2014, but curious to see if the '6' will get offered in 4" and 5+" sizes - hopefully it will. Either way I'm all in on a bigger screen and I think it...
Hope they fix a bug introduced with the last update - now when playing music, if I turn my phone horizontal it no longer displays the flowing or scrolling cover art. It now displays one random artist only.
1) Those Samsung phones are not gold, they are bronze or metallic brown. The iP5s is a soft champagne gold color. Big Difference.   2) Samsung clearly has an insecurity/jealousy problem with Apple. First they send people to interview iPhone buyers in NYC to ask about the lines and why the love Apple, now they get all defensive about the bronze (wanna-be gold) phones. Calm down SM you're making billions, be happy.   3) Truly hope Apple disassociates and ends all...
iPhone 5s - s is for "sales"   ... I don't understand why anyone wants the 5s, you can't video someone's head bobbing up and down while they sleep on a plane then you loop the 3-second video to show it to them in laughter -- now that's innovation, thank you Samsung!! /s
This is stupid - as others have said, the average criminal who steals your phone on the street, on the train, or picks it up if you lay it down - they will not have access to any of this and likely not have the know how. If a bunch of thieves hijack a shipment of phones, then this can come into play, but the street criminal - no. And even if they do, by time you hop on a computer to swipe it and use Find iPhone to have the police locate it, it's all for naught. This is a...
Jealous ones envy.  Go Apple!   Eff Samsung, insecure copycat clowns.
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