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  So, I guess every celebrity & athlete who endorses a product (and there are thousands of them) are all sell-outs and shills and should be disgraced? I guess those celebrities who starred in Apple commercials 3-4 years ago should return their money and be disgraced? You must also hate Led Zeppelin (they just let Christian Dior use Whole Lotta Love in an ad), Tom Hanks, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Joe Montana, and the list goes on endlessly... they are all greedy bumbs and...
 No one cares, you are not nearly as important as you think you are. It's called freedom of choice, no one is losing sleep off your purchase decisions.
Time for everyone here to complain about everything and how they didn't do what you think they should have done.
No one should care what I, you or anyone thinks... read what Tim Cook says himself in this Re/Code interview about Beats: http://recode.net/2014/05/28/tim-cook-explains-why-apple-is-buying-beats-qa/
Some people here are funny... "I don't like Beats headphones - they're cheap and stink, therefore this is a horrible deal! They should buy the headphones I personally use." Good thing you don't run a billion dollar company if that's your rationale, to only invest in what you personally like, eff the public majority or the companies assets.
Nope, that's it - not only does it only stream Hip-Hop - it only streams Dr. Dre and Interscope music. That's it!!
Uhhh ohhh... folks... their will be a mass exodus of Apple customers, all selling their Apple products and going to the Microsoft or Samsung dealer. All these (you) Hip-Hop hating (as if Rock music is 100% pure and descent), racist, "this will bring in all the thugs and criminals" into the Apple culture 'cuz goodness knows only people who listen to Rap, smoke marijuana, and live in the 'hood buy Beats. Run to the hills and protect your children!!!!   /s if you don't get...
1) If this was Apple it would be the lead story on CNN.com and other websites. 2) It's disturbing to me how some here are making fun or making this into a joke or inserting bigotry, these are people's lives - it's not a comedy skit.
 Says the guy who uses profanity in his first sentence, way to live up to your own standards. And since I am a "brown" man, my skin is not black, thanks for letting us know you speak for all of us and anyone with an opposing opinion is not allowed. I speak for me and my point has been made earlier and I stand by it.
     Let me get this straight... they are "clowns" why? Because they are happy and want to celebrate the biggest deal in his and their friends life? Because they maybe had a little too much beer and are happy? I'd like to see all of you when your favorite team wins a big game or championship and how you act in your homes or at the bar! Guess you are always calm and never get excited. A lot of this (to me) is subliminal racism. If Beats were owned by Bono or Robert Plant I...
New Posts  All Forums: