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Cigar stores.   Smoke detectors do not respond to lit tobacco or hooka, otherwise you couldn't have had them anywhere.
Darned it, I wish they snatched the Top Gear guys!!
"I cannot accept the responsibility of whether my device warns a customer in time before a heart attack," Hayek said. With that train of thought, you shouldn't accept the responsibility of your device warning a customer of the time for any event, including a cardiologist's appointment. Maybe you shouldn't be in watch business. This guy is starting to sound like the early CEOs of BlackBerry, and Ballmer.
True, however this is about Apple's intellectual property. Although Apple intended to patent the ornamental design of the iPad, the patent examiner must-have failed to distinguish between the dotted lines and the solid lines and therefore unexpectedly approved a single solid line of a rectangle with rounded corners. This is actually an undesirable outcome for patent applicants since general patents are weak. Someone obviously wasn't paying attention. Oh boy:"... the F700...
This is a US case. If one of the world's most innovative U.S. companies, who changed the stage of the entire mobile and tablet industry, is unable to protect its intellectual property on its own turf, then the nation's patenting agency is useless. Samsung made a buttload of money copying Apple, any amount spent on litigation was worthwhile.
Shut down the USPTO, it's useless. How ironic was their Steve Jobs exhibit meant to show off the relevance of patents.
The MacPro page, on mobile at least, uses the old design.
Yes I use ApplePay where I can, like Wegmans (Which I rarely visit), Home Depot (their NFC terminals do not always work), and Panera Bread. But the places where I need it the most do not even support NFC. Sometimes I have to point my phone at the terminal and wait to see if it supports NFC, I feel like I'm trying out a gimmick rather than reaching out for convenience. I still have to carry my cards with me and pay at 95% of merchants I visit; such as gas stations, dry...
Except it's not."This is the second Thunderstrike exploit to target Macs. The first version was fixed with OS X 10.10.2 and required the hacker to have physical access to the computer. This new version is more nefarious because the malware can be delivered via a link." - Engadget Cheap aftermarket Thunderbolt accessories are especially suspect. For peace of mind, look no further than Apple branded Thunderbolt accessories.
10 minutes is not the issue here, it's that Apple usually demands to be where the action is, like the Manhattan store in NY.   This location does seem odd. It might've been chosen because of the possibility of congestion during the release of a new product? Long lines may hamper daily traffic and that may be an issue for the Chinese authorities?
New Posts  All Forums: