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Obviously MacBook is not for pros, it's for coffeeshop dwellers. I am disappointed for the lack of MagSafe. Yes USB-C now handles power as well as data, but the whole premise of MagSafe was to avoid disaster should someone trip over your cord, which was very good selling point.
Survived two years with a 2012 MBA w/ 4GB RAM + Thunderbolt display. I performed web and print design, with print design being the more processor intensive of course. My current MBP 8GB feels faster at scrolling and previewing, but the bulk of the performance gains come from the lack of continuous caching, thanks to the extra RAM.   The MacBook is obviously not a graphics professional's machine, but can easily handle web development and design.
Luke, use the App...  aka AI App
Funny how you chose to pick the least representative of the Apple Watch and the best of Cartier. Even then, those Cartiers are butt-ugly! What were they thinking?!
Great article by the way, a little over the top but great nevertheless. One thing that should be pointed out is that the Apple Watch is a sign of Apple blasting into the fashion industry. I know this might be obvious or even argued, but it shows that there will be more fashion based technology expected from Apple and a new form of identity, as seen by the Apple logo ahead of the product name. An off topic note: it seems that Samsung has been going through Apple's patent...
Hayek's stance sounds very similar to Lazaridis, BlackBerry's CEO from back when the iPhone was shook the mobile world. Could Swatch be following in BlackBerry's footsteps?
Yay! I can finally get support for my Google Glass and my Google TV. I hope they'll sell a model of the Google Barge!!!
I actually looked into this. A mall will have you pay for a lease, all your transactions must be uploaded to their server at the end of each day. If your sales are above a certain sales margin, they will take a percentage of the extra sales on top of your monthly lease.
This is utterly absurd, Amazon has free reign on the book market with insignificant competition. My wife was one of the attorneys on this case, although she cannot disclose any information to me, she refuses to shop on Amazon.
+1 on the ATV disappointment. A complete UI redesign is overdue. 4K would've been nice since YouTube and Netflix already carry the format, I don't see why iTunes is taking so long.
New Posts  All Forums: