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Except it's not."This is the second Thunderstrike exploit to target Macs. The first version was fixed with OS X 10.10.2 and required the hacker to have physical access to the computer. This new version is more nefarious because the malware can be delivered via a link." - Engadget Cheap aftermarket Thunderbolt accessories are especially suspect. For peace of mind, look no further than Apple branded Thunderbolt accessories.
10 minutes is not the issue here, it's that Apple usually demands to be where the action is, like the Manhattan store in NY.   This location does seem odd. It might've been chosen because of the possibility of congestion during the release of a new product? Long lines may hamper daily traffic and that may be an issue for the Chinese authorities?
Reminds me of an old Washington Post ad: "If you don't get it, you don't get it"
Apple needs to get their heads out of their ass. When someone comes at you gangster-style, you break their knees. You don't throw your preppy legal team at them.
Where's my Hello Kitty inspired iPhone?!
Snowden is a hero, hands down. If we had more people like him, we will have a great respectable country
 Well, he's just gonna have to wait... for 14 years.
I don't believe the entire HoloLens system is vaporware, but they won't be able to deliver at the level their videos claim.The VR imagery will not cover the entire peripheral vision, nor will the graphics be completely opaque, nor will VR objects be able to properly cast shadows or match light direction, or work as fluidly as their videos show. Nothing MS has done in the past worked well, not even during their keynotes. Those parts and some others are definitely vaporware.
I hate it when buildings are sad
Basis strongest point is its sleep tracking. Best in class.
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