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What? No Parallel interface? Like why they keep doing that?!!
In other words "We want to spy on you, and if you don't let us, then you're supporting the terrorists"
"Made in USA ... String height off the fretboard Not always recognizing notes correctly Strap coming off while playing" Nuff said, lol I kid I kid
Funny thing about most of Yelp's AppStore reviews is that they're not about the app at all. The users have somehow managed to express their shopping experiences there instead. "Horrible vacuum was terrible..." "Don't ever do business with this guy..." Take a look, it's freaking hilarious!!
Unlike the AppStore and the iTunes Store, Netflix, Hulu, and MLB host their own content. Apple TV simply serves as a client, so it should be more like 0% since it's 0% on computers and iOS...   I must be missing something here.
If you haven't seen the Apple II Watch, check it out http://m.instructables.com/id/Apple-II-Watch/?ALLSTEPS
True, that's why I wrote similar, a CD reflects back lasers for the zeros and ones. Here's how the laser microphone works though:http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_microphone
Some bugs are insanely small and simple, they fit under a layer of paint. However, nowadays you can shoot a fine laser beam at a window and read the vibrations, kinda similar to how CDs work, there are way more sinister ways to spy than the old fashion bug.
Obviously MacBook is not for pros, it's for coffeeshop dwellers. I am disappointed for the lack of MagSafe. Yes USB-C now handles power as well as data, but the whole premise of MagSafe was to avoid disaster should someone trip over your cord, which was very good selling point.
Survived two years with a 2012 MBA w/ 4GB RAM + Thunderbolt display. I performed web and print design, with print design being the more processor intensive of course. My current MBP 8GB feels faster at scrolling and previewing, but the bulk of the performance gains come from the lack of continuous caching, thanks to the extra RAM.   The MacBook is obviously not a graphics professional's machine, but can easily handle web development and design.
New Posts  All Forums: