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Car manufacturers are as slow as molasses when it comes to technology, it's freaking annoying. I bet there is so much to be desired in the car experience that Apple believes it's a no brainer to enter it. Edit: spelling
I think most people would align Apple with Tesla Motors who is definitely and interloper. They won Consumer Report's car of the year for the second year in a row, with a test score of 99 out of 100. They already have auto drive functionality, and a kickass console. Not to mention over the air firmware updates that recently improved the car's acceleration and previously incorporated a Valet option. Let's not forget how Jony hit it off with Elon in a recent event ;)
Apple might now be open to doing what you described, but SJ always wanted devices to do one thing really well and was opposed to riding on a separate platform. Beside, he rarely supported gaming, remember the Bungie debacle.
This is a great idea, I like having only a few icons per screen without bunching them together in the top left corner. I have the 6 and this would also work great to leave left column blank. I'm trying it
For those who used both Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand, which Adobe bought only to kill, know how much better Freehand was. Unlike Illustrator, where you were only able to draw in outline mode then render in color, Freehand was able to draw and render simultaneously. Freehand continued to outperform Illustrator in features and speed until Adobe bought it to kill it.   I'm not sure if anyone here remembers DaVinci Systems, it's now owned by Black Magic and are...
Thuper!! Timmy is gonna get thum tonight!
For ApplePay to work you must have WiFi, does JetBlue provide free WiFi?
If I had that same choice, I'd choose Tesla as well. It's a fantastic company with a disruptive vision and a great work environment.
Are you gonna short Samsung? If you're right you'll make monies :)
What?!! but but Apple is still trying to catch up!
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