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Judge Koh will have none of that, wait till some Korean company brings a case to her court.
These lock companies should include rechargeable batteries and include an option for those willing to run a wire inside their doors for continuous charging.
OMG, how many officials were close to Microsoft when they were forcing Windows in schools.
You must have Samsung confused with someone else; they don't buy, they steal.
From the time they took the the screen-shot to when they shot the scene it took exactly 44 minutes. In those 44 min the battery went from 64% to 56%. That's 12.5%, who's the "wall-hugger" now? LOL  Apple donates a lot to charities, remember Bono and the Red campaign aka AIDS. Actually, almost every large US corporation donates to some sort of charity, including wealthy families. Even if they don't believe in donations. The money that goes to charity is tax deductible,...
What happened here? I took two screen grabs, one before the ice dropped and one after. Here they are. Did they swap out the phones? Why would the time be different, and what happened to the background behind the top bar?  
Last winter I dropped my iPhone 5 in ice-cold water while wade-fishing a river. The phone stayed submerged under water until I was able to get back up on my feet and pull it out by the lanyard. The total time it was submerged was about 10 seconds. Once I got out, I turned the phone off until I got home. Today, I'm using that same iPhone with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I did not have to take it for repair or anything. I might've been lucky, but I would do that...
I don't understand why articles relating to the Middle East are immediately attacked by a bunch of high-ranked posters who spread fear and offensive racial comments. These comments are neither relevant to this site nor factual, and they ruin the whole experience of Appleinsider.   Moderators should delete such posts (unfortunately some moderators contribute to the madness), there are numerous sites out there where haters can hate, let's leave this one for technology and...
Comments like "HAHAHA, an athlete with no keyboard!! for 800 dollars!!" are now coming to basketball
I'm impressed, the house is modest for someone in his position.
New Posts  All Forums: