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Apple messed-up by not producing a large screen iPhone
Apple is a weak fighter, trying to get justice through the legal system while the likes of Cote, Bromwich, and Samsung are using every-which tool, legal or not, to get what they want. Apple needs to implement Job's nuclear war theory, and go apeshit over their asses.
I encourage all car stereo system makers to stop making uglyass stereos that look out of place when fitted into any ANY car.
Mostly correct, Apple did not go after Google for Android because they basically have no case unless Apple has a very specific patent, like multi-touch which can throw a wrench into Google's equation. As for Windows, the hardest hit to Apple was the john-hancock Microsoft had from Apple which invalidated any attempt for Apple to sue for the UI, except after they discovered Microsoft had lifted code from the MacOS. Steve Jobs discarded that lawsuit when he returned to Apple...
You cannot try and patent anything, I've run a few patents by the USPTO office here in VA, if something is not patentable then there is no way to proceed. What may be unclear here is that if this "inspiration" or "copying". Inspiration is legal, copying is not.
If Samsung believes that Apple's patents are essentially worthless, then just remove them from your OS.
Although I do not support anti-poaching agreements, I can sympathize with the employers' dilemma here. Having your key employees being continuously recruited and scheduling meetings, is very distracting to the employee and I doubt they can focus 100% on their work while thinking about those opportunities. These employees are already getting paid the big bucks and they're aware of their value in the market, and if they're not happy with their current job, they can simply...
Apple has been dragging their feet on this one. There are so many features and UI potential Apple is not taking advantage of, like: 1) Reading full customer reviews. Why can't Apple make the reviews scrollable, and when you click on one, read the whole thing. 2) I hate the remote. Ok Jony is a great designer, but what happened to usability? The range is horrendous. The iPhone app seems to get worse with every upgrade, when I swipe down to move to the list of related...
Yes, because what you have there looks stupendously dorky, at a loser level. Apple is as interested in buying Oculous as they were in buying OQO.
I have two bytes for you: A 8
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