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True. Copying is more like reverse engineering a completed product, manufacturing it, and slapping your logo on it.
Good point. An idea is not a product, some will have ideas without a clue on how to convert them into products. Take the GUI for example; Xerox was putzing with that idea for years and was never able to make a useful product, even after they launched their Xerox Star. Apple stepped in, took that idea and made the Macintosh, after that, every computer in the world uses that same GUI. Copying, is more like what Samsung does. Edit: Grammar 
As Paula Abdul would say "One step forward, two steps back"
I'd rather wait a couple of more months than have an iPhone with a Samsung component in it.
I had the same inquiry. 3D Mark tests are based on "OpenGL ES 2.0." and the A8 is optimized for Metal, according to the keynote.
...and that's what you call, a patent troll. What a bunch of jerks!
Now we're talking
This is the most impressive watch UI I've ever seen, also the watch's performance was smooth and flawless. I adore how well the wrist gesture worked, at first I thought it would be a bit gimmicky but seeing it work changed all that, of course I'll have to try it out first.   So they made several armbands and colors for the same frame, it would've been more fitting (given that a watch is a strong fashion statement) if they made other frame designs as well, I have a...
"Just got to Moscone, where is everyone!" - Eddy Cue   LOL
It's not iPhone specific it's mobile specific. It's not much different than responsive, which has its own drawbacks too, especially when trying to reformat things like commenting windows after rotating your screen and still not being able to pinch to zoom.
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