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Getting too comfortable with the status quo, has been Apple's opportunity to be disruptive. BTW, "Swiss watch exports suffer largest decline in 6 years..." means there has been a similar or greater decline before the Apple Watch. I believe many smartwatch customer weren't watch wearers before, and most of them probably fall in the age group of 18-40. This article is crafted to massage the ego of Apple enthusiasts rather than shed true light. The watch market has been...
Yea we all know how "secure" Android is.   But, I wish if they researched top iOS apps as well, I would like to know which apps are getting away with my data so I can remove them, or Apple could block them till they start behaving again.
Honestly, I tried both and couldn't see a difference. Maybe because I wasn't geeking over the screen trying to nitpick. And even if the Surface's screen is better, it won't make a difference either way, because those who fancy an iPad Pro aren't going to buy a Surface and vice versa.
I purchased a $100 Apple Care with my new iPhone 6 Plus, hoping it will save me some dough should I drop the phone or crack the screen.   It recently happened. I dropped my phone and shattered my screen. I didn't feel bad since I had Apple Care. I went to a local Apple Store and turned in my phone, they said it'll cost me $80 to fix the screen, I told them that I have Apple Care. They said they realize that and that's why it's only $80 and not $130.   Is that a good...
Did anyone pick theirs up from an Apple Store? Do they have them on display yet?
Adobe's CC Mobile Apps won't cut it in today's market, they are very unfinished. iOS user file system won't cut it either. The software is just not there as a main platform for designing and coding. When I create mockups in photoshop, I end up with upwards of 100 layers and pixel accuracy without much zooming in/out, try that on an iPad. I did, it's not there yet. Maybe in a year or two. I was able to use my iPad 3 for wireframes and quick code edits while on the...
Maybe next year I'll get one, as for now the lack of critical software such as Adobe CC, an efficient way to manage my files, and the possibility of Pencil parallax makes it a no go for me.   As for the lack of a trackpad, I wish Apple would make the keyboard itself also a trackpad, similar to the way you move your cursor in iOS 9 keyboard on an iPad; move your fingers over the keys moves a pointer of some sort.   Obviously, this opens a lot of speculations to the next...
I resorted to using Google Maps when bicycling because Apple Maps keeps-on switching me from Walk to Drive every time I hit 10mph, really annoying.
[Insert VW pun here]
I'm not sure why Apple didn't use the iPhone's 4K camera in the iPad Pro, especially when they promote its 4K video editing capability. It also only does 120fps video capture, the iPhone 6 and 6s both hit 240fps.     Apple would've come closer to completing their "Pro" moniker with a 4K camera and 4K editing.
New Posts  All Forums: