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That's very grnd of you
Are you gonna short Samsung? If you're right you'll make monies :)
What?!! but but Apple is still trying to catch up!
The video Microsoft showed is based on how AR might look like in the future. The glasses were already reviewed by other sites like Engadget and Microsoft's video doesn't even marginally reflect the quality and features presented:1- The imagery are projected on a little rectangular screen behind the deceptive curved front, meaning there is no immersive experience.2- The projected images are translucent and do not cast shadows, opposite of what their video showed. All in all...
It's augmented reality, not virtual reality.
True, but Microsoft must get their money from somewhere since they don't sell computers, sans Surface.
"He's got a simple phone" Oh how I miss the simple life, very hard to get back to.
Had it been Samsung, judge Koh would've slashed that number by ten, Samsung would then appeal and she would slash it again. In the end everyone of those employees would be set to receive ten cents and Samsung would refuse to pay a single penny.
It still boggles my mind how Google found Nest to be worth $3.2 billion.
Great article, thanks for the summary!! I found two possible errors: 1- "largely to to Verizon Wireless abandoning BlackBerry" There are two to's. 2- "At the same time, Android launched a series of new 4G phones" Android never launched a phone, it's an OS.
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