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a mac mini would make a very nice new mac addition.
first of all most dutch people speak english,  usually better than americans.  my english comes with a pedigree.   schools by apple is probably a great idea.  when the apple stores opened,  it was generally frowned upon.  that is until it blew the cover off the ball.  we need a repeat.
suggest you take all your apple business to 'samsung' as they think that they are the flavor of the day.   ps:  samsung just released a  $35 billion loss.  watch out below.
it seems that there is a new sherrif in town,  at least in turkey.     5 years in the pokey!   Turkey’s Capital Markets Law enacted on Dec. 31 stipulates punishment for “those who provide untruthful, wrong or misleading information, start rumors, or provide news, commentary, or prepare reports with the intention of influencing prices
thank you samsung!   a quicklook at apple sales figures just proves the adage:   every knock is a boost,  and apple accepts the advertising.
will they drive over to the microsoft store for tech support?   just an idle thought.
1/2 a million isn't enough to pay for lunch.  either it's a mistake or it's not worth the paper its written on.   linux surely hasn't taken over the world with a who's who bunch of partners.
a zither dither comment with a lame response.   why not new jersey?  there are more tecnical people available in nj than 99% of the country and it is closer to nyc for a dose of culture and a good italian dinner (nj too) than any tx offering.   plus,  governor christie would give away the state if nj ever took them up on an offer. his name would lead the ballot for the 2016 presidential race.   and if that didn't sweeten the pot enough,  than people...
apple doesn't need my advice but none the less,  they should tell the money grubbing austin tx politicians that they can shove austin.   that $300+ million would receive a warm welcome in more cities than can be counted.  they are in north carolina now.  what about south carolina.  they would be welcome with open arms.
@minnesota so is eating. better check your 12 year old's weight.
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