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Who invited the trolls? **** off! > Phony bologna that cheapskate charlatan "journalists" inhale and regurgitate without any apparent sentience, like PR piranhas that will gobble up anything once somebody else has taken a bite.
Good one, Dan.    If anyone has actually used the Note / Galaxy for any length of time, they'll know why Samsung is going down the gurglers. Fast big and gaudy but they have all the design and build quality of a Fisher Price toy. The waterproofing hatches broke off on the Galaxy, the trim is chipping and the wife can hardly charge the Note because of a dodgy USB socket, and when fully charged, it hardly lasts a couple of hours (6 months old). Just dumb, plastic,...
Guesswork! Reasonable guesses though. A pro tablet with a precise input device(s) sounds like a winner: this one is for work more than for play.
Dual lens is the only way in something that tiny they're going get decent telephoto results. Not a zoom lens per se %u2013 too many moving parts and low light noise %u2013 but a switch to a second prime lens of, say, 3 x std focal length, with digital zooming to take you out to long telephoto. If true, compacts will effectively become obsolete. The next step up in quality is the half-frame SLR.
The trajectory of the profits graph must look ominous for Samsung: losses next quarter. So much for the only other maker making money from phones; at this rate they might have to scrap their phone division. Ain't karma a bitch! 
There is NO security with chip credit cards. Wave to pay is deadly. If someone nicks your card in Oz, and you don't notice, there might be a $100 limit but that's per purchase. ... Apple Pay has to be sold it as the secure alternative. To the banks if not to the customers 
" "Xiaomi Is Creating An Uncertain New World That Apple Must Learn To Live In," " WSJ: adding new meaning to "Egg firmly on face".
Great article, Dan!. IDC has a reputation for faulty analysis; just a pity it has influence. 
Depends what you use it for, eh? 3.5" is probably best for a 'phone', > 4" is a compromise to the non-phone uses. I'd go for a (say) 3.7" iPhone if Apple made one - a lightweight one (4S is too heavy).
No WiFi issues at all (13" MBA 2012).   But I've been getting slow / jumpy scrolling for large 2-column pdfs in Preview.    And the old 'stuck at the top' issue with Dictionary viewing of Wikipedia. Though it does go away after the whole page + media are loaded. 
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