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Good one, Dan.    If anyone has actually used the Note / Galaxy for any length of time, they'll know why Samsung is going down the gurglers. Fast big and gaudy but they have all the design and build quality of a Fisher Price toy. The waterproofing hatches broke off on the Galaxy, the trim is chipping and the wife can hardly charge the Note because of a dodgy USB socket, and when fully charged, it hardly lasts a couple of hours (6 months old). Just dumb, plastic,...
Guesswork! Reasonable guesses though. A pro tablet with a precise input device(s) sounds like a winner: this one is for work more than for play.
Dual lens is the only way in something that tiny they're going get decent telephoto results. Not a zoom lens per se %u2013 too many moving parts and low light noise %u2013 but a switch to a second prime lens of, say, 3 x std focal length, with digital zooming to take you out to long telephoto. If true, compacts will effectively become obsolete. The next step up in quality is the half-frame SLR.
The trajectory of the profits graph must look ominous for Samsung: losses next quarter. So much for the only other maker making money from phones; at this rate they might have to scrap their phone division. Ain't karma a bitch! 
There is NO security with chip credit cards. Wave to pay is deadly. If someone nicks your card in Oz, and you don't notice, there might be a $100 limit but that's per purchase. ... Apple Pay has to be sold it as the secure alternative. To the banks if not to the customers 
" "Xiaomi Is Creating An Uncertain New World That Apple Must Learn To Live In," " WSJ: adding new meaning to "Egg firmly on face".
Great article, Dan!. IDC has a reputation for faulty analysis; just a pity it has influence. 
Depends what you use it for, eh? 3.5" is probably best for a 'phone', > 4" is a compromise to the non-phone uses. I'd go for a (say) 3.7" iPhone if Apple made one - a lightweight one (4S is too heavy).
No WiFi issues at all (13" MBA 2012).   But I've been getting slow / jumpy scrolling for large 2-column pdfs in Preview.    And the old 'stuck at the top' issue with Dictionary viewing of Wikipedia. Though it does go away after the whole page + media are loaded. 
To the doubters up there, If you've read any analysis of the impact of Tim's 'coming out', you will see, e.g., suicide rates among young gay men is several times that of heteros. Cook statements are beautifully crafted and positive. If it saves just a few from going down that path or cheers the lives of those crippled with self doubt, it would be well worth giving Tim a big cheer. It's about doing the right thing. == (WP) The Suicide Prevention Resource Center...
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