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To the doubters up there, If you've read any analysis of the impact of Tim's 'coming out', you will see, e.g., suicide rates among young gay men is several times that of heteros. Cook statements are beautifully crafted and positive. If it saves just a few from going down that path or cheers the lives of those crippled with self doubt, it would be well worth giving Tim a big cheer. It's about doing the right thing. == (WP) The Suicide Prevention Resource Center...
Aperture just got an update (3.6) 'for Yosemite compatibility'. So it is being fully supported for now. See how Photos shapes up. If it has the features I use then it's no biggies. 
Ditto, PB. It's a bit of premature opportunism from Adobe since Aperture has just got an update (3.6) for Yosemite and is performing as before or maybe better, without library upgrades, etc. Having used it a few times, I've nothing against Lightroom it's just that I like Aperture better and can wait for Photos (or whatever) to see if it's a reasonable successor.
Easy to see them going fanless.  The nice thing is that with each new OS the fan gets less use. I've a 13" MB Air and, now, the only time the fan turns on is when VMWare + Win7 is doing its butt-ugly thing (i.e. hardly ever).   Been a multiple Mac user/owner since 1987 and this baby is by far the best I've owned. 
Ha! beat them to it! On another thread on the gold color iPad I reckoned they will bring out a gold color design to the 'mythical' 12" MB Air, but maybe only for the top end of the species, to let the owner stand out, feel special etc.. I'd buy one if I had the moolah! 
Ditto. 100% virus free for 27 years, on company and university networks, and at home. Same for everyone else I've known with a Mac (which is most of my close and distant network of contacts since I work in science research where most 'PCs' are Macs). Ergo, virus infection is a non-existent problem for the Mac; AV software, on the hand IS a problem: don't use it - ever! 
Compare this with Samsung and their convicted-criminal CEO:    2009 topped the "World Magazine" Benchmarking Enterprise Reputation: Chairman Barry Lam won the "most respected entrepreneurs entrepreneurs" glory 2009 topped the U.S. "Business Week" (Business Week) - "Global Tech 100" Ranked 7 2008 topped the U.S. "Fortune" (Fortune) - "2008 World's most respected enterprises" Ranked 12
The gold iP 5 is popular and looks very nice indeed so why not for iPads? They could do same or similar as an option for the next MB Airs (the fabled 12" model).
What OS will it run? Is one reason for Swift being developed?
I reckon they should bring back the original screen-size as an option, on a really compact iPhone. I'd be in!
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