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An f-2.0 lens would be a significant improvement. Tiny cameras suffer not from a lack of megapixels but from low signal/noise, and f-2.0 would shine twice the light on the sensor as f-2.8 (though the current one is f-2.4, I believe). 
Megapixels above about 3 MP are pretty much irrelevant in a phone camera format. The crop factor of this unit's camera (4) is half that of the iP5 (8) which should lead to a 2-fold better signal to noise ratio. The drawback is shallower depth of field. Hardly likely to attract buyers in droves from the iPhone (a iP5 and DSLR combo is what I use if the trusty Nikon happens to be with me).
> And stop leaving user experience dead-ends in iOS, such as where you can see your photos within Camera, but to do anything with them you need to exit and enter the Photos app. This is ridiculous.
>  And no, I am not pro photographer or even a serious photo hobbiest <   So why so opinionated on what others should do? (I once did make good money selling nature photographs for post-cards, etc.).     The iPhone is the first, second and third most popular 'camera' on Flickr for a reason (apart from being the camera you have in your pocket). Take a look in Flickr: the iPhone takes really good images. Photography is about getting the image, not a camera-tech...
The MFP was to be set up in Salisbury, not Adelaide.   The former is where the nurse would go with the enema if the world was constipated. The latter is a very fine city. 
I think it's great that Apple's binging the flag-ship (if it is the Mac Pro) back home. Also hope it's a real PC-eating beast!
The full letter confirms Jobs and Apple as fair and honest traders. End of story.
Nice post SFLOCAL! I set up two XP Pro (SP3) machines for the office a couple of years ago (Windas coz of a small budget and the workers only knew MS shite), and tried to run them without AV software for a couple of weeks as a experiment to see (as a curious Mac user) how they stood up: was XP really that vulnerable? Both hopelessly infected via the browser in three days of occasional use on the internet! Reinstalled with Kaspersky and worked OK for a few months but then...
Just updated. No problems. Apart from having to use MS Office. Actually Office is fast and reliable on the MBAir and has a lot of nice features (for academic work). The problem is the nifty features are so hard to find and implement among all the levels of menus and dialogue boxes that you need to spend weeks or months to learn to use the suite with anything approaching 'ease'. The learning curve for iWork is far easier (and KeyNote is far smarter than the car salesman's...
The pre-paid market is huge in India, China and developing economies. That's what Apple would be going after if it produced a new lower-cost model (not my taste but prob plastic for easier, cheaper production and multi colours). For legal reasons in Oz, the iPhone has been available here from Apple sans contract almost from the start. Indeed, my sister has a (no contract) pre-paid 4S and I have an on-contract 5. -- "Prepaid accounts for 95% of cellphone handsets in...
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