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Free publicity for Apple; it'll probably make them a couple of extra billions.
Sounds stunning. But why? It wouldn't be in Apple's MO to simply a produce a higher res TV; more dots on the screen - wow! - wet-your-pants Nerd Heaven! LG and/or Samesong &c could do that for themselves. There was a patent a while back for glasses-free 3D-TV. %u2026 Ah yes, actually 2010's 3D-projector patent "Apple's patent describes using a special reflective screen with a rippled texture to create an autostereoscopic projection system, meaning one in which different...
How on earth would a watch replace a touch-phone? [doh!]   The thing about a watch is that it's always 'at hand' (!); the thing about a phone is that it's always in your trouser pocket, which isn't a good arrangement if you're driving etc. So the watch becomes a device for accessing the iPhone, a telemeter, a channel-changer for the telly and/or iTunes, a reminder / time piece, a GPS compass for walking etc. Make it compellingly simple and easy-to-use and they will...
iWatch: O iPhone, you are so smart and elegant!
Just guessing here but if Apple offers another tablet/phone size it won't be 5" it will be 6" .. to fill the gap in the progression 4", 8", 10" (10, 20, 25 cm). A 15 cm touch device, prob running iPhone apps esp. games, eBooks, and for sat-nav. I'd get one as a book reader provided it wasn't too expensive (For which iPod touch is too small and the iPad is more than large enough.).
Yes, Adelaide U. was an early adopter: students enrolling in a BSc program got one beginning in 2011. With UWS it's for all programs. 
Fosters is sometimes referred to as "love on a beach"   … coz it's f*cking near water!   Coopers Sparkling Ale (bottled) and Cascade (on tap) would be my faves among Aussie beers.
A bit of context. Unis in Oz were dominated by Macs until about 1997 then turned to the dark side at Admin/ITS insistence. But Macs never faded completely (esp in the hard Sciences) and since about 2007 Macs have been steadily regaining their dominance (including Admin!) There's iMacs everywhere and, visibly, over half of laptop-toting students own MBPs. So giving the students iPads makes even better sense than it would in places still stuck in the horrors of Wintel land. 
Said this here at the time of Maps' release. The town & city street maps are from TomTom data.. so no probs. But the road and rural town data are way out; I don't know WTF they've done there! It's not just Victoria, *most* towns in Australia are location-pinned over 30 kms from their true location. I sent in a few corrections (e.g. my home town) via Maps feedback but gave up when I realised they were ALL wrong! And it would have been so easy to get right before release,...
inside and out, and altogether
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