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It's a violet haze (purple isn't a spectral colour, it's a mixture of blue and red) and it's caused by lens flare: reflection and scattering from lens-element surfaces exposed to oblique light. It's the reason real cameras have lens hoods and why prime lenses generally give better contrast and colour clarity than zoom lenses (with many more elements).
David Murray was on the OzBC TV last night commenting on the Reserve Bank cutting its base rate. Impressed me as a genuine heavy hitter in the business world.
Same here. My iCloud has *always* said 25 GB. Which is probably not warranted since I last paid for MM in 2009 (I think?) but who's complaining?
That's not chromatic aberration, it's a simple case of lens flare: light scattering from surfaces in the lens array. Violet the shortest wavelength in the visible and is scattered the most. The smaller the lens the greater the flare per surface. The sapphire lens covering might be part of the problem (if indeed there is a greater one, versus say the iP4S) because is had a high refractive index (1.8). Looking at the examples it any worse than typical in compact cameras. ...
Wasn't Jobs praised for skating to where the puck is going not where's it's been. Well the puck was stuck near Google for ages and still no turn-by-turn. A bit of pain now a lot of gain later. Good decision, Cook et al!
Well put, Digi! Doesn't affect me coz I keep a Garmin on the car windscreen (it's cheap, I wouldn't like to inadvertently leave my phone there).. but I do feel for those who'll have a underdone mapping solution until Apple and its users get Maps up to scratch.
Although I've only tested in Melbourne, iOS6 uses TomTom data for actual street navigation in Australia and it works just fine. Also the case for Canada and USA according the credits: http://gspa21.ls.apple.com/html/attribution.html I'm guessing from the high rate of errors that Europe is not covered by a TomTom navigation data agreement (?) The satellite imagery for the my area has been on par with Google's and the app is smoother and more responsive. A huge task ahead...
I've been peeking around using maps here in Victoria Australia and it's pretty much on par with Google maps (a mature product), except faster and smoother in operation. Clearly, this is not the case in parts of the UK.    .. a work in progress and mileage may vary. 
At 0.4 kg each it would cost about 30 cents each unit to ship from China to USA. But that 's a lot of planes needed: only 2500 iPhones per tonne means about 100,000 per airliner. Or 10 planeloads per million.
The invention of the /s tag is proof again that Yanks are hopeless at detecting irony. [sarcasm - the use of irony to mock or convey contempt]
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