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The pre-paid market is huge in India, China and developing economies. That's what Apple would be going after if it produced a new lower-cost model (not my taste but prob plastic for easier, cheaper production and multi colours). For legal reasons in Oz, the iPhone has been available here from Apple sans contract almost from the start. Indeed, my sister has a (no contract) pre-paid 4S and I have an on-contract 5. -- "Prepaid accounts for 95% of cellphone handsets in...
Such a shame that Kodak is no more. How quickly they fell! Used their photography products since the 1970s and even had a 2003 Kodak compact camera like the one pictured, which was excellent. At least Apple is another American brand to carry on if just a small part of their legacy.
Or you could look at failure rate: Apple has half the failures (to satisfy/fix/solve) as the next best company. They're more than twice as good with customers as the others. You pay more you expect more and you get more - simple!
The MB Air design is so perfect it's hard to see major changes. One thing, however, might be to move the Power key out of the keyboard grid or give it a flush button (like the MB Pro has); the number of times I accidentally hit the stop/restart key while typing is really annoying!
Hah! That's the exact model I suggested my sister buy to replace her creaking Asus piece of plastic 6 months ago. She doesn't run Windows on it though, just the latest MacOS. I've a 13" MB Air that runs Win7 faultlessly in VMWare (4 and now 5).
Hopelessly undercooked, indeed! In Oz, last time I looked, satellite views are still in B/W and dozens of town positions are incorrect. A disaster, by Apple's usual high standards. However, apart from a long list of readily avoidable errors (!) it's a very impressive app: fast, attractive, easy to use, etc.. Potentially, better than the Google Maps app it replaces. 
More than 3 or 4 MP on a phone camera is redundant. An SLR or good compact shooting at 3 MP produces a far better picture that a phone camera at 8 or 12 or whatever million pixels. They could reduce the count to 5 million bigger pixels to improve low light noise. Indoor phone shots under artificial lights are still quite horrible (digital noise being the butt ugliest artefact of the modern picture taking). 
I thought I was looking at an iPhone 5. Has HTC no shame? (That was a rhetorical q.)    The FB app for iPhone and iPad is quite good (fast, easy to use and fairly stable). A few tweeks (like enabling re-titling of photos on one's timeline) and new name would suffice. Can't see any point in allowing it to dominate the phone's functionality. 
Probably bogus but I'm liking the possibilities.
I've seen a few being operated in the wild now. IMO, they're a niche product requiring two-handed operation, but popular with 'older folks' (50 ) because of the extra visibility and thumb-space of a larger screen. If Apple wants to move into this niche they could do better than the current crop by optimizing for two handed (two-fingered) operation with large, clear buttons and fonts on a 15cm screen (current iPhone being 10cm and iPad Mini being 20cm).
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