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Bravo, Sir Jony! To maintain integrity in the face of resounding popular and financial success must be the hardest thing of all to achieve; especially in a public company! - iP5 and MB Air owner and Mac user since 1987
With that sort of money, Dong could/should just a hire a PR Manager to filter out the abuse. I would! Life too short to deal with other people's insecurities. 
Exactly right! It might feature a watch-face for time-tellling and it may act as a reminder/scheduler but it will be the connected collection of functions that people will wear it for. Health monitor, work-out kinetics monitor, credit card, TV remote, Mac remote, lighting/air-con remote, ...  
The Big Deal in China hasn't kicked in yet. Expect a 'beat' in the next quarter.
verb1 [ with obj. ] wear or display (a distinctive item)Rather than have a useful one. Perfect usage!
I can well imagine your frustration. Apple Stores are relatively new in Oz as well. Fortunately the universities I've worked at funded Macs for most non-admin staff (correctly recognising that Mac users are more productive and require little or no ITS support). So we had Mac sales support at the workplace.  Aukland is well overdue. Wonder what the problem is? 
Aussies are allegedly the wealthiest people in the world (Credit Suisse 2013) so a third store in the Big End of Brisbane should do well. >The building%u2019s original bronze doors will also be restored and a new feature staircase to the mezzanine level will replace the escalators. According to the council application, the design aims to %u201Ccreate a high quality retail outlet which showcases the architectural qualities of the original Assurance Chamber and adds...
 Wonder how much that is down to Touch ID? Seems to me it's a defining feature for a business-use phone. 
It's listed in the OED as a dialect variant of dragged. In American usage it's a redneck variant!
That's a good question. They are equally suited to the meaning and one is in ordinary use while the other is rare even outside the USA (I just spotlighted my (literature and technical) book collection and bespoke isn't used once in the sense of custom-made). 
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