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Aperture and iPhoto libraries were made share-able a couple of years ago; so I guess the writing was on the wall. If the new software is close to Aperture in capability, I'd probably be happy with that. But I pity the (real) pro-users who don't fancy LightRoom (which, from my brief acquaintance, is fast and quite OK, but out-of-step with the Apple way of doing stuff).
Indeed, just respect the man's privacy. He's publicly come out against government eavesdropping and these prattling clowns shove him before the court of public opinion for a private matter.
> help it stand apart from the crowd <   What crowd?
Fascinating. People have been trying very hard for a non-invasive glucose monitoring since the 1970s. Apple doing scientific research? This would be HUGE if it works. Check this out http://www.google.com/patents/US8606342 a California company patent purporting to have an answer combining multi-wavelength near infra-red spec readings and some serious matrix computations. A pulse and active pulse spectraphotometry system comprises a light source adapted to illuminate a...
FYI, the minimum wage in Oz ($18) is about twice what it is in the USA, so $22 isn't that much above the floor. As pointed out by others though, it's more interesting and less strenuous than the usual low wage job and they get a lot of retail- and technical training along the way. They look a fairly happy crew in the picture! 
Citing multiple anonymous sources. What a joke!   A hit piece and probably bogus. Moving right along...
The Mac Pro is a sublime piece of kit, showing Apple is miles ahead of the non-existent competitors in this space. 
Like I've been saying all along: I'm seeing lots of 5c's in the wild in the hands of young women and in particular young east asian women (I live in a touristy area in Oz). Which is most likely just the demographic Apple was going after. People who want a well-designed easy-to-use reliable device that takes good selfies and doesn't look intimidating or geeky-gizmo fugly.    Cheers for the analysis, Dan! Funny how hundreds of millions lost can look better than billions in...
I have also had a Gmail account for the last seven years and had a small fraction of the spam (and spastic spam-filter) problems as with Yahoo and have never needed tech support.  Not a popular observation on an Apple-booster site, I'm sure, but there it is. The only way to make Yahoo look good is to compare it with the steaming pile of rancid dingo chunder that was Hotmail (RIP). 
Yahoo7 gave it for free with your service. Don't know if was also served from Oz but I remember Geocities as very stable. 
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