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Yes indeed. It's all in the graphs for the reader to see. The whiners are neither specific nor compelling so I can't see where the bile is coming from. Possibly it's a couple of Roughly Drafted commenters who got themselves another arsehole cut by Dan in the RD blog. And does it really matter? Some people take themselves way too seriously. New Year's cheers
Did we really need the woodgrain ;-) Cheers
You dream about saving $25 !?
Yeah, NTSC is a bit of a joke too compared to PAL but that's the price for being first. It will all get sorted in the long run.
Sorry for you guys but he's no longer Australian (yeah for us!) he's American, carries a USA passport, no longer has an Aussie one. OK?
Not here but I posted quite early at MDN that 10.6.5 had measurably accelerated my MBP for application opening, start-up, iPhoto responsiveness, and now I've tested it, Aperture 3.1 now opens in just a couple of seconds! This is the biggest increase in snappiness I've had from a simple point update. Well done Apple!
Christopher, I like the cut of your jib! Cheers
That sounds nasty! Hope she gets better soon.
[QUOTE=nvidia2008;1742384]No doubt the entry-level MacBook Air 11" is the most desirable sub-notebook (I'll refrain from netbook for now) this holiday season. Across most parts of the world. Tough choice between it and the iPad! (Only this cross posting, I swear...) Thanks for posting those photos... I'm happy to have the MBP on the far right but can see ship-loads of MBAs flying (floating?) off the shelves at Apple stores. The Mac is back! Cheers
It was so easy in Word 95 (which also had double-click 'EGO for Word' embedded graphics editing, good EndNote integration &c.), so why have they gone so far backwards? I also used ClarisWorks for a few things involving graphics - though it was rather quirky and awkward it was still heaps slicker than Word 96, 98, X &c..
New Posts  All Forums: