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Not here but I posted quite early at MDN that 10.6.5 had measurably accelerated my MBP for application opening, start-up, iPhoto responsiveness, and now I've tested it, Aperture 3.1 now opens in just a couple of seconds! This is the biggest increase in snappiness I've had from a simple point update. Well done Apple!
Christopher, I like the cut of your jib! Cheers
That sounds nasty! Hope she gets better soon.
[QUOTE=nvidia2008;1742384]No doubt the entry-level MacBook Air 11" is the most desirable sub-notebook (I'll refrain from netbook for now) this holiday season. Across most parts of the world. Tough choice between it and the iPad! (Only this cross posting, I swear...) Thanks for posting those photos... I'm happy to have the MBP on the far right but can see ship-loads of MBAs flying (floating?) off the shelves at Apple stores. The Mac is back! Cheers
It was so easy in Word 95 (which also had double-click 'EGO for Word' embedded graphics editing, good EndNote integration &c.), so why have they gone so far backwards? I also used ClarisWorks for a few things involving graphics - though it was rather quirky and awkward it was still heaps slicker than Word 96, 98, X &c..
Exactly! We should petition MS to allow someone with a brain and good taste to simply bring Word 95 up to date, to pep it up with Cocoa goodness.
.. can I quote you on that ?;-)
Mine has the 2.66GHz and is already plenty fast (esp. when starting and running the Parallels-Windblows VM). But, yes, always nice to have more head-room for time consuming tasks.
Yes, but a high-quality Graham-Greene-ish sort of typo. And apt - crows being opportunists and scavengers.
I like that Apple is close to #1 in the US corporate world and their leader is only 42nd wealthiest. It says something about Mr Jobs and something else about Mr Gates, about their priorities.
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