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Thanks for the insights, Alex! (Though I hardly believe that many people on a site called AppleInsider would consider that Apple is in any way 'bad'.) Enz
> iPhone drops to 24% smartphone share, Android jumps to 17% < O my god, the sky is falling. Woe is me, Apple is doomed! Meanwhile the iP4 is sold out and selling faster than they can make them.
Yes, you do need a Windas installer disc. I recently installed Parallels 5 + XP Pro SP3 and it flies! Can't imagine how P6 could be '41%' faster when the Windas VM in P5 already starts-up in 40 seconds flat (MBPro,4GB). Thankfully, the suck-fulness of Windas is minimised in the Parallels coherence mode and it's a good way of running that odd, but necessary, program that isn't supported on the Mac. (Chembio-Office Ultra in my case.)
.. and a floppy disc. As to the camera: When was the last time you used the camera on your MacBook (whatever)? Apple knows what it's doing. A camera will only be a significant asset when it becomes compelling and common to use one. Otherwise it's just bloat, another tick on the salesman's feature list.
Just installed PD5 (+ XP Pro SP3) yesterday and it DID ask about using Time-machine (which I declined). Faultless install and everything works (so far, touch wood). This thing is FAST; it starts up the Windas VM in coherence mode in 40 seconds flat, which makes me wonder how PD6 could be 41% faster since 25 sec is faster than even SL loads at startup! (2010 MBpro 4GB). I needed it to run ChemBioOffice (Ultra) which has been unsupported for Mac by Cambridge Soft (boo,...
Hela fast now. Initial startup 4 seconds; subsequent about 1 second. (MBP, 4GB ram, 5200 songs [25 GB]).
My feelings exactly. Tempting but won't jump on board straight away and won't expect too much until the creases are ironed out and some non-juvenile acts are signed up.
The iPhone now has accelerometers and gyros. Think about it.
Thanks Scuba!
Kora is a word (it's an african lute) and wouldn't have been flagged as suspect.
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