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Kora is a word (it's an african lute) and wouldn't have been flagged as suspect.
Idiotgate ?
Most intelligent comment so far! Cheers
Oops, meant *Tonga* is at UTS+13 (must be the alcoholic dementia catching up Indeed, I was in Nuku'alofa on uni business in 2007 and didn't have to change dates mid-flight. Though mostly I remember having a good time with some English medical students at the fabulous Billfish Bar. I'll be back to brag big-time if the Aussies win... otherwise I'll just slope off, not look and say nothing. Cheers mate
Thought you might add that that is because Oz is full of Kiwis (bless their wee beaks and ugh boots). Really looking forward to the game: both teams having beaten the world champs by a similar margin by playing fast attacking rugby... should be a cracker! Kia ora
Umm.. no. Samoa is a country and is in its own UTS+13hrs time zone. The Line Islands is not a country (being part of Kirabati) but are at UTS +14hrs (!) (I live in Fiji, same time as NZ, UTS+12hrs) Cheers Cuz! PS: Apart from Rugby U, Oz does most things better (.. go the Wobballies anyway!) PPS: complementary coffee is sort of appropriate (Scottish humour?).
Pretty common in Oz as well. Though I think many tall-poppy Kiwis end up here because there's more opportunities and wages are over 30% higher in most fields. Steve J. really let rip on the dumb-arses in the media, eh? That's my kind of CEO!
Precisely: For everyday use I set my DSLR to 5MP (fine). Can't tell the diff from 11 MP on-screen so why slow things down with huge files? With point-and-shoots (like my Canon Powershot) you can't tell the difference above 3MP. Pros shoot at higher res (and raw) because they have 24+mm sensors and like to be able to crop down to a fraction of the frame. If you go the site and pull the images into iPhoto or Aperture you'll see from the extended info that the image is 2600...
Indeed. And three more words "Camera Connection Kit" Would anyone seriously consider taking photos and movies by waving something the size of an iPad about.. backwards? Think about it. Does anyone use a laptop to shoot photos or movies? iPad would make a great way to process movies on the go from proper cameras, videocameras, etc..
Simple: fly to Sydney Australia, catch a train to Town Hall, buy an unlocked iPhone at the Apple Store, return by train to Sydney international, fly back to where you started from. The cost and the 40+ hrs flying might be a problem, though ;~(. Cheers
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