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Just installed PD5 (+ XP Pro SP3) yesterday and it DID ask about using Time-machine (which I declined). Faultless install and everything works (so far, touch wood). This thing is FAST; it starts up the Windas VM in coherence mode in 40 seconds flat, which makes me wonder how PD6 could be 41% faster since 25 sec is faster than even SL loads at startup! (2010 MBpro 4GB). I needed it to run ChemBioOffice (Ultra) which has been unsupported for Mac by Cambridge Soft (boo,...
Hela fast now. Initial startup 4 seconds; subsequent about 1 second. (MBP, 4GB ram, 5200 songs [25 GB]).
My feelings exactly. Tempting but won't jump on board straight away and won't expect too much until the creases are ironed out and some non-juvenile acts are signed up.
The iPhone now has accelerometers and gyros. Think about it.
Thanks Scuba!
Kora is a word (it's an african lute) and wouldn't have been flagged as suspect.
Idiotgate ?
Most intelligent comment so far! Cheers
Oops, meant *Tonga* is at UTS+13 (must be the alcoholic dementia catching up Indeed, I was in Nuku'alofa on uni business in 2007 and didn't have to change dates mid-flight. Though mostly I remember having a good time with some English medical students at the fabulous Billfish Bar. I'll be back to brag big-time if the Aussies win... otherwise I'll just slope off, not look and say nothing. Cheers mate
Thought you might add that that is because Oz is full of Kiwis (bless their wee beaks and ugh boots). Really looking forward to the game: both teams having beaten the world champs by a similar margin by playing fast attacking rugby... should be a cracker! Kia ora
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