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.. can I quote you on that ?;-)
Mine has the 2.66GHz and is already plenty fast (esp. when starting and running the Parallels-Windblows VM). But, yes, always nice to have more head-room for time consuming tasks.
Yes, but a high-quality Graham-Greene-ish sort of typo. And apt - crows being opportunists and scavengers.
I like that Apple is close to #1 in the US corporate world and their leader is only 42nd wealthiest. It says something about Mr Jobs and something else about Mr Gates, about their priorities.
The current 10" iPad is textbook size (A4 inc the bezel/margin, A5 without). It is ideal for many things but larger than essential for a single-column page reader. The 7" format would be the size and take the place of the paperback novel (A6). Ideal for reading and playing games on the train or bus (compared to iPad and the iPod touch, A7) and it would fit in suit jacket pockets and larger trouser pockets. I could see Apple pushing one to market and it being a success.
Thanks for the insights, Alex! (Though I hardly believe that many people on a site called AppleInsider would consider that Apple is in any way 'bad'.) Enz
> iPhone drops to 24% smartphone share, Android jumps to 17% < O my god, the sky is falling. Woe is me, Apple is doomed! Meanwhile the iP4 is sold out and selling faster than they can make them.
Yes, you do need a Windas installer disc. I recently installed Parallels 5 + XP Pro SP3 and it flies! Can't imagine how P6 could be '41%' faster when the Windas VM in P5 already starts-up in 40 seconds flat (MBPro,4GB). Thankfully, the suck-fulness of Windas is minimised in the Parallels coherence mode and it's a good way of running that odd, but necessary, program that isn't supported on the Mac. (Chembio-Office Ultra in my case.)
.. and a floppy disc. As to the camera: When was the last time you used the camera on your MacBook (whatever)? Apple knows what it's doing. A camera will only be a significant asset when it becomes compelling and common to use one. Otherwise it's just bloat, another tick on the salesman's feature list.
Just installed PD5 (+ XP Pro SP3) yesterday and it DID ask about using Time-machine (which I declined). Faultless install and everything works (so far, touch wood). This thing is FAST; it starts up the Windas VM in coherence mode in 40 seconds flat, which makes me wonder how PD6 could be 41% faster since 25 sec is faster than even SL loads at startup! (2010 MBpro 4GB). I needed it to run ChemBioOffice (Ultra) which has been unsupported for Mac by Cambridge Soft (boo,...
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