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They did that with iMovie08 and you can still the howls of indignation echoing around to this day. Of course Apple was right in that case but just Imagine what is would be like for an everyday program like iTunes!
Like your suggestion, very clever! (Quibble: Newton was not a professor when he developed his theory of universal gravitation... that came a few years later.)As to suggestions: iPort.. as in a portal or gateway [for data and media] and also a portable computer. And it sounds like a logical progression from iPod.
The US-er pays, eh? Consumer rights groups, the ombudsman, etc. in Oz would have a field day with such diabolical nonsense. And no wonder SMS and MMS are so much less popular there than in most of the world. (The high sender and receiver-pay charges in the USA also explains [to non Americans] Mr Jobs' bemusement at why anyone would want to send pictures by MMS instead of free by email).
If the fabulous beast be real it would be about the same size, mass and geometry as a small textbook. I'm neither a great typist nor HI expert but I can see by picking the latter up and testing the possibilities that one could enter data with the right hand (and or draw with a stylus) while supporting the tablet across the palm and wrist of the left. For casual typing it could go onto a solid surface and I can see/imagine that one could then easily two-hand touch type in...
Wizards.. recycle bins.. guru fucking bars?! What's with these clowns? Can't they live in the real world and have tash, help and geniuses? We know they won't have the genius loci.
You really shouldn't have. It's leading off.
What a charming image. NOT! Cheers for the thoughts, though; spot on!
No use for an iPhone: the local (Fiji) network isn't up to it. I'm hanging for the next model iPt.. coz 2 x 32 = 64GB in the iPt and that's (finally) enough for my music (ca. 3,000 songs) and good sized selection of the 25,000+ photos (not really interested in videos). Also expecting the faster processor, more RAM, auto-focus touch-screen camera etc. to migrate from iPhone to the next model which may well also have more spectacular battery life (sans 3G and other radios)...
It's the TechStud.. epiphany |iˈpifənē| noun ( pl. -nies) the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi (Matthew 2:1–12). • the festival commemorating this on January 6. • a manifestation of a divine or supernatural being. • a moment of sudden revelation or insight. Enz
Come on Solips! even an atheist can count his/her blessings... in the sense "a beneficial thing for which one is grateful; something that brings well-being : great intelligence can be a curse as well as a blessing | it's a blessing we're alive." (Oxf. D.) Actually, this is a bit of a girly-girl forum. A "slap" indeed. I used to get death threats from a particular lunatic kebab seller on a political forum I once frequented. Fortunately, he was in London and I was in Sydney...
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