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Watched the video... was there something small she was selling? If so, I'll buy it! What a honey!
Umm... how exactly does pull one's hair out *by the roots*? Surely one pulls the other end.
Amen, Brother Virgil! You're singing to the choir. However, I teach chemistry in a university that is almost exclusively Wintel; and it is, in fact, a matter of small but 'mission-critical' differences in document layout, styling etc. that have me locked in to using the patched up, cobbled together, feature bloated, illogical mess that is the MS Office suite. If your job involves swapping and editing heavily styled documents with Windows users, it's just too much fuss...
What a marvelous idea! Think of it as a stereo radio-play with pictures. Could sell by the millions.
SafariBlock... works fine for me. I'm not going to dis FF, it's a good modern browser (one that I need to use for Typo3-editing of our website), but Safari gets the job done without all the brass knobs and gewgaws and (strange to say) never crashes. -Enz
While normally averse to smilies and emoticons, I was thinking an icon for an apple and one for a lemon would be helpful for responding to this story. Maybe games on iPhone OS will get a worthy competitor when (or if) Android gets its act together -Enz
Jumping the gun there! It's resveratrol (3,5,4'-trihydroxystilbene) and it has had inhibiting effects on common aging diseases in animal and cell-line models. Nothing is proven yet for humans. In any case, you are much better off just eating the grapes since over 90% of the resveratol is in the skin.
In Fiji (and prob. many other countries) iPods are taxed as 'luxury items' so they're v. expensive (I'm talking F$500+ for a 8 GB Nano, whereas I got mine back in Oz for A$240). You a number of the older Shuffles and more of the el cheapo knock-offs... but not many more, I think people would prefer to own a real iPod if they could afford one.
Umm.. thanks, that's the one; and, since you clearly cannot read your own post, you make my point! Enz
That's what you call an illiteracy. 'on the way' is what is meant. Geeks should stick to little words... like 0 and 1.
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