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The 3:2 ratio is that of the (D)SLR camera. Movies are different to pictures: you don't shoot movies in vertical orientation. And a 1.8:1 or 2.4:1 ration would look silly for portrait photos.
zo ɟo zuǝ (¡ʇıɯɯɐp) uʍop ǝpısdn ǝɹ,noʎ 'ou
When I was working as a research scientist I would loved a multi-touch tablet computer to take the place of the lab notepad, &c. Presumably, it would dock onto a proper keypad for serious data and text entry but otherwise - with full Unix underneath - it would be all the computer you need. And if the price were right, it would quickly find its way into millions of back-packs/handbags/satchels on school and uni campuses everywhere. Indeed, I find it a more compelling...
@Rok.. Not easy to find the ignore option the first time.. Cheers! That's two juvenile knobs added to the Ignore Heap (Techdud and Italianbaby). Might I suggest other posters only do a 'quick reply' (if they really must respond) to the trolls on these boards so that they can be totally ignored.
Imagine several people pointing their iPhones and snapping in various directions and elevations and the results being combined near instantaneously into a full topological and built-object digital photographic map. And reproducing it in the Holodeck when back on board the Enterprise. Check out.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodeck The possibilities are astonishing to think about and only bounded by one's imagination (and programming skills). Enz
Didn't see that one coming.. Cheers The possibilities of photo-mapping buildings are actually a bit sinister.. a bit of a security nightmare. The iPhone with camera, GPS, direction detection and triangulation software becomes a theodolite and a complete mapping tool.
that'd be roger Wilco, over and out.
Great answer, Solip! Getting back to the magnetometer thing. Can anyone else see the prospect (a la Dark Knight or Matrix) of now being able to photo-map (and holographically reconstitute) interiors and exteriors of buildings, cities, countries, planets...? (OK that's enough overactive SF imagination) We live in exciting times. Enz
Thanks for the info, Mel, but now you've made me go and look it up (admired their design but never owned a Leica, more's the shame). ... In fact, Leitz is no more, it is now Leica (not that I knew this before posting); but with the naming of lenses it's more complicated than that: > The Leica went through several iterations, and in 1923 Barnack convinced his boss, Ernst Leitz II, to make a prototype series of 31. The camera was an immediate success when introduced at the...
Hi Mel,Either you or I am having a blonde moment here... as a I believe that should be Leica, not Leitz. CheersPS the best lens I've used is the Minolta on my Sony DSLR. Razors ain't in it!PPS mystery solved: Leitz is the name of the enlarger and projector lenses that Leica makes (see WikiP).
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