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This is a fan-zine. It's called "AppleInsider" [the hint's in the first word]. People here are Apple fans: a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular etc. If you're not a fan, what's the point of reading articles such as this? Get over yourself! -Enz
Indeed, why say Far East when all you mean is China? Is it elegant variation? Antique humor? Far East includes Japan and Korea, which weren't involved in this story.
But what about the reverse progress? And what sort mishigas is " in light of upcoming product catalyst"? Me thinks Kasper needs a better ghost writer.
asleep? Hey, even if you did find out, it would only spoil the fun and the surprise. I can wait...
OK that explains why we're on the same wavelength. In the 80s I was an industrial chemist who moonlighted as a pro nature photographer (made a lot of pocket-money selling framed Cibachrome prints to companies in the Sydney CBD, to put in their foyers.). I gave up photography when I realized I had to do weddings to make my fortune from it (my workmate and partner in photo-crime did just that and is now much richer than me :-( . Can't complain: had a great time later doing a...
Pointed this out elsewhere but there could trouble brewing over the use of WiFi -- it was invented by CSIRO in Oz and they want their money http://www.itwire.com/content/view/24224/1023/ >>CSIRO Takes HP to Cleaners Over Wi-Fi Patent - Next! by Stan Beer Friday, 03 April 2009 The largest IT company in the world, Hewlett-Packard, has been humbled by Australia’s national science agency CSIRO and agreed to settle for an undisclosed sum over a long running Wi-Fi patent...
All good points. Coming from slide-film SLR photography, I got tired of the technical limitations, the butt-ugly digital grain, the lens flare, the narrow exposure range, and the lack of detailed control on compacts. Finally splurged out on a DSLR several weeks ago and am loving photography again. New camera will do 3200 ASA and at 800 ASA, or even 1600 ASA, it gives quite decent smooth-grained shots indoors sans flash. The Canon Sureshot has been relegated for places I...
On the other hand, Canadan, I'm finding the new iTunes both crashless and snappier than the earlier iteration... and my iPod nano phatty, which was fritzed by 8.1, has been resurrected by restoring and syncing with 8.1.1 (oh what joy!... listening to the Triffids "The best part of breakin' up is when you're makin' up" etc. at this very moment ;o). Cheers
Don't have an answer to that but I might add here that the twin-lens Kodak I bought for my daughter a few years back could send and receive photos to and from my other daughter's high-end (for 2006) phone... over Bluetooth. I think the possibilities of Bluetooth / WiFi on the iPhone (with the full power of OSX) for controlling and communicating with other devices (like *real* cameras, cars, toasters, fridges, scientific/medical equipment &c.) cannot be overstated. -Enz
Ouch! That's one in the eye for the Feature Creatures! I'm so disappointed, though, to learn that Apple isn't reading this prestigious journal to guide their product designs. I mean we could have something the size of a high-resolution-screen flip-open house brick with a 10MP concertina zooming camera, chock-a-block covered in buttons and blinking lights. (With apologies to Heath Robinson)-Enzed on, that in case you find Heath to a bit of a stretch
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