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 Wonder how much that is down to Touch ID? Seems to me it's a defining feature for a business-use phone. 
It's listed in the OED as a dialect variant of dragged. In American usage it's a redneck variant!
That's a good question. They are equally suited to the meaning and one is in ordinary use while the other is rare even outside the USA (I just spotlighted my (literature and technical) book collection and bespoke isn't used once in the sense of custom-made). 
An 8" iPad Mini is 30% larger your el cheapo comparisons. And it is over twice and fast and infinitely better looking. Why make such pointless comparisons?
Wait 'til next quarter. It'll probably be a blow-out and this pause will be seen for what it is.
> Don't know why Slupy's books are still in the same place <   Because, presumably, they're not in the iTunes books folder. If you dump a folder-full of ebooks onto the iBooks alias it COPIES the books into the Library folder whereas it MOVES books from iTunes into iBooks. I can still use Calibre or whatever to change the metadata, etc. then reload into iBooks.    Mostly I read on an iPad mini or iPod touch so I'm very happy to have even a...
It moves (in my case, having requested permission) books out of the old iTunes books file folder location. If you have them elsewhere it copies them to a folder in the ~/Library/etc. and assigns code names in the finder instead of book titles.   At present it is a reader only; you can't even change metadata (as you could within iTunes), presumably, to avoid 'version clashes' across devices and iBook Store.    I've found it an excellent reader so far (having reached 450...
Interesting! The number that stands out to me is that Android's lead over Apple in Australia fell from 40% to 21% in a year, for the quarter before iP5S/C launch.    That's a massive defection rate in a mature market, suggesting that, for whatever reasons, Android has gone stale (is 'on the nose') with consumers rich enough to afford better. Apple might well take the overall phone market share lead here by next quarter. 
> In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece
Why bring iOS7 into it like it's a negative? Most reviewers (certainly all the big names) have rated it a triumph and a much needed freshening up of the iOS (.. typography nuts rave about it!) I use it and find it easier and flatter (in the sense of less operations and less menu-option layers) to learn and use than iOS6. With a couple of quirks, Camera, e.g., is a vast HI improvement over iOS6 Camera.    Congratulations on a job well done, Henri!    Enz
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