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Yahoo mail is, basically, buggered!   Had an email address with them since 1994 but I can't even use it now to send mail since the last "security overhaul". My address book has been hacked many times but that had nothing to do with passwords (it was a general breach) and that's better than the bloody thing being unusable.    -- Tech Support: Sorry that password has expired- you must register a new one. Me: Did someone discover that password and hack my...
On the contrary, what I said was all true. There's even a picture of Marissa up there ∆ riding one of the leftover giant donkey balls!
You people can't remember how god-awful Search was before Google came along: genius!  Yahoo sucked giant donkey balls then and still does but now in Google-copy sort of way. (The shame is Google couldn't stick to their strengths... )   The best thing Yahoo ever did was Geocities; everyone at Chez Enz (age 7 to me) had their own FREE! custom site updated with consumate ease (even by the 7 yr old) with the bloody amazing Claris Home Page 3. (Who said tech and software only...
The lens surface of the iP 5 is hard to smudge. It already has a coating.
Agreed! And how many people actually (ever!) print their phone photos?    No, it's the quality of the pixels that counts. A consumer-level half-frame SLR will take a beautifully detailed photo even at a 3 MP setting that will beat the socks off any phone photo taken at 48 MP (or whatever pointless and mythical number the sales-geeks come up with).   BTW: the point of having > 10 MP on an SLR is so the photo can be cropped by a factor of 4 or more (i.e. to a 3 MP frame)...
Not only am I seeing the 5c all over the place in malls and on the street in Oz, they seem to have become the default standard for professional women to use on new TV shows (like Rake and Janet King). Apple: masters of free advertising. 
Indeed! In other breaking news "Tech Press talk a load of crap about Apple!"   And as if they're going to worry about the Flagship outselling the support fleet. Too funny!   In my observation, though, the 5c is selling well to a certain non-geek market of ordinary folks who like the look, the colors, the design, reliability and Apple quality. Adding and promoting an 8 GB model for Asia (especially) makes perfect sense.  
Better 8MP of goodness than 30MP of crap. Indeed if it improved low light perf and S/N I'd be happy if there were a 5MP setting, which is more than enough for on-screen viewing.
Bravo, Sir Jony! To maintain integrity in the face of resounding popular and financial success must be the hardest thing of all to achieve; especially in a public company! - iP5 and MB Air owner and Mac user since 1987
With that sort of money, Dong could/should just a hire a PR Manager to filter out the abuse. I would! Life too short to deal with other people's insecurities. 
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