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> In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece
Why bring iOS7 into it like it's a negative? Most reviewers (certainly all the big names) have rated it a triumph and a much needed freshening up of the iOS (.. typography nuts rave about it!) I use it and find it easier and flatter (in the sense of less operations and less menu-option layers) to learn and use than iOS6. With a couple of quirks, Camera, e.g., is a vast HI improvement over iOS6 Camera.    Congratulations on a job well done, Henri!    Enz
Browsing History is indeed a step up in 'risk' from Tabs and I think Apple is conservative when it comes to potential privacy issues with a default-install application.   Google is far less cautious when it comes to "sharing" their users' private details! I certainly wouldn't, but no doubt you could share your Browsing History by using Chrome or Firefox (?) 
Maybe not be such a great idea if you're sharing a device, e.g., considering what may, or may not, be on one's History! How hard?Regardless of the caveat above, you actually CAN synchronise Safari Tabs by turning on iCloud Safari sharing, then you can access the (cumulative) Tabs by hitting the bookmarks symbol and looking in a folder on the list called iCloud Tabs. 
I've had Safari stalls on both Mac and iOS (iPad mini) and cured them by opening Settings/Prefs and clearing the history and cookies (noting that, possibly, iCloud may restore/transfer those things even if you don't know it!) 
>The next step of course would be user profiles so when my son used his finger, it would limit the apps that could be used, etc.<   Now you're talking! And when/if user accounts (ever) come to iPad, that'd be an excellent feature. The person who picks it up can only use his/her own account ('side') of the device. Let's see what the mythical iPad pro brings next year. 
> battle to relinquish ARM's stranglehold <   Never use a big word unless it a) is more apt than a small one, and b) has the intended meaning.    You're welcome!
(This might appear twice!)   While 3 stars seems niggardly for a fine product, if 5S is 5 stars, and we use a subtractive rubric:  • no A7 (meaning less future proof), 5 - 1 = 4 stars;  • no dual-flash, dynamic panorama, f-2.2, etc., 4 - ½ star = 3 ½ stars;  • no fingerprint scanner, 3 ½ - ½ star = 3 stars.     However, that would be comparing them at the same price, so Dan hasn't but might then say $100 cheaper adds ½ star, making it 3 ½ stars, which would prob. be...
I'll give it a couple of days before DLing but wrt to navigating in the Finder sure looks good (for free!)
We'll know in a few hours…. But they spoke emphatically about their *desktop class* ARM chip last time. So I'm thinking we may see a compelling implementation of a type-pad / cover-stand, maybe on an 11.8" tablet running a new beefed up version of iWork for iOS. A new iLife suite for Mac and iOS might be previewed as well. The timing seems right.  And a new FCP to show off the power of the new Mac Pro. 
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