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iOS? err. the picture is of a Mac. If they have a tabbed finder in Mavericks why not cover low the tabs? Sound like a great idea!
So that's 2.8 million 5Cs and 6.2 million 5Ss (assuming 9 mil 5C 5S). Versus 4 million Galaxy 4Ss in it's first weekend. Sounds like a bit of trouncing to me, esp since the Galaxy data look cooked when the total first month shipment was 10 million (dishonesty, who'd have think it!?). The 5C is doing its job = the iP 5 refreshed.
Only used the 5S camera for a couple of hours on the day of release. Loved iOS7 Camera app: super easy to learn and use with a superb panorama function! However, having had the burst mode go off a couple of times unintended, I started using the volume button to shoot. Simples!
In my field (university), the 11" MBA is popular with people who won't or can't give up Windows (though that's at only for a minority of universities in Australia now, the rest gone back to the Mac). They hardly ever use the Mac side and use their MBA as a superior super-lightweight PC. (Sad but true!). The new 12", if true, may replace what I'm typing on (much loved 13" MBAir) for a choice of the 12" whatever-it's-called or the 13" MBPro. Seems reasonable. Regardless,...
Looking forward to giving it a burl!
While I sympathise with the activists' point of view, it's not wise for a guest to take sides in a domestic dispute.    Mention of Samsung makes me shudder. Brings back an old Aussie commination:   'May your chooks turn into emus, And peck your dunny down. Peck your dunny down. Really go to town. I hope your chooks turn into emus. Yes, I do, I really do. And when they've pecked your dunny down, I hope they peck on you.'
Reading and learning from some surprisingly informed and non-stupid disputes here about the merits of 64-bit, etc. That said, I'll stick with my earlier assessment that the A7 renders all other mobile chips obsolete (which is why there's so much smirking and gurning coming from non-Apple side; it's all they have!). As quoted by Gruber from a long technical article by Mike Ash ( http://www.mikeash.com/pyblog/friday-qa-2013-09-27-arm64-and-you.html ): >Adding it all...
Ballmer's bonus is just a 'rounding error'; he's worth over $18 billion! It's his pride that will be hurt.    He and Gates between them could probably buy a controlling interest back in MS … and fire the Board.   They all deserve each other and oblivion for foisting garbage Windows and garbage Office and over 1 MILLION viruses (Symantec) on an innocent public.
 Bollocks to that! it's not strange at all. The limiting parameter in phone cameras picture quality is sensor noise, and increasing the pixel density can make that worse. Simple experiment: take an indoor picture of a dark-coloured object with daytime ambient lighting on an SLR set to 3 MP; take the same picture with a phone (yes, even an iP 5S) set to 8 MP. The phone picture will look like brown muddy shit compared to the "low resolution" SLR pic. Apple is doing exactly...
Gimmick schmimmick, Apple has just rendered all other mobile chips obsolete.   That's why the non-Apple mob are so keen to poo poo the 64-bit break-through: their product is now a dead-end and they'll have to play copy copy catch up all over again. Only they'll be year or more behind (again).    BTW: are those Samedung chip data with or without the 20% fake speed boost?   ed. OK, the Figure caption says "Disabled by AnandTech etc." 
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