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(This might appear twice!)   While 3 stars seems niggardly for a fine product, if 5S is 5 stars, and we use a subtractive rubric:  • no A7 (meaning less future proof), 5 - 1 = 4 stars;  • no dual-flash, dynamic panorama, f-2.2, etc., 4 - ½ star = 3 ½ stars;  • no fingerprint scanner, 3 ½ - ½ star = 3 stars.     However, that would be comparing them at the same price, so Dan hasn't but might then say $100 cheaper adds ½ star, making it 3 ½ stars, which would prob. be...
I'll give it a couple of days before DLing but wrt to navigating in the Finder sure looks good (for free!)
We'll know in a few hours…. But they spoke emphatically about their *desktop class* ARM chip last time. So I'm thinking we may see a compelling implementation of a type-pad / cover-stand, maybe on an 11.8" tablet running a new beefed up version of iWork for iOS. A new iLife suite for Mac and iOS might be previewed as well. The timing seems right.  And a new FCP to show off the power of the new Mac Pro. 
People can snidely suggest what they like but the evidence that iMessage and Facetime are encrypted and sealed off from the NSA is that they have been complaining in Memos about message trails going dark at Apple. From April 2013: "A recent Justice Department memo revealed by CNET shows law enforcement’s frustration with Apple’s encrypted iMessage software. The internal memo, sent by the Drug Enforcement Administration, calls iMessages “a challenge to DEA intercept” and...
Android: hmm… I've heard people (smart people, uni students even) saying how much better it is than iOS but can't seem to use the maps, or find the calculator, or the camera, (oops!) … And how much better it is to have replaceable batteries (that not one of them has actually changed), SD card expansion (that not one of them had used), a stronger flash (that gives shittier pictures), a bigger screen (that requires two hands to use).   Why Apple fans worry about the little...
iOS? err. the picture is of a Mac. If they have a tabbed finder in Mavericks why not cover low the tabs? Sound like a great idea!
So that's 2.8 million 5Cs and 6.2 million 5Ss (assuming 9 mil 5C 5S). Versus 4 million Galaxy 4Ss in it's first weekend. Sounds like a bit of trouncing to me, esp since the Galaxy data look cooked when the total first month shipment was 10 million (dishonesty, who'd have think it!?). The 5C is doing its job = the iP 5 refreshed.
Only used the 5S camera for a couple of hours on the day of release. Loved iOS7 Camera app: super easy to learn and use with a superb panorama function! However, having had the burst mode go off a couple of times unintended, I started using the volume button to shoot. Simples!
In my field (university), the 11" MBA is popular with people who won't or can't give up Windows (though that's at only for a minority of universities in Australia now, the rest gone back to the Mac). They hardly ever use the Mac side and use their MBA as a superior super-lightweight PC. (Sad but true!). The new 12", if true, may replace what I'm typing on (much loved 13" MBAir) for a choice of the 12" whatever-it's-called or the 13" MBPro. Seems reasonable. Regardless,...
Looking forward to giving it a burl!
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