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 Bollocks to that! it's not strange at all. The limiting parameter in phone cameras picture quality is sensor noise, and increasing the pixel density can make that worse. Simple experiment: take an indoor picture of a dark-coloured object with daytime ambient lighting on an SLR set to 3 MP; take the same picture with a phone (yes, even an iP 5S) set to 8 MP. The phone picture will look like brown muddy shit compared to the "low resolution" SLR pic. Apple is doing exactly...
Gimmick schmimmick, Apple has just rendered all other mobile chips obsolete.   That's why the non-Apple mob are so keen to poo poo the 64-bit break-through: their product is now a dead-end and they'll have to play copy copy catch up all over again. Only they'll be year or more behind (again).    BTW: are those Samedung chip data with or without the 20% fake speed boost?   ed. OK, the Figure caption says "Disabled by AnandTech etc." 
So if their cheating is confirmed by, say, consumer watch-dogs then the makers should fined for false advertising, no? These are very sad and desperate bastards indeed!
Having taken many thousands of photos on a Sony (/Minolta) alpha camera , I'm glad to hear that Sony is doing the sensors. They're still make quality stuff (compared to their Korean counterparts) and they need all the money they can get (after last year's $ 6B loss!)
> we would leverage it for iTunes Radio but the primary key to iTunes Radio was to create it custom for you. When you%u2019re talking premiering song, what we%u2019re doing iTunes Festival-wise, we knew iTunes Radio was a perfect place for that so it%u2019s perfect alignment
Only paid for Mobile Me once in 2008 (or was it 2009) and now it's finally expired: That's value for money!
The iPad mini weighs 310 g. So scaled up 25% linear (diagonal) that should come to between 480 g (mass α d^2) and 600 g (mass α d^3). Probably closer to the former (under 1 'pound' [aka ye ancient american unit]) since the mass is mainly determined by area: a sensor pane at the front and an Al-sheet the at back (assuming same thickness as the iPad mini for each). 
A bit gushing to my tastes, Dan, but well put together.   The 5S is worth the extra if just for the camera function. While used to the iP 5, I tried std shots, filtered shots, zoom (less terrible than previously), burst and a couple of panoramas on a borrowed iP 5S on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to adapt to the iOS7 Camera software and at how fluid, fast and smooth the whole picture taking process now works. A panorama I took at a local...
They don't have any 5Ss to sell! Which I guess in one point in having the more mass-producible 5C - to take up the slack. I think eventually they will be bought as smart phones for the 'other family members'. 
My (wife's) nephew got the 5C in blue, the same blue as in the Fiji flag. Bula!
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