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My (wife's) nephew got the 5C in blue, the same blue as in the Fiji flag. Bula!
I'm with the skeptics. The putative method is clever, like a magic trick %u2013 bravo! %u2013 but I'd like to see it independently verified before believing it . The sensor is capacitative, not optical, so it seems unlikely that it works except with a perfect print, physical transfer, and thickness of PVA. The hackers aren't impartial: they are opposed to biometrics and (wrong-headedly) think that showing that it can be spoofed makes a case against it. (They should stick...
From tropical Cairns, Australia: niece got an iP5S her brother got an iP5c this morning from Vodafone. No worries!   These things are going to sell like hotcakes. 
I could live with the blue if it has good hand-feel and durability. They may appeal more to the teen market (where fingerprint and motion sensors, etc. are less of a draw) than the full metal deluxe units. I'd go the 5S for the higher-spec'ed camera.
Nice analysis, Dan! The Apple guys certainly looked both happy and excited at making the announcement and expounding the benefits. Makes Android look like a tech dead-end. The Flash of twenty-teens mobile.
Indeed! And they've just released the perfect (i.e. easily up-scaled mass production) iPhone for the China and Japan markets. Expect stock prices to soar.
"6 inch" tablet-phone seems more likely than a betwixt-and-betweener: As I've noted on this forum before, Apple is a metric company: a 10cm iPhone (one-hander phone), a 20cm iPad mini, a 25cm iPad, and now (it seems) a 15cm iPhone (a proper two-hander). And if there's another iPad, it'll be a 30cm model. 15cm would have enough real estate to do stuff (two-handed) that fiddly on a normal 10cm iPhone. And it would be a terrific size for games.
Had a Sony (Minolta lens) alpha DSLR a few years back and I liked it a lot (lighter and easier to use than my current Nikon D5000 while similar in picture quality). It's a lot of money for essentially a compact camera replacement, but Exmor-R and the Zeiss f-1.8 sounds like a killer combo. Nearly 3 stops better than usual compact light gathering. Let's hope it runs on iOS-'simplicity quality' software.
An f-2.0 lens would be a significant improvement. Tiny cameras suffer not from a lack of megapixels but from low signal/noise, and f-2.0 would shine twice the light on the sensor as f-2.8 (though the current one is f-2.4, I believe). 
Megapixels above about 3 MP are pretty much irrelevant in a phone camera format. The crop factor of this unit's camera (4) is half that of the iP5 (8) which should lead to a 2-fold better signal to noise ratio. The drawback is shallower depth of field. Hardly likely to attract buyers in droves from the iPhone (a iP5 and DSLR combo is what I use if the trusty Nikon happens to be with me).
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