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A bit gushing to my tastes, Dan, but well put together.   The 5S is worth the extra if just for the camera function. While used to the iP 5, I tried std shots, filtered shots, zoom (less terrible than previously), burst and a couple of panoramas on a borrowed iP 5S on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to adapt to the iOS7 Camera software and at how fluid, fast and smooth the whole picture taking process now works. A panorama I took at a local...
They don't have any 5Ss to sell! Which I guess in one point in having the more mass-producible 5C - to take up the slack. I think eventually they will be bought as smart phones for the 'other family members'. 
My (wife's) nephew got the 5C in blue, the same blue as in the Fiji flag. Bula!
I'm with the skeptics. The putative method is clever, like a magic trick %u2013 bravo! %u2013 but I'd like to see it independently verified before believing it . The sensor is capacitative, not optical, so it seems unlikely that it works except with a perfect print, physical transfer, and thickness of PVA. The hackers aren't impartial: they are opposed to biometrics and (wrong-headedly) think that showing that it can be spoofed makes a case against it. (They should stick...
From tropical Cairns, Australia: niece got an iP5S her brother got an iP5c this morning from Vodafone. No worries!   These things are going to sell like hotcakes. 
I could live with the blue if it has good hand-feel and durability. They may appeal more to the teen market (where fingerprint and motion sensors, etc. are less of a draw) than the full metal deluxe units. I'd go the 5S for the higher-spec'ed camera.
Nice analysis, Dan! The Apple guys certainly looked both happy and excited at making the announcement and expounding the benefits. Makes Android look like a tech dead-end. The Flash of twenty-teens mobile.
Indeed! And they've just released the perfect (i.e. easily up-scaled mass production) iPhone for the China and Japan markets. Expect stock prices to soar.
"6 inch" tablet-phone seems more likely than a betwixt-and-betweener: As I've noted on this forum before, Apple is a metric company: a 10cm iPhone (one-hander phone), a 20cm iPad mini, a 25cm iPad, and now (it seems) a 15cm iPhone (a proper two-hander). And if there's another iPad, it'll be a 30cm model. 15cm would have enough real estate to do stuff (two-handed) that fiddly on a normal 10cm iPhone. And it would be a terrific size for games.
Had a Sony (Minolta lens) alpha DSLR a few years back and I liked it a lot (lighter and easier to use than my current Nikon D5000 while similar in picture quality). It's a lot of money for essentially a compact camera replacement, but Exmor-R and the Zeiss f-1.8 sounds like a killer combo. Nearly 3 stops better than usual compact light gathering. Let's hope it runs on iOS-'simplicity quality' software.
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