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Like the smart Apple engineers that designed the recessed headphone jack on the original iPhone?
"Watch out! Vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead!"
 I tend to agree. The only app I would ever want with CarPlay would be to have Waze (my navigation app of choice), and there's no chance in hell of that happening.
EVERYONE thought it was a real notebook until Panos Panay effectively "dropped the mic" and revealed that it was also a tablet. Now you're trying to say that it's just a tablet? Funny how that works
Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get the News Feed to sort stories using "Most Recent" instead of "Top Stories" by default? Right now, you have to go go More --> See More -- > Feeds --> Most Recent every damn time you open the blasted app. It's the main reason why I still use Facebook Paper (which hasn't been updated in months) instead of the main Facebook app.
 And see, that's that type of opinion and response that I really value! We can all have differing viewpoints without resorting to taking a hardline stance on what basically comes down to a personal design preference. I just think that sometimes we folks around here devolve into a negative, mud-slinging back and forth trying to beat each other over the head with our opinions. So it's nice to be able to have a civicl discussion once in a while 
 See, that's the thing. I'm not trying to force my opinion on someone else, just explaining my reasoning. I even went so far as to say that I value all of your opinions with regards to design. Nor did I say that round is superior (don't know if you're directing that at me or not), just that if we're talking about taking a quick glance at an email subject line or the weather or the time, or a iMessage, that a round shape works just fine.It's not matter of one being better...
 As I've said before on here, the Apple Watch (to me) is more of a notification tool than an actual fully-functional two-way communication device like my iPhone 6. To put it more bluntly, I can use my iPhone 6 as stand-in for my MacBook Pro when I'm out and about. I can type out emails very quickly, I can surf the web, I can make calls, FaceTime with my wife, take pictures, watch videos, etc. All from the relative comfort of my 4.7-inch screen. My 38mm Apple Watch Sport,...
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As a gadget, it's handsome enough, but as an actual timepiece and watch replacement it leaves much to be desired IMHO. That's probably because to my eye I find a round design to be more beautiful. And that's also why I prefer the Gear S2 Classic. But that's just my personal opinion. With that being said, I also acknowledge that each of you have your own valid design preferences.
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