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 I don't agree there (I think that the Samsung Gear S2 Classic is the best looking smartwatch out there), but this Pebble Time Round is comically bad. That bezel... I can't stop laughing. 
Is activation lock enabled by default or is there a setting for it?
 I swear, you're the online equivalent of Donald Trump 
 You know what's really crap? Dissing every product that doesn't have an Apple logo or telling someone that they have bought their child a "POS" tablet when it works perfectly fine in the capacity it was bought for. My son's Kindle Fire HDX is in a protective case, he likes it, I like it, and it was reasonably priced. It doesn't crash on him, it works every time he turns it on and he's happy to use it.That's all that matters to me (and to him). What's really appalling is...
 Where do I subscribe to your newsletter...
 Uh, no. I got my 3 year old a Kindle Fire HDX and he absolutely loves it. I got it brand new for $150. He has quite a few educational games on it that he plays, but by far his favorite feature is watching episodes of Curious George which are free with my Amazon Prime account. I wasn't about to spend $300 or more on a tablet for my son -- that's just ridiculous IMHO.
Don't give a hoot about the tablets, but I'll pickup a Fire TV to hook up to my 4K TV, replacing my Roku 3.
Yup, this is the problem I often encounter, and I don't think that it is an "out of line" complaint. But you will always have those that will push back against your comments and say "I don't have the problem so it must not be an issue" or "I know 6 dozen people with iPhone and none of them have problems."
So much this!! It isn't a matter of speed, it's having to refresh apps when multitasking. It's a damn annoyance especially when copying and pasting between apps.
Colbert's interview with Joe Biden last night was one of the absolute best interviews I've seen in late night ever. Powerful stuff.
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