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 Same here. I was dead set on getting the 4.7" model, but I'm drawn to the better battery life and OIS. Guess I'll be going with the Plus. I may end up selling my iPad mini Retina as well, as that will become somewhat redundant.
This is my main complaint with AI. They post all these rumor articles, then lace it with "allegedly", "reportedly", "purportedly" or "shaky report" or "suspicious sources."If you're questioning the report and damning it in your own text, why waste the time in reporting on it?
Everybody has breasts, but they sensor those on chicks
Check your PM
The Jennifer Lawrence pics are definitely real (and glorious), and she's the highest profile star on the list so far. Her reps have confirmed:http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2014/08/31/nude-photo-leak-jennifer-lawrence-ariana-grande-kate-upton/14915163/
Surprised you didn't implicate Samsung
I just wonder, if you get this offended and pissed off about what people choose for their smartphones (actually telling people you don't like the buy Android phones?), how must you feel about other things that people purchase? Their cars, their clothes, their house, their choice of where to live, if a family's children go to private or public school, if they eat foods with HFCS or hydrogenated oils...???  I get that you hate Android... I completely get it. But you just...
I honestly don't understand why you always stoop this low with comments like this. Do you always denigrate people who don't make the same choices in life or buy the same types of products as you?I honestly don't give a flying **** what the person next to me or down the street uses when it comes to their smartphones. That's their choice and I'm glad that there is choice in the marketplace. I don't want to live in a world where we all are slaves to the same exact products.
What vaporware has Motorola or LG recently shown?
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