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This is an interesting point from David Pogue's review:
The Guided Video on phone calls says "coming soon"
I keep hearing that the Apple Watch can receive calls, but can it place calls as well? Could I say "Call John Smith", initiating the call from the Apple Watch and talking through the watch without touching my iPhone?
 I tried once to use it at the McDs drive-thru... NEVER AGAIN. They had to swing the whole CC-reader terminal and hang it out the window for me to reach my phone out to complete the transaction. Then it took three tries for it to work. It's so much faster to give them my card, have them swipe, and be on my way. I've had no issues, however, using it places like Walgreens, Staples, and Home Depot.
Who are you to say when and to whom Cook should give his money away?
 Office 365 sounds like a better deal to me. You pay $6.99 per month, or $70 a year for unlimited OneDrive storage and you get Office 365 access on one PC/Mac + one tablet. Well worth the extra $10 IMHO. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/microsoft-office-365-personal-1-mac-or-pc-1-ipad-or-select-windows-tablet-1-year-subscription-macwindows/5058004.p?id=1219110267684&skuId=5058004
 You'll just have to take my word for it -- I have no reason to lie about something like this; I have better things to do with my time. There's is no way to go back and show exactly what was posted on Google News at a specific date and time (that I know of). I tried to go use the Wayback Machine, but that was of no use. When the story was first posted, the WSJ piece (the originator of the story) was the top-billed source for this particular news item (Google shadiness and...
 News of this whole Google scandal FIRST BROKE on the evening of March 19. That was ages ago in the news cycle. As soon as the story hit the internet, it exploded and numerous blogs/news sites fought to cover it. Nearly all of them put Google in a bad light, yet it was still at the top of the Google News feed (Tech Channel) Thursday evening through Friday morning as more and more sites piled on.It fell down the ranks and went up the ranks for the rest of the week as newer...
Although Lyons is full of s**t, this story has been ongoing for at least four or five days now and has been trending up and down the Google News ranks ever since (with scathing articles no less). With a story this old, newer pieces that grab attention with a catchy headline tend to become the "lead story" for a particular topic -- hence AI for a time leading the pack with this very article. I think AI is really reaching on this one.
WTF? He looks nothing like Jobs. Kind of hard to look past that. I'm sure they could have gotten Noah Wyle cheap
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