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Don't give a hoot about the tablets, but I'll pickup a Fire TV to hook up to my 4K TV, replacing my Roku 3.
Yup, this is the problem I often encounter, and I don't think that it is an "out of line" complaint. But you will always have those that will push back against your comments and say "I don't have the problem so it must not be an issue" or "I know 6 dozen people with iPhone and none of them have problems."
So much this!! It isn't a matter of speed, it's having to refresh apps when multitasking. It's a damn annoyance especially when copying and pasting between apps.
Colbert's interview with Joe Biden last night was one of the absolute best interviews I've seen in late night ever. Powerful stuff.
 The M8 co-processor wasn't small either (IIRC). I just thought it seemed odd to lose a bit of capacity despite the fact that there was reclaimed space by the M9's absence on the PCB (unless the A9 is physically larger). 
So they made the device thicker, managed to (I'm assuming) reclaim some PCB space by incorporating the M9 on-chip and they made the cut the battery capacity? Seems odd...
Oh yeah, just trying to remove them with your fingernails was torture. But we didn't know any better back then
Before I ditched wearing wristwatches, all of my watches growing up (and as a young adult) had interchangeable bands (Casio, Timex). They used the pretty standard thin spring loaded pen that you had to release with your fingernail or the end of a safety pin. Any over the age of 30 should have an idea of what I'm talking about.And you would always find standard replacement bands at Roses/Kmart/Walmart/Brendles/Woolworths/etc.
It's a calendar alert for tomorrow, but yeah I'll get to him on time
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