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 The M8 co-processor wasn't small either (IIRC). I just thought it seemed odd to lose a bit of capacity despite the fact that there was reclaimed space by the M9's absence on the PCB (unless the A9 is physically larger). 
So they made the device thicker, managed to (I'm assuming) reclaim some PCB space by incorporating the M9 on-chip and they made the cut the battery capacity? Seems odd...
Oh yeah, just trying to remove them with your fingernails was torture. But we didn't know any better back then
Before I ditched wearing wristwatches, all of my watches growing up (and as a young adult) had interchangeable bands (Casio, Timex). They used the pretty standard thin spring loaded pen that you had to release with your fingernail or the end of a safety pin. Any over the age of 30 should have an idea of what I'm talking about.And you would always find standard replacement bands at Roses/Kmart/Walmart/Brendles/Woolworths/etc.
It's a calendar alert for tomorrow, but yeah I'll get to him on time
 But you don't USE an Apple Watch like a computer. That's the distinction that I think that many people here lose sight of when they try to claim that the rectangular display is superior to a round display for a smartwatch. The fact that the input methods and usable information that is viewable on the screen is so limited in the first place, it's only good for short bursts of bite-sized information that you either choose or choose not to act upon. You're not going to be...
 By "different" I meant, "not Apple" If it doesn't have an Apple logo on it, it's bound to be bashed on this forum 
 We have the judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to style right here, folks!! :)  Your computer and TV are meant for extended viewing of data/images. Traditional wrist watches and smartwatches are meant for quick glances at information. If you're spending more than a 5 or ten seconds interacting with the screen on your Apple Watch at a time, you're doing it wrong.  Horrible form-factor for quickly glancing at the time or a notification or your heart rates, or the...
The "Google is the antichrist" rhetoric does get old around here. I've just learned to ignore it for the most part. 
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