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Isn't Beyonce wearing the watch upside down? Wouldn't it be awkward to use the crown in that position? Your hand would be covering the face of the watch  
Don't you have to die (or be sterilized) in order to be a Darwin Award candidate/recipient?
Hey, Oklahoma has nothing on Floriduh.
Seriously, what's up with that hideous glove that he's wearing? Is that men's "fashion" these days?
  Wait a second, you're talking to a long-time Apple Insider member that has been on this site for nearly seven years, is a diehard Apple fan that happens to have an open mind about competing products.  I bought the Moto 360 because I personally think that it looks good and it would be nice to test out with my work phone, which is an Android-based LG G3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And since the price was right, I feel that I'm not really "wasting money"...
And that's what it comes down to. All of the negativity that gets thrown around becomes really old and tiring after a while.
I went ahead and bit the bullet. Best Buy is currently running a promo where you buy a Moto 360 with any Android phone and you get $100 off. This is in addition to the $179 sales price.   http://www.bestbuy.com/site/computing-promotions/android-wear-offer/pcmcat372700050004.c?acampID=0&ref=8575135&loc=0&id=pcmcat372700050004   So I picked up a silver Moto 360 with brown leather band for $179.99 and an el cheapo prepaid ZTE Zinger Android smartphone for $39.99. Total...
Moto 360  is 11.5mm thickApple Watch is 10.5mm thick
Seriously, why are people so damn defensive and irate about a competing product? It's just a smartwatch, yet people are calling it downright ugly and a piece of s**t as if the Moto 360 kicked your momma in the face  The design preference for one device over another is something that's not concrete or something as simple as "Right or Wrong." I can never understand people that have such hostile, mean-spirited hatred for anything that is different from what they like. With...
New Posts  All Forums: