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I can think of numerous scenarios where this has come in handy: 1) I've forgotten my iPhone downstairs, but I'm upstairs on my MacBook Pro2) iPhone is in my pocket, while I'm sitting at my desk on my MacBook Pro. Why bother pulling my iPhone out and when I can use two hands and keep working on my MacBook while using speakerphone3) I'm working on my MacBook Pro and want to make a call... just pull up the contact on the computer and dial instead of using my iPhone directly
I've had some crazy odd issues with iOS 8 (and now 8.0.2) with my iPhone 6. Copy/Paste is hella screwed up. I can copy an item in Safari, then go to paste it and it pastes something from 2 or 3 "copies" ago. For example, in the past 30 minutes, I could have copied 1) Corvette2) http://www.apple.com3) Apple Insider Apple Insider would be the most recent item that I have copied to paste into a field, but it will actually paste #1 or #2
 Oh snap! Is what Apple is asking really going against the grain of what would be typical in these types of cases?
Perfect casting http://youtu.be/0auwpvAU2YA
Correct me if I'm wrong, but why the heck is DED talking about the Exynos version of the Galaxy Note 4 when the U.S. market version is getting the Snapdragon 805? At least for U.S. customers, these benchmarks are meaningless.
No issues with my iPhone 6 (8.0.2) and my '13 Jetta Sportwagen. Also works fine in my wife's '13 Elantra (with my iPhone 6 and her iPhone 5).
This post makes a hell of a lot of sense. Interesting observation.
For the 80s kids out there:  With that said, does anyone know Apple has reenabled text handoffs from iPhones to OS X and iPads in this release? They disabled it server-side earlier this month I believe. 
Great write up! I went from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6 -- the monstrous 6 Plus wasn't even a consideration. I too find it to be a bit harder to get a more secure grip (and it feels a lot more slippery). But after a week I've pretty much adjusted. Those few days were brutal though.
You do know that's not a real ad, right?  http://uproxx.com/technology/2014/09/apple-iphone-6-vs-samsung-galaxy-note/
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