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 But you don't USE an Apple Watch like a computer. That's the distinction that I think that many people here lose sight of when they try to claim that the rectangular display is superior to a round display for a smartwatch. The fact that the input methods and usable information that is viewable on the screen is so limited in the first place, it's only good for short bursts of bite-sized information that you either choose or choose not to act upon. You're not going to be...
 By "different" I meant, "not Apple" If it doesn't have an Apple logo on it, it's bound to be bashed on this forum 
 We have the judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to style right here, folks!! :)  Your computer and TV are meant for extended viewing of data/images. Traditional wrist watches and smartwatches are meant for quick glances at information. If you're spending more than a 5 or ten seconds interacting with the screen on your Apple Watch at a time, you're doing it wrong.  Horrible form-factor for quickly glancing at the time or a notification or your heart rates, or the...
The "Google is the antichrist" rhetoric does get old around here. I've just learned to ignore it for the most part. 
We've got two second generation Nest thermostats (one upstairs, one downstairs... two heat pumps) and they work incredibly well. However, there is nothing in these third generation models that would make me want to "upgrade." These are thermostats, not smartphones. It's pretty much set it and forget it.
The iOS "Walled Garden" doesn't seem so bad now, does it?
 You know, I didn't even think about that! Great point!
It sticks out all the time considering that the information displayed is inlayed in a "silo" that has a 3/16 of an inch border from the physical aluminum housing of my watch. Yes, it blends in because most of the interface elements are black, but it's still an incredible waste of space that IS noticeable (although there are probably technical limitations which prevent the display from extending further towards the aluminum housing on all sides of the display).
 The flat tire is f**king annoying as hell, but the huge black border of wasted space around the physical display on my Apple Watch Sport is nearly as annoying stylistically IMHO.
 I bought an Apple Watch Sport because I wanted a smartwatch and that is the only watch that work will work with the iPhone. However, I would really like the new Moto 360 which will come in small/large sizes and of course will feature a round display. I've always worn round watches, and they've always appealed to me. The Apple Watch Sport was the first watch I've had that was not round. It's by no means "bad" stylistically, but if I would prefer a nice, competent circular...
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